Tsawout Trails

A short piece about trails a short hike away from the Salt Spring cabin. We had to get out hiking before we forgot how, and staying near Tsawout Band lands meant we had some great trails to explore.

At the trailhead is a beautiful welcome and interpretive sign, inviting visitors to enjoy the land past the notice. If you follow this link, 13 Moon Calendar Sign, you’ll see a digital copy of the artwork and words – I have to say, the message is simple and clear, and more necessary than ever…

DSCF5328Our first afternoon in the woods was hot and humid, but under the canopy oh so green and lush. The trail was simple enough to pick out, sometimes rocky underfoot, sometimes grassy, and sometimes earthy, with changes in the terrain every few metres. Exposed slopes and clearings were bug free with a slight sea breeze. In these open areas, golden grass was almost like straw in the strong sun.IMG_20170720_174227Into the trees and away from the bluffs overlooking the sea, it was not as hot, the air was still and rather humid, with the whine of an occasional mosquito. I wasn’t bitten, so Mrs. PC was spared the whine of an old PlaidCamper.

IMG_20170722_164241Relative to steepness of slope, soil coverage and the presence of large rock outcrops, the trees were a mix of short and gnarled to tall and gnarled, growing in tight groups with dense undergrowth, or further apart with little brush beneath. Pacific Madrones, Garry Oaks, and Western Red Cedars – a wonderfully varied yet cohesive green, grey, rusty and yellow landscape to wander through (yup, I’ve been reading my tree books!)DSCF5333The Tsawout trails got us up and out in a series of wonderful hiking afternoons. Tramping through the woods, coming across little coves, stopping to admire views, tree shapes, and textures, it was a special place, and we had a very happy time exploring it.DSCF5339Salt Spring Island is a splendid location to be on holiday! One (or two?) more Salt Spring posts in the next week or so, and then we’ll have to leave, sniff.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Hard to leave…

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I am a would be outdoorsman - that is if I had more time, skills and knowledge. When I can, I love being outdoors, just camping, hiking, snowboarding, xc skiing, snowshoeing, paddling a canoe or trying something new. What I lack in ability, I make up for in enthusiasm and having a go. I'd never really survive for long out there in the wild, but I enjoy pretending I could if I had to...

18 thoughts on “Tsawout Trails”

  1. Thanks for sharing this lush and sacred land with us, PC. How fortunate that the Bridgeman family donated this; as well as the people before them, who treasured the land, and celebrated in its sustenance. And an absolutely lovely treat it must be for you and Mrs. PC to stay in the wonderful cabin, and be exploring and learning nature here. Great photos. I really like seeing the red cedars. I bet you have some great woodpeckers here too….

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    1. Thanks, Jet! And you know your birds – saw two pileated woodpeckers, and a couple others that we weren’t sure of, woodpecker identity wise. Bird heaven here – you’d love it!
      Hope the temperatures are bearable, and you’re cooling off somehow…enjoy your week!

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  2. It looks like you’re having a fantastic time out there. I’m envious. Summer work schedules have me mired in teacher’s editions and not out and exploring the land. Thanks for taking me along on the hike.


  3. Wonderful photos of your hiking adventures, but I think the cabin shot was my favorite. I can see why a few tears might be shed when you finally have to leave. Enjoy your remaining days at Salt Spring!!


  4. It must have been hard to leave such an isle of Innisfree (Pacific style) but, ah, what it time is must have been. I can relate to those trees. Greatly enjoyed big western cedars while in Glacier National recently.


  5. What a great read! Very descriptive 🙂 we are hoping to get over there one day soon 🙂 any tips? Check out the trails we done so far to if your interested, appreciate your advice and support.


    1. Thanks for stopping by – much appreciated!
      Read your pieces about the Sunshine and West Coast Trails, and really enjoyed the words and photographs. You’ve both got stamina! The Fernie backcountry post was excellent. We visit in the winter, enjoy getting stuck on snowboards in the flats, and always wonder about hiking the backcountry in summer – now we have a little insight, thanks for that.
      The trails we wandered on Tsawout land were short, more for a gentle stroll for a half morning or afternoon. The Gulf Islands are tiny, so there aren’t any long trails, and none are wild or challenging compared to the west side of the big island. Pleasant places to hang out, sit and dream while looking at calmer waters. Plenty of kayaking opportunities, if you’re interested.
      Looking forward to reading more on your blog – enjoy your travels!

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      1. Thanks for the reply, kayaking could be a great option!! Will have to get in touch when we make it over. Yeah i had the same wonder when i was snowboarding in fernie. Its definitely not as pretty as the winter time though!!! We are going to yellow stone tomorrow i hope i am inspired to write there too 🙂 be sure to check out my facebook, keep updated through there and lots of other fun pics 🙂


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