Dawn Patrol

I have to say, we are very happy to fall back for a little while! It means we have an early morning walk during the week where we will see a few more sunrises.

Dawn patrol!

Yes, we’re on dawn patrol, and it’s been chilly enough to warrant a toque, and it’s a sure sign of shorter days and longer nights when a baseball cap just doesn’t cut it early in the day. I do don the cap in time for work though. I didn’t wear one the other day, and a student nearly fell off his chair, amazed that the little amount of hair on display was a touch grey.

“Oh, you’re quite old!”

I wasn’t too sure what this meant. Surprise? Disappointment? Disbelief? I wore a baseball cap the next day, as clearly the youth are convinced I’m young and vital, and the grey hair(s) remains hidden.

The fog is lifting

Speaking of youth, we had a fine evening earlier this week, when the older warriors taught the new young warriors some archery skills. Seeing the youth teach the children, and the young ones looking up to their older brothers and sisters with respect and a touch of awe was wonderful to see. Us really old youth – each mentor just happened to be wearing a baseball cap – had relatively little to do except take our turn and deliver arrows with unerring accuracy. I was deliberately aiming left, and anyway it was getting dark. And some of us young’uns don’t see so well as we used to.

Another good morning

Getting back to the dawn patrol, I’ll end by saying I can declare Tofino Brewing Dawn Patrol Coffee Porter worthy of five eagles and a salmon. Yes, it’s that good! I thought it would be, but since Wayne suggested the beer rating system I’ve had to wait for this particular beer to reappear on shelves, and it is as good as I remembered. If you like a porter, then this is very highly recommended. A fall/winter fireside sipper.

Did I mention I quite like this one?

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!

PS Apologies for the “Leave a reply” section not working last week. No idea why it didn’t appear, and here’s hoping there are no glitches this week…

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I am a would be outdoorsman - that is if I had more time, skills and knowledge. When I can, I love being outdoors, just camping, hiking, snowboarding, xc skiing, snowshoeing, paddling a canoe or trying something new. What I lack in ability, I make up for in enthusiasm and having a go. I'd never really survive for long out there in the wild, but I enjoy pretending I could if I had to...

18 thoughts on “Dawn Patrol”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for continuing to share these beautiful images of your home. It’s interesting to see small harbor towns have similar views regardless of the location. I’m way over on the north east coast of the US and this is a familiar sight… expect you have hills and mountains right near the water! haha


  2. Wow, these images of morning are stunning…like you, I’ve been enjoying seeing more sunrises with the fall back. You guys do that too, up there? sigh.


  3. you will have to do a year end review of all the beer you’ve tried this year Adam.
    You should start your own brewery in Ukee.
    So this one is pretty good eh.ALmost makes me want to start drinking again and don’t worry about them calling you old,its when they start calling you sir that you know your sliding fast into the abyss!


    1. That’s a longish list to review! So, there is new brewery (allegedly) opening in Ukee! First scheduled to open summer 2017, then summer 2018, then Oct, then this coming Friday, but now sometime in December. Definitely working on Ukee time…


      1. Oh,Isn’t that interesting! I hope the beer is better than the opening dates!
        You could offer your palette as official taste tester! You have great references….just show them your blog!


      2. They sure are taking their time! It’ll be in the old church next door to the Blue Room and opposite the co-op. As for taste-testing, I’ve heard they produced some early samples of a couple of styles, and they’ve been test driven, but I missed when and where! As for December, they’re being coy about if that’s 2019 or 2020! Maybe it’s whiskey, not beer?!


  4. Ah yes, when you take the cap off and they see the grey. So do they see you as a wise one, or an old fart? I too, am older, but I do like taking advantage of the discounts. Also like the absolutely calm waters and reflections in your photos both with and without fog.


    1. Thanks, Jane! Yes, getting older isn’t so bad, and to some, you’re wise, and others, an old fart – depends on the lesson/activity…
      I’ve been enjoying the calm waters recently, but it looks like we’re due a pattern change and some heavy rain soon.
      Hope you’re keeping warm and enjoying the snow scenes!

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  5. When the gray hairs lift from the scalp like fog from the harbor town at dawn, you may not look as young as you once did, but the clarity of vision is like wisdom itself. Wow. What photographs! And later? An excellent porter to boot!


    1. Thanks, Walt! Don’t know about wisdom, but the slight slowdown offers a touch more time to look before leaping. And then there is the beer – a lot less beer consumed, but much higher quality!
      Hope all is well with you.


  6. Stunning photographs this week and the beautiful sunrises and scenery should distract you from another youthful day gone by and possibly another gray hair!😁 Lovely reflections on the water and about the inspiring youth (enjoyed the “really old youth” humor). An absolutely perfect beer choice for the week, I recently tried a new cinnamon hard cider and, unfortunately, it only received one deflated football in my rankings.😁


    1. Thank you! As the saying goes, youth really is wasted on the young…
      Cinnamon hard cider? Yikes! Yup, a deflated football for sure! I hope your weekend went well, and that you had a glass of something other than cinnamon anything, especially after another poor Spurs effort. Where’s Mourinho?!

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  7. I am rather fond of my Kerchief, which I wear until my ball cap, helmet or at tote time. I just bought a new tote couple of weeks ago, looked really pretty until I put it on., t is way too big and the pompom is slightly smaller than my head. Kerchief will stay for the time being. That Porter beer sounds yummy, have one for me. Great rating system ..


    1. Thanks, Kelly! I’m a sucker for winter hats, friends and family have kindly given me many over the years, and some are quite (intentionally – I have three brothers) hideous, but I’ve worn them all the same. It’s not so cold here on the coast compared to back in Alberta, so not all of them get a run out these days. Stick with the new one, you might end up loving it, oversized pompom and all!

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