On the rocks

Scout was one determined dog last weekend. We went to the beach early – early enough to leave the first dog and person prints in the sand, and before the (are you sure your travel is essential?) out of province visitors started to fill the parking lot.

First dog, no prints, and fresh sand – let’s go!

With Scout in charge, it was a case of whatever she’s having, it’ll be on the rocks. The refuel stop for a coffee top up, water and kibble was just barely tolerated. Yup, sticks, logs, and odour laden washed up ocean mysteries were all well and good, but they weren’t on the rocks. So on we went!

From Scout’s happy place

Eventually we arrived at her happy place, and after choosing the most slippery route – for humans – to the top, Scout relented and let us rest. While we recovered from the frogmarch (or dogmarch?) down the beach, Scout took up a high position to scout for threats. We observed a few gulls and a pair of passing bald eagles, but nothing to threaten our place on the rocks.


With the sun starting to feel pretty strong, we eventually persuaded Scout it was time to make tracks for the car. She excitedly picked up the scent and tracks of two slow humans and one smart husky/shepherd/tyrant cross, and away we went, off the rocks and back to the car.

Looking back

When we got home, Sergeant Major Scout trampled a few circles into her cushion and promptly crashed out for three hours. Make hers a double. Probably overdid it on the rocks there, Scout.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you have a wonderful weekend!

I’m not tired…

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14 thoughts on “On the rocks”

  1. Thanks for this great seaside adventure, pc, led by Sargeant Major Scout. Great fun traversing the rocks, knowing they’re Scout’s favorite, espec. as I safely sit here in my chair. Lovely images in photos and narrative, love the “pair of passing bald eagles.” Hope your weekend is another fresh-air adventure, my friend.


  2. Sergeant Major has been promoted I see. Next it’ll be Rear Admiral or General!
    Hitch her up to the Jeep in the parking lot and have her tow you around. That’ll tire her out in 30 minutes……leaving lots of time to explore the beer bays!


    1. Yes, she believes she’s in charge, and who are we to argue? Her idea of a good time usually works out…
      Hope you’re keeping well – it’s quieter this end now the new restrictions have been announced. Bit of breathing space.


  3. Your rock-climbing seaside adventure rings quite true for me today. We did a skyline rock scramble, not by the sea, but up on the crest of the Blue Ridge Mtns. in VA. Lots of fun, but climbing with extreme caution. Afterward, slouching here, fatigued but buoyed by IPA, I feel like Scout appears to feel… Who ME, tired? Nah, not tired, not…tired. Thanks for sharing, Adam.


    1. A Blue Ridge rock scramble followed by a decent IPA sounds like an excellent day! We are noticeably more tentative when scrambling these days, but if it means we’re still standing and the end, then it’s a good approach.
      No, not tired at all, you could probably manage a second glass…
      Cheers, Walt!


  4. Ok, after this absolutely wonderful post it appears you will need to start blogging twice a week as Scout now officially needs her own Life On The Rocks blog!! Loved the photos and while each one was a favorite, Watchful Scout, Happy Place and No Prints were extra special. I told Harper the weather wasn’t nice enough for a walk this morning and it was wonderful to enjoy the beach through Scout’s eyes and adventure and had to laugh at the husky/sheperd/tyrant mix. Hope she was able to drag you guys around the beach again this weekend under those beautiful blue skies!!


    1. Thank you! If I had to write a blog for Scout and her adventures, it’d have to be a daily post. I don’t have the energy! It’s enough to more or less keep up with her out and about, the tyrant…
      I hope your week is going well!

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