Peace like a river…

…on the Bow. Changed the words a bit, but the tune still fits, at least in my head each time I use the Peace Bridge to cross the Bow River. Sing along if you’d like.

Image 1
From the bluff

We’ve been in the city the past week or so, heading back to work and getting knee-deep into report card season. If you teach, that’s a season. Our outdoor time since the turn of the year has mostly been along the banks or up on the bluffs of the Bow here in Calgary, upstream and downstream.

Fine and bright, if a little cool?

The weather has been mostly fine and bright, if a little cool for some. My brother visited for a few days, just before these photographs were taken, leaving balmy DC (+22C) for chilly Calgary and Louise (-25C), and it’s probably best if I don’t repeat what he said. No idea what he was on about, because after all, it’s a dry cold…

“Look, we’re only sitting ‘cos it’s a dry cold I tell ya!”

The banks of the Bow provide quite delightful views, so much so that even though you are in the heart of a large city, it doesn’t feel too urban. On a sunny day, even the towers of oil and gas central can look attractive.

Not unattractive on a sunny day

Our little neighbourhood of Sunnyside – love that name – borders the Bow, and there are a number of bridges to choose from within walking distance. My personal favourite is the bright red Peace Bridge.

The Peace Bridge!

At school, when we are studying city infrastructure, or on Downtown field trips, the students say I’d like the Peace Bridge less if I’d been here to pay for the construction. According to some of their parents, the bridge was/is a costly eyesore. My response is to endear myself to parents by asking the students to list the Peace Bridge benefits, then draw, photograph and make up alternate (polite) names for the bridge. Amongst others, they’ve suggested Snake Bridge, Stampede Bridge, Dino Bridge, Spine Bridge, Tube Bridge, and, yup, you guessed it, Red Bridge.

I like Peace Bridge as a name – pretty hard to argue with that (unless you don’t like peace, the design, or paying for it, but “Tax Burden Like a River” doesn’t quite fit the tune or make sense…)

A+ for colour and bold design

Anyway, here was a little something about our urban outdoors. Now, it being report card season, I’ll stop this and get back to awarding high marks and positive comments to any student claiming to like the Peace Bridge.

Our urban outdoors, looking across the Bow to Fort Calgary

Thanks for taking the time to read. Perhaps you have a favourite song to sing when crossing favourite rivers on favourite bridges? Perhaps that is a strange thing to ask? As ever, please feel free to comment or share a story, and keep your guy ropes secure.

I got, peace like a river…

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26 thoughts on “Peace like a river…”

  1. Thanks for the tour of your great city. I can only imagine the comments your brother made. lol
    Is hard to take a colder climate when you are not use to the temps. I know about the dry cold, since I spent a lot of years in the Pacific Northwest U.S. It is totally different from this muggy Ariansas air. Here, if you stand still in the summertime you could rust or mold. Ha Very nice post, and I like the Peace Bridge.


      1. Thank you so much plaidcamper..! You are very kind..! You lives in a beautiful place..! I saw your photos..! Thank you.. I hope that your are a great weekend .! 🍁


  2. Perfect scenery for a winter month in urban Canada. Nicely captured, Plaid, evocative, again. The Peace Bridge is unique and well-named. I’ve never seen one like this before. Thanks for this little tour, and I’m wondering, do I earn an “A” for Effort?


    1. Thanks, Walt. The Peace Bridge is unique, and it is fun to be able to appreciate it most days – urban spaces ought to inspire, or at least engage, the people who have to use them.
      Of course it is an A (always earned, never given!), and I hope you’ve been enjoying your weekend!


  3. I have never seen the Peace Bridge, ever; not even photos. I think it’s really cool. I love the sleek design, I love the name, and the color. When the Golden Gate Bridge was first designed and constructed, there was a huge backlash of people who objected. I guess change might have something to do with it, in whatever city. Your photos here are exquisite, Adam. The clarity is wonderful. The crisp weather is easy to see. I like hearing about your students, and brother’s visit. And I really like the Canada Geese taking a rest. I also think that spoke-like sculpture is great. Lovely post, thank you.


    1. The bridge is special, probably because it is different. Your right about new city structures causing controversy – but that’s probably better than provoking indifference (if you can provoke indifference!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m replying to my own comment to correct the mistakes, and finish it! You’re right, not your right, and to finish – the pictures always look ok because of the light, makes me appear as if I know what I’m doing photography-wise (I don’t, but it is fun to take the pictures!) I hope you’ve been enjoying the football…


  4. HelloPlaudCamper thank you for the post and beautiful photos. We need more bridges in this world – bridges to peace, respect, love, happiness, tolerance and community. My favourite Peace Bridge song, “Let There Be Peace On Earth.”


  5. Excellent post, my friend! Seems that we all appreciate the conveniences that cities and their infrastructures provide but hate paying for it out of our own pocket.


    1. Thanks, Duncan! I avoided paying for this one(!) but happen to like it. If city living is a necessity – and it is for many – then cities need to be as helpfully and pleasantly designed as they can be for the residents. Calgary isn’t too bad, and has the benefit of being located so close to the Rockies, so we get out as often as we can!
      I hope your weekend has been an enjoyable one!


    1. There are a few bridges connecting Princes Island to each bank of the river – one pedestrian bridge on the north side is very wobbly, to the point of inducing nausea for me! There are a couple of small, not so interesting bridges from the island to the Eau Claire side. The Peace Bridge is my favourite crossing the entire Bow, with the Centre Street and 10th Street bridges also quite interesting, although too many cars and noise to really want to hang about on them.
      Hope you are having a pleasant start to the week! Has the ice broken up yet?

      Liked by 1 person

  6. What wonderful photos. There’s something special about bridges isn’t there? I’ve just returned from a camping trip along the Murray River (in South Australia) and the bridge at Paringa lifts to let the paddle steamers and vessels through – it’s very impressive.


  7. Slowly catching up on things after a long break. I like that bridge. I would think it provides some kind of shield from the cold wind too.


  8. The piece bridge was already up when moved here so I missed out on all the controversy. Like it or not – the Piece Bridge now equals Calgary. I think it looks awesome:) I used to cross it on my way to walk before we moved away from Kensington.


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