An urban aside

Keeping it brief this time, but (I’m like a student trying to convince a teacher) I have a good excuse. School is out for a week, so we took a trip. By the time this is posted, we’ll be heading back to Calgary after a brief urban aside to – guess where?!

San Francisco!

Very excited to return to San Francisco for a few days. We will be topping it the nob in Nob Hill and surrounding neighbourhoods. SF is such a fun city to explore, so we’ll need lots of energy!

Explorer fuel

The plan is to walk lots, eat lots, drink lots (of coffee!) and maybe see if there is a new beer or two to sample…DSCF3297

If you’ve been fortunate enough to visit SF, then you’ll know that fuelling  and refuelling is important when you aim to walk lots there. Those hills! Obviously, this completely justifies the extra coffee and cake.


Anyway, brief, as promised, and I’ll share more about this trip after we get back. I promise (sort of) that it won’t be more photographs and descriptions of coffee and cake. I hope you’ve had a pleasant week, thanks for reading, and have a great long weekend!

Might need to refuel…again
Those hills!


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16 thoughts on “An urban aside”

  1. Hope this trip comes to a wonderful conclusion. Awesome photographs and reflections from SF. They took me back to my one and only visit there in 1973! From the fennel in the foreground of the hill to those famous rolling streets… Thanks PC.


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