Happy Canada Day!

Many nations celebrate, and today is Canada’s turn! This won’t be a long post, and it features some photographs I’ve included previously, but I hope you can forgive that.

Spring in Big Valley, AB

I simply wanted to pull out a selection to show the True North across the seasons and in different lights. I feel so privileged to be a citizen of this wonderful country.

Summer, near Tofino BC

It isn’t perfect, but when we live in increasingly challenging times, Canada and many Canadians are choosing to be inclusive, welcoming, and fair-minded.

Have a seat, let’s talk!

Many countries, and many citizens in those countries, seek to be positive. They choose collaboration, mutual respect within and between nations, valuing and celebrating diversity in all forms, and extending an open hand of friendship, rather than angry raised fists and pointing fingers.

Above Canmore, AB

I’ll say it again, Canada isn’t perfect, no nation ever is, but a positive effort by each citizen in each country has to be made. What is the measure of a decent society? Perhaps how that society chooses to behave when times are tough?

Be thoughtful, be positive (Wonderland, Bow Building, Calgary AB)

As an approach to making the world safer, how is building walls, rejecting collaboration, abandoning treaties, making threats, and fear-mongering to pursue personal and political ends that are only designed to seek profit or control, really going to help? We can do better than that, want to be better than that. Don’t be misled, or exploited. Let’s be amigos, not enemies…

Fall in Montreal QC

Time to stop – getting a bit bossy. I’m keeping it short and positive this week! If you are in Canada, you are Canadian, wishing you were Canadian, feel Canadian in your heart, or simply love maple syrup, then happy Canada Day!

That old fella has the heart of a Canadian – get on board, there’s room…(Moraine Lake AB)

Have a wonderful weekend!

This will pair nicely with Canada Day…made with sitka spruce tips – just right!

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11 thoughts on “Canada!”

  1. Beautiful thoughts and photos, PC. They make me feel Canadian at heart, at a time when my own country needs to lighten up, collectively drink a beer like that, with spruce tip zinger. Have a great one!


    1. Thanks, Walt! Sort of hoping the Brexit nonsense and awful fallout in my birth country might inspire other nations to take a more thoughtful approach to important decisions that have far reaching consequences…
      Anyway, have a wonderful long weekend, enjoy the Fourth of July, and I’m confident you’ll have just the right beverage to celebrate!


  2. I think that these photos express the essence of Canada, the iconic prairie elevators, the Aironondack(can’t say it, can’t spell it) chairs(they may not be Canadian, but always at the cottage where we went in the Haliburton Highlands Ontario) the lakes, canoeing.Oh yes, the beer but we are so much more than that. The inclusivity which is so apparent on a day like today when all races and cultures are mixing it up as we celebrate our country together. May you and your loved ones have a great Canada Day!


  3. Wonderful post, but I don’t know how I feel about you reposting pictues 😉 I kid. Happy Canada Day! I hope to visit there one day. It is on my bucket list. Hope you have an amazing weekend!


    1. Just caught up with your comment – oops! Thanks for your kind words, and I hope you get up here one day. And if you’re in Alberta, we’d be happy to play tour guide.
      Enjoy your week!

      Liked by 1 person

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