Coastal cursing

A brief post, mostly about cussedness and cursing (but not out loud, that would be wrong) because I was determined to have a lengthy hike on the Cornish coastal path, but it didn’t turn out that way. A pouty Plaidcamper…

We arrived late evening at Britain’s most southerly point, on the Lizard peninsula, Cornwall. Ma Plaidcamper is lucky enough to live here, and it is a very pleasant part of the UK, often blessed with mild temperatures and sunny skies. Those blue skies were evident our first evening, and a portent of great conditions for hiking the coastal path:

Image 4
Looking good for tomorrow…

The path hugs the rugged coastline, dropping into tiny coves, and climbing up to cliff tops above the sea. It makes for exhilarating hiking, and the view changes constantly, as each climb, twist or turn reveals new vistas. On a clear day, it is some of my favourite walking anywhere we’ve ever visited.Image 1

In wet weather, the path conditions are extremely slippery, and care has to be taken where the trail is close to the edge. And when it is blustery as well as wet, well, be very careful. Often, the advice is to wait another day.

What wet weather?

We were there for three days, and all three were wet and blustery! It’s all about the timing! Hence the cursing – about the weather – and the cussedness – because I was going to go out, never mind the weather.

Stay away from the edge and you’ll be fine

DSCN7043We chose a route that stayed away from the very edge, taking only well gravelled sections along the high tops, and although the track was still very muddy in many places, we were in no danger of falling off, only of falling over.

Easy hiking, but a bit damp

DSCN7078So we didn’t get the best of weather, and the hikes we took were relatively brief, but it was still a wonderful place to be, blown along and getting great blasts of ozone charged air.DSCN7069 And if we weren’t walking, we spent time with Ma Plaidcamper, and with Mrs PC’s twin brother and family in the local pub, drying out over a pint or two. Job done, and a proper job too:DSCN7037

DSCN7067Thanks for reading! As always, please feel free to share a story or comment, and have a wonderful weekend!

(I’ve not been keeping up with all your blogs I read regularly – apologies, and I will read them in the next week or two – I’ve really missed not being able to do so. When we returned home, a routine eye exam revealed the need for some immediate corrective laser surgery, so I’ve had to limit screen time. Obviously, I’m glad it was detected, all seems well, and what passes for normal service at OldPlaidCamper will resume soon…)


Good place for a coffee stop

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16 thoughts on “Coastal cursing”

  1. Oh how I enjoyed this adventure on the Cornish coast, pc. Of course I am dry and you and Mrs. pc were not, but I sure appreciate these fantastic photos. I’m glad you are healing from the surgery, for eyesight is so very important. Best wishes during your recovery.


  2. Glad you’re seeing things correctly again, PC, not that you weren’t getting it right along that misty windy coastline, which is an awesome place to go exploring and visiting with folks who matter mostly, but you what I mean, I hope. As always, thanks for the enjoyable tour!


  3. Since this post began with cursing and pouting over the weather and ended with eye surgery recovery, I’m going to try and contain my excitement over your absolutely beautiful photographs to suit the mood, but I am going to fail as miserably as the weather. Stunning photographs and what a perfect place to visit and share with family. Stay Away From the Edge and a Good Place for a Coffee Stop might be my favorites, but you did a proper job with all the shots! I’m glad you braved the elements in order to share this wonderful place and adventure with us and that your recovery is going well.


    1. It was beautiful! To be honest, and you’ll know this from your own coastal adventures, the coast is usually pretty great in most weather if you’re prepared for it. Although I do like summer to be summer!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. This is my favourite kind of sea weather. To me the ocean is at it’s most beautiful when it’s a bit gloomy. I hope the eye surgery went well


    1. Thanks, Salla – the eye seems to be okay, and I’m gradually able to spend a little more time in front of a screen.
      If you’re dressed for it, coastlines are great in most weathers – and the greyer weather is more interesting!


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