The tiny tree (and an Earth Day story)

A tree so small, I almost missed seeing it. A story so short and lacking in plot, it isn’t a story at all. The story is further down, after a bunch of asides and padding.

A very short post about a very small tree I have been walking past on and off for five years (it would have been a very, very small tree five years ago, and that is why it took me so long to notice it…)

The tiny tree
Almost Earth Day! Hooray! As we live here, how about every day is Earth Day? This year, the focus is on the terrible pollution problems caused by plastic. I won’t go into the statistics – they are shocking – but here is a good place to look if you are so inclined.

Not the tiny tree
Back to the tiny tree! Growing on the side of a trail on the Pacific coast of Vancouver Island, seeing this tree has me thinking the same old thoughts. (I’ve written along these lines before, so feel free to skip this, and look at the pictures!) If one tree, large or small, is incredibly beautiful, then a stand of trees is incredibly, incredibly beautiful. A forest must be incredibly, incredibly, incredibly beautiful. I agree with me. Sometimes, all the beauty can be almost overwhelming – no bad thing, and I’d rather our world was almost impossibly beautiful than almost impossibly polluted.IMG_20180406_155114

Anyway, if it all seems overwhelming, step back and look at just one tree. Isn’t it lovely? Okay, story time.

On Earth Day, we all picked up a single piece of trash, some garbage somebody else overlooked or dropped by mistake (because in this story, littering is never deliberate…)  And then we all did the same thing the next day, and the next! One wonderful day, we were unable to find any garbage, because it had all been picked up, and no more had been dropped. The end.

Yup, a short story with a happy ending. It’s crazy, but we’d be making some progress. Oh goodness, I sound like one of those mad old tree huggers. It couldn’t possibly work.

My favourite colour – tree hugger green
Back to the tiny tree! I love this little tree. All brave, perched on the end of a log jutting out over black rocks, where the wind and waves come crashing in. It seems so unlikely, and yet there it is, getting on with being a tree in a precarious looking situation. One tough tree – it’s survived many storm surges and mighty winds.

Just fine
I won’t hug this one. It is independent and managing just fine. And I’d look really stupid falling off a log into the ocean or onto the rocks because I’m so needy and pretending the tree requires a hug. Not a happy ending.

“Why hug ’em, when you can chew ’em? Is that off message?”
Short, as promised. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!

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22 thoughts on “The tiny tree (and an Earth Day story)”

  1. Nice story. I miss the little crooked pine bush that grew for 20 years in a pot on the corner. The new owner of the shop downstairs tore it out and planted a topiary brush that promptly died.
    Long live Gaia.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Wayne! Yup, a tough little pine, growing on a nursery log – wonder how big it could get, assuming a storm doesn’t wash the log away?
      Finally getting some sunshine here, and an end to snow. Our next trip out to the coast will be a long one (hopefully!) and we’ll get to Tofino.
      Enjoy the sunny days you’ve got coming!


  2. Love the photos of the tiny tree and Scout’s wonderful photo and funny caption! It must be difficult to drag her away from all those sticks on the coast and return to the city. What a beautiful place to be able to return to over the years and watch the changes and beauty of nature and to see that tough little tree surviving the storms. Enjoyed your Earth Day story and have a wonderful weekend!


    1. Thank you! Hopefully Scout has forgiven us for dragging her away from the coastal stick stash. We’re missing it already, and planning our next trip, and aiming for a longer stay. In the meantime, Calgary is warming up, but it’ll be some weeks before any leaves appear…
      Hope your week is off to a good start!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Jane! Be nice to think we could (well, we know we could, but only when we all believe it is a real priority…)
      Hope you’re getting the warm spring sunshine that has finally arrived down here!


  3. As usual, you had me chuckling here, pc. My favorite line, “I agree with me.” Great story about picking up garbage, and I love your little tree. It’s a curious thing finding beautiful tree specimen around, and returning to find them standing, and all that time we go away and come back, and they’ve been there all along. I really liked this post, pc, thank you.


    1. I’m working back through the comments today, and you’ve had a little PlaidCamper marathon – thanks for that!
      We are looking forward to returning and seeing how the tree is doing. We’ve become rather protective, not that the tree seems to need any help.
      We always enjoy hearing from you!

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