Scout was out on her pack walk earlier this week, when a logging truck startled the pack and they scattered. Scout was in front of the truck and kept running to try and get away. When the pack regrouped, Scout was missing.

We’ve been out since at every opportunity, walking the logging roads and forest trails, calling Scout’s name, and the pack master has also been out every day, tracing and retracing their usual routes.

On the plus side, Scout was spotted briefly the following day, shadowing the pack, but didn’t return when called. She’s been out there since Tuesday, probably having a fine old time doing what any dog might choose to do. There is plenty of water, and she’s never been shy about trying new things to eat…

We are completely distraught (even if she is likely quite happy about her current predicament) thinking of her all alone out there. It has been very wet, but not so cold. Scout is familiar with the location, and we’re hoping she doesn’t choose to range far.

We will be spending every daylight moment we can this coming Friday and weekend, walking all the trails and hoping for a good outcome. Perhaps the novelty and excitement will wear off for Scout, hunger will kick in and she’ll come lolloping out of the forest to greet us.

Have a good weekend.



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I am a would be outdoorsman - that is if I had more time, skills and knowledge. When I can, I love being outdoors, just camping, hiking, snowboarding, xc skiing, snowshoeing, paddling a canoe or trying something new. What I lack in ability, I make up for in enthusiasm and having a go. I'd never really survive for long out there in the wild, but I enjoy pretending I could if I had to...

24 thoughts on “Missing”

  1. At first I was afraid you were gonna say that Scout could not outrun the g.d. logging trucks but, thankfully, it seems he’s just out exploring the world beyond his master’s reach. That said, we’re hoping you have found him, or will find him soon… Scout, come home!


    1. Thanks, Walt. Not the first time she’s been called a he. She’s been spotted a couple of times, and we’ve been out there doing our best to locate her – she’ll get hungry enough to give up on this adventure and come on home.


  2. I’m shaking as I type this thinking of Scout, you and Mrs. PC and hoping with everything that you have or will find her. Looking outdoors it’s dark here, but I hope that with the remaining light where you are that you have found one another. Thankfully she is familiar with the area and I pray she will soon be running out of the forest to you guys. I will be thinking about you and Mrs. PC and hoping to hear the good news that Scout has returned home soon.


    1. Thank you. We are struggling with her not being home with us, but also hopeful she’ll get back to us soon enough. We actually spotted her from a distance just as it was getting dark on Friday, and she loped off into the forest – too much fun for her, and she’s learnt to be wary since the truck incident, we are guessing. She has a tarp covered kennel out there, close to a familiar trail, with a favourite blanket inside. Each little pile of food we’ve left has been eaten – we hope it was her – and we’ll keep on looking until she’s found. Her pack master and his dogs are there once or twice a day during the week, and I’ll be there at daybreak and dusk. It’s a remote but fairly defined area, bordered by a long ocean inlet, a river and low mountains. She won’t range far, but she’ll have to come to us…
      Thanks again for your good wishes.


  3. I can totally understand how distraught you must be. Harry has gone missing quite a few times but we’ve always found him. All the best PC, I’ll be thinking of you all and hoping to hear of your happy reunion with Scout. 🙏


  4. Oh, no, I’m so sorry to hear this, pc. I read through all the above comments, something I don’t usually do, hoping there had been a change over the weekend…. But at least she’s been spotted and she’s out there adventuring, doing her thing. I know how special she is and the delight she holds for both of you, and I fervently hope she will return. My best wishes during these agitating days.


    1. Thanks, Jet. We wish she’d stop doing her adventurous thing now and come back to us. We are, as you say, agitated. The weather has been atrocious, with heavy rains and high winds almost every day for the past week and with more to come. Fortunately, provided a tree doesn’t fall on us, it’s somewhat sheltered along the forest trails where we are concentrating our search. I really really hope I’ll be posting something soon about her return home.
      Thanks for your good wishes, we truly appreciate it.

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  5. Oh my goodness…I do not like this at all. It clearly could have ended worse, but just the same. Here’s to hoping that Scout finds her way back to you.


    1. Thank you. You know yourself how dogs can be, and if the adventure is too much of a pull, they’ll forget their training…
      We hope her pack being in the area draws her back, as well as her increasing hunger. She’s not short of water, it being a rainforest, so it’ll be the small amount of food we’re leaving that keeps her coming to the same spot.
      Hope all is well with you!


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