Ocean Rebel

Yes, Ocean Rebel! A wonderful name, and I had to use it for this post heading. It is such a good one, could be a story title, and it’s great for a boat – which is where I saw it. If I ever write the untold and untrue account of my exploits as a paddler, I now know what the title will be…

Prepared, as always – can you see the eagle there?

Never one to be caught up in daydreams about writing, I’m attentive and eagle-eyed, almost always aware of my surroundings. For example, I saw the boat docked at Whiskey Landing (hard to miss) but have to confess it was a few minutes before I noticed the real Ocean Rebel perched up high. Prepared, as always, I didn’t have my camera, so had to snap a few distant shots with my phone. The eagle looked great up there. Patient, watchful, and occasionally ruffled by a gust of wind.

Perched and patient, a Saturday morning spent sitting on the calm side

A photographer armed with an impressive looking camera stopped by and took a number of shots, and the eagle seemed happy enough about this. A family trundled down to the lower dock to take in the view, and from where I was sitting, it seemed to me they didn’t spot the eagle above them. Either that or they were too cool to show they’d seen it. I still get excited every time I see one…

The stormy side, Saturday afternoon

On Sunday morning, we were on Long Beach, a sunny day after a stormy one. Gulls were out in force, and we saw and heard quite a commotion down the beach. As we got closer, we could see a bald eagle being harried by a handful of gulls. Or was it a handful of gulls protecting themselves from a rampant eagle? Turf wars and lines in the sand? Ocean rebels? Right and wrong? I’m probably supposed to take a side and stick to it in these partisan and alleged fake news times…

Calm down, there’s enough space…

Yes, prepared, as always, I didn’t have my camera, so once again the photograph above was taken on my phone. By the time this was taken, the gulls and eagle appeared to have reached an accommodation – smart move, and no need to start a beach shutdown, all was well. It’s a big beach, with plenty of room to roam.

Can I be an ocean rebel?!

We will be on the beach and on the trails this weekend, as the forecast is for a couple of dry days with some sunshine. This time, instead of wishing I had my camera, I’ll bring it with me, and be thoroughly prepared to capture some ocean rebels, if they don’t move off before I find the right button. (That’s captured photographically speaking – I wouldn’t want to imprison the wild and free!)


Hmm. Wild and Free? I believe we have a sequel to Ocean Rebel! Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful, wild, and free weekend!

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I am a would be outdoorsman - that is if I had more time, skills and knowledge. When I can, I love being outdoors, just camping, hiking, snowboarding, xc skiing, snowshoeing, paddling a canoe or trying something new. What I lack in ability, I make up for in enthusiasm and having a go. I'd never really survive for long out there in the wild, but I enjoy pretending I could if I had to...

20 thoughts on “Ocean Rebel”

  1. A pure delight to traverse the seaside with you, PC. Enjoyed your fun playful words, smiling as I read. Really enjoyed seeing the bald eagle on the mast, for I, too, find a thrill in every single bald eagle that comes before me. Great photos, too, even with your phone. The photo of the turbulent sea on Saturday morning says so much. Always a pleasure to be here, my friend, and my best to you and Mrs. PC for another wonderful weekend ahead.


  2. I always enjoy a reprieve from these crazy times by reading and looking at your photos and reading about your adventures. Your beach and sky photos were my favorites. I especially loved your analogy with current events. I needed some humor this morning as I once again slog through the news!


    1. Thanks, Margaret! Always happy to provide a reprieve from the current madness – I hope your husband is back to work now the current shutdown is over. Here’s hoping the toddler-in-chief has learned something and doesn’t repeat his tantrum…


  3. I echo your sentiments. I still get excited every time I see an eagle, though they’ve become fairly commonplace here. I spied two just yesterday as they wheeled over a reservoir, looking for open water. They were almost a mile distant when I saw the winter sun glinting off their heads and tails, a beacon if ever there was one. Apologies to Bob Marley, but I can’t help but think, “I’m a rebel, Ocean Rebel…”


  4. Like Bob, I also glimpsed two bald eagles yesterday, drifting above the icy river, harassed by crows, and, like many who’ve attuned themselves to wild nature, I still get excited at the prospect of another eagle viewing. In these partisan-minded, myopic-eyed, societal days, I guess we’re just ocean rebels at heart. Great job, PC. That bottom photo, “Wild,” is masterful and perfect.


    1. Thanks, Walt! Like you, and others in this little corner, I find time spent with eagles overhead, (or fish on a line?), or meandering along riverbanks and shorelines, more than makes up for some of the nonsense so-called leaders have been spouting. It almost drowns it out. Thank goodness for that!


  5. Stunning selection of photos this week and I enjoyed the Ocean Rebel! Loved the Wild and Stormy waters and I would be happy to trade you twenty turkeys for one eagle. I’m sure your gorgeous Ocean Rebel Scout (fantastic photo) would love to see them running along the beach. I’m sure with your beautiful scenery and weather you were lucky enough to miss Everton and Tottenham losing in the FA Cup. It appears the Manchester United players have a coach they are now willing to play for. Hope you are enjoying the weekend and more eagle sightings!


    1. Thank you! Scout would love to chase after a turkey if she could get the chance, but her off leash activities are very limited, and we wouldn’t want to scare a turkey (or any other poor bird!)
      The Everton and Spurs results were very disappointing, and I think Everton might just finish in the top half of the table, not much of an achievement – as usual! If Spurs can get injured players back soon, they’ll finish in the top four, but no silverware once again… (my current concern is that Everton sack Silva and Mourinho replaces him – eek!)
      I hope your week is off to a good start.

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  6. Can I join you PC? I quite see myself both as an ocean rebel and wild and free. I’ve just spent the last week camped by the ocean. Thoroughly enjoyed this post. 🙂


  7. The title of your post drew me in–I feel like a rebel whenever I step foot in the ocean. However, I’m not too cool to geek out over an eagle sighting. Love the pics you took, especially the one captioned ‘Wild’.


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