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A few years ago, back in Calgary, I taught a wonderful young man, MW, and he had a real talent for drawing funny cartoons. Before he was born, he and his mother suffered terrible abuse at the hands of his biological father, and as a result, MW’s brain ended up wired differently.11F3020D-222F-406B-9F5E-80F66078F30F

MW sees the humorous side of life, and he enjoyed some work we did reading “A Christmas Carol” and watching the movie version starring Jim Carrey. MW drew a cartoon strip retelling the story, and one frame he drew was of Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Past flying over the wintry British countryside. MW labeled this panel “British Stuff” and I always smile and think of MW when back in Blighty.

“Hello? Hello? Operator, could you please connect me to a sensible politician? Hello?”

Last I heard, MW is still drawing funny cartoons, and still making his teachers and peers laugh when they read them. He’s in high school now, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if, one day, he has his cartoons published for a wider audience.

We fort (spoken with a Sarf London accent) this Roman remnant was rather wonderful – a link to an early European past (no doubt, rabid Brexiters would ask “Well, what did the Romans ever do for us?” and complain about subjugation and taxes. And then not mention stone buildings, central heating, good roads, different food, new ideas, and short skirts for men. Yes, we’re British dammit, through and through. Not a mix of Vikings, Goths, Visigoths, Normans, Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Indians, Africans, Jamaicans and many other groups I can’t even remember. Oh stop it PlaidCamper. Brexit means Brexit. Hey ho…)

Anyway, all of the above serves to explain the title for this week, and the few random photographs I’ve chosen from our recent British trip. Away from the noise and nonsense of Brexit, we were able to be charmed by little glimpses of “British stuff” on our travels. (Goodness me, doesn’t that last photograph have a long and incoherent caption? It’s like I’m tired, tetchy, and jet lagged…)

Our next vehicle? If only…

A brief post as I struggle with some of the worst jet lag I’ve ever experienced – making sense at work this week has been something of a challenge! Still, it’s great to travel and visit with friends and family, and it’s also great to return home and calm things down a little. I won’t describe the teary eyed reunion we had with Scout the other day, but I will say it was a joy to see her again. Obviously, I must have had grit in my eye.

British institution

I’ll unpack my bags properly in the next day or two, and I’ll unpack some more of our trip on here in the next week or two. Yup, be warned, there will be a bit more British stuff to come, and perhaps it will be a bit more coherent…

A drop or two of good British stuff

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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21 thoughts on “British stuff”

  1. Blighty? Isn’t there a song, “Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty” or similar? If so, I only know it because of the Smiths’ The Queen Is Dead lp and title track. Anywho, bring it on…more British sttuff!


    1. Bob, you’re on the money with the intro to “The Queen is Dead” – I loved The Smiths way back when, and what a pity Morrissey spends his time courting racist controversy these days. I suspect he’s pro-Brexit, he certainly appears to be anti immigrant. Still, the albums are there to be enjoyed – very English, if not British stuff!
      Thanks, and I hope your week is going well.


  2. Oh goody, British stuff coming! I am a British fan in so many ways probably because of my DNA but I think that right now I need to get away from the current crazy political farce/circus! Take me away! Looking forward to more British stuff 😁


    1. Thanks, Margaret! Yes, more British stuff to come – and I’ll see if I can avoid the political nonsense that is Brexit. You’re right, there appears to be a farce/circus politically speaking almost anywhere you look. All rather frustrating, but here’s hoping the pendulum starts to swing back towards sensible sometime soon!


    1. Yes, we managed our own Brexit! What an absolute farce it is right now. Even today, where politicians have once again voted to reject everything on the table, but seem completely unable to come up with a workable compromise as an alternative. You wouldn’t think this level of stupid is possible…
      Scout is on good form – we’ll catch up soon, and you’ll see!


  3. I think sensible politicians are far beyond the call of London or D.C. these days, but British stuff is fun to contemplate and chuckle over and imbibe in all its depth and airiness these days. My own paternal roots are Blighty, as well, for Franklins were small-time landowners long ago. Now we’re big-time beer drinkers. Anyway, keep ’em comin’, PC, and we’re glad you’re back in hugging range of Scout.


    1. Sadly, I think you’re right about politicians in those locations, Walt. Good grief! The Brexit farce is almost impossible to believe, unfolding as it does each day with another mind boggling twist. Your paternal predecessors must be spinning in their graves…
      Being a big time beer drinker seems a perfectly reasonable response to the current political malaise – almost a medical necessity if you’ve got a good line on decent craft brews.


  4. I smiled over your fabulous photos and wonderful teary eyed reunion with Scout and laughed at your fantastic captions! It’s obvious you do have a severe case of jet lag to be able to write sensible and politician in the same sentence. Love all the “British stuff” and looking forward to more charming photos and stories from the trip. Hope you’re enjoying a relaxing weekend at home between kayaking and spoiling Scout!


    1. Ha, yes, sensible and politician – what was I thinking?!
      Sadly, we never got ourselves organized enough this weekend to get on the water, and I think we missed a golden opportunity, as the forecast for the next few days is turning very rainy. I’ll have to watch The Highwaymen, thanks for the recommendation, looks to be ideal rainy day viewing.
      I hope your week is off to a good start!

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  5. OMG PC, I could not stop laughing. Perhaps it’s the jet lag, or maybe the reunion with family and home, but whatever it is, this has got to be one of the funniest posts you’ve ever written. Upbeat and sweet, too. I liked hearing about the origin of the title and MW’s cartoons. It was the perfect title. The British phone booth was great, but it’s the caption underneath that got the laughter flowing. Then the next caption, well that was it, by then you had me guffawing uncontrollably. Great to have you back on North America, my friend. Thanks so much.


    1. Thanks Jet! I don’t think I’ll write under the influence of jet lag again, but it’s good to be able to use it as an excuse for a mild rant…I was channeling my inner John Cleese/Basil Fawlty, something that tends to come to the fore after spending time in the UK. Very therapeutic!
      Brexit aside, we had a wonderful trip, and time spent in dear old Blighty with family and friends always means a lot of laughs for us.
      I hope your week is off to a good start – we’ve been reading about the California super bloom, and thought of you.

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  6. Hey ho, sounds like you needed a good stiff drink on your return PC. I’ve always enjoyed British humour. I hope your week’s been a good one. The weekend is nearly here. 😊


    1. Thanks, Miriam! Ha, bloody politicians, self-serving rather than serving…but I’ll stop there, as we’re aiming for calm and mindful this April (your good advice!)
      Yup, the weekend is here, and we’re looking forward to it, rain and all. Hope yours has started well!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We haven’t had rain here for ages and we desperately need it. Thanks for the good wishes. A busy weekend ahead, still clearing mum’s house. Hope yours is a good one.


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