Rain and mist – normal service

It’s good to be back on the coast, and after a lengthy spell of warm and sunny days, rain and mist has returned, most welcome after an unusually dry early spring.0E2FDEC0-44CC-47E9-B77E-4377442F26D3

We’ve been doing our usual rain dance, that is, aiming to get out and about in between the showers, and for the most part we’ve been pretty lucky. We haven’t escaped all the rain – for a while, the Jeep was strangely dog odour free, but it only took a couple of damp days out for the reassuring smell of wet dog to permeate the back seat once again. We drive with the windows down, enough to get a flow of cool fresh air, and low enough that the tip of Scout’s nose sticks out. I’m told it looks very amusing.705B2718-DAFB-47A4-AACE-994D62785F87

The cool days have been rather soothing, and lend a sense of normality and calm after our mad dash about Britain, and after all the pleasantly warm sunshine we’ve been having since returning home. The sun was lovely, but all a bit too soon or too much compared with what is expected. Give it a lengthy rainy period, and we’ll be wishing for warm sun soon enough.1E3840F4-E97B-4C83-9043-DAD4F919C72F

Scout has had fun, reacquainting herself with her familiar haunts, nose down and tail wagging along the trails. Her quick walks usually include a visit to the inner and outer harbours, and these wooden docks are amongst her favourite places. I like the sights, and can stomach the fish and crab aromas, but Scout cannot get enough of the smell-soaked boards. It’s good that there’s something for everyone.

We’re devoted to the harbour

Earlier today we startled a harbour seal and it splashed in alarm just beneath our feet, and away from the dock, heading backwards almost doing a backstroke, and looking a touch aggrieved before it slipped under the surface. Sorry, seal, we honestly didn’t know you were there.

Seal playground

So normal service has been resumed, equilibrium re-established, and there’s a lot to be said for that! The photographs for this post were taken over the last two weeks, and were chosen to reflect normal service, or what passes for that out here.

Smells good

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!

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16 thoughts on “Rain and mist – normal service”

  1. There sure is a lot to be said for resuming normal service. Loved hearing about your forays on the beach, pc, seeing the misty photos and seaside vistas. That photo of Scout shows her working so hard on processing scent, I really like it. Got a chuckle reading about her penchant for smelling the boards. and how fun to be so close to the harbor seal. Lovely post, thank you for taking us to the seaside. And have a delightful weekend.


    1. Thanks, Jet! We’re delighted to be back out on the coast, rain and all, with nothing more complicated than trying to keep up with Scout.
      I hope your weekend was a good one, and your week has started well!

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  2. Always enjoy your harbor scenery and picturing Scout our exploring her favorite haunts! Right now nothing feels normal here with Harper trying to establish a new schedule and sleet/snow instead of rain. I’m always amazed that your rain and mist never appears dreary like our weather. Beautiful shots of Scout, the logs and the boats, I’ve always had a fascination with boat names. I hope the Maple Leafs and Flames get back on track in the next game and that the Jeep survives the wet dog spell!!


    1. Thank you! I think I’ll stop talking up the Flames – look what happens when I do!
      Yes, Harper will make sure you’re unsure what normal looks like for the next little while, but what fun you’ll have finding out!

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  3. This collection exudes peace in this beautiful harbor and beach. Love the shot of Scout, scouting, and the misty beach with logs. And the colorful boats moored with the hills in the background. Sweet post, Adam. (PS. I am sure I followed you when we first “met” and had to redo it. Don’t know why…)


    1. Thanks, Jane! Ucluelet is a pretty good place to be if it’s some peace and quiet you’re after. Being a harbour town, there’s always something to watch and enjoy in and around the water, and boats make for a striking scene. I think you’ve traveled out this way on your photographic journeys?
      I hope your week has started well!

      Liked by 1 person

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