Five eagles and a fresh salmon

A big thank you to Wayne over at Welcome To Tofino Photography for the post title and theme this week. I thought it’s time for a more frivolous than usual piece, particularly as the entire news cycle of late appears devoid of any frivolity – rightly so, but still…

A little while back, Wayne suggested I rate the beers I occasionally (!) mention or include. His idea was to use a rating scale going from one eagle (poor) to five eagles in flight with a fresh salmon (excellent) – I’m not sure if each of the five eagles has to have a salmon, or if it is one salmon underneath a five eagle fly by?

One eagle (in a good way)

In case you’re concerned about the state of my liver, you needn’t be. Although there are quite a number of beer photos posted on here, the reality is I rarely drink more than a bottle or two each week. Honest! Unlike in my youth, I aim for quality over quantity when it comes to a beer. If I have a second, it’s a racing certainty I’ll be asleep not long after.

Location matters – beer tastes good here

I’ll indulge in a little autobeerography here. The most (I can remember) I’ve ever consumed in a single sitting was over a long evening in Dublin, drinking Guinness with my brother. Did I exceed my usual two beers? Yup! In our defence, and according to the old school advertising, Guinness is good for you. I mean, it’s practically a foodstuff isn’t it? More of a meal than a drink. Actually, I was the one drinking Guinness that evening, and my brother was drinking anything but. He doesn’t like Guinness?! I know! Impossible. Bar tenders up and down Grafton Street were bemused… I can confirm his hangover was much much worse than mine. That’s because Guinness is good for you.

Mostly true? (image courtesy

Getting back to Wayne’s ratings, I’d have to say a properly poured pint of Guinness in Dublin – they are built rather than poured – would be close to five eagles and a salmon. Which is as much about the location and the company as it is about the beer. And that’s sometimes the thing about a decent pint – who you’re with and where you are can matter as much as what’s in the glass.

Now, having written that about company and location, nothing but nothing can save Slalom Lager. A different brother and I tried to drink a pint or two of said beverage in a lovely pub somewhere in North Wales a fair few years back. We really really tried our best, but no number of pints could fix that slimy taste. One eagle would be an eagle too far. I’ve hardly had a pint of any lager since.

“Enough of this frivolity!”

Enough of this frivolity. I’ll leave it here this week, with a photograph and recommendation for the following beer: (I’d give it five eagles for sure, but does it get the salmon as well? I don’t know. Maybe some follow up research is needed?)


Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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21 thoughts on “Five eagles and a fresh salmon”

  1. I’ve never had the pleasure of a Suncoast Ale, but I’ll bet it’s as good as you say, real bright and regal, with eagle claws to carry off a drinker like a salmon. As for Slalom, I’ll take your word for that, also, probably like a lot of other brews I’ve tasted (the commercial kind), hardly worth the rating of a vulture on a dead opossum. And I’ll toast ya– Cheers!– to the virtues of good location & company, too.


    1. Thanks, Walt! A quick Google search revealed Slalom is still being brewed, and apparently it is sold in Italy – I can’t imagine it pairs well with Italian cooking, but there you go!
      I hope your weekend was full of fine locations and good company!


  2. It looks like both gorgeous eagles do not care for your frivolity, but I loved it and it is the perfect antidote to the news and both of my hockey teams losing (go Flames!!). Enjoyed laughing through the Guinness story and any drinking in Dublin deserves five eagles and a salmon. I would have to factor in the name and label in my rating system (probably have to use sports symbols), even if I’ve chosen very unwisely based on those factors. The pumpkin cider has quickly changed from one football to three footballs and a hockey puck! I would give the Suncoast Pale Ale five eagles for the label and name without having a drink and add it to my cart, even if I don’t drink beer! Thanks for the great post and wonderful photos and hope you enjoyed the weekend and that one bottle of Guinness or pale ale!


    1. Thank you! Haha, funny how a beer seems to improve with repeated trying… I’ve been suckered by a label and name many a time, but will never fall for a pumpkin theme again! No Guinness, but the weekend beer was a porter made on the island, and it was a good one.
      Thank goodness there is a break in the Premier League. By the time it restarts, will there be new managers at MU and Everton?!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. First off, let me state Guinness = my favorite, ever. I mean, as per their advertising, even lobsters love Guinness. Second, I believe that the salmon would be what they nowadays refer to as “value added”, a sort of upsell or bonus that REALLY sets it apart.


    1. Bob, if I’m ever in a pub and unsure of what’s on offer, then Guinness is always good for you! Doesn’t need a salmon upsell, but I bet a salmon would be happy to sip it.
      Enjoy your week ahead!


  4. Fun post, pc, and great stories about enjoying the good things in life with the ones we love. And a great treat to see the eagles and beer photos. I like the idea of the rating system, and will now head over to Wayne’s. Cheers my friend!


    1. Thanks, Jet! Wayne always has great ideas – he’s a natural at making suggestions and finding solutions. Hanging out with him is one of the good things in life, and Scout thinks he’s the best play buddy on two legs!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I love Wayne’s rating system though I have to admit to not recognising some of the names here. But I’m sure they’re all top notch. Fun post and great pics of the eagles. Love that word too ‘autobeerography’. Cheers PC 🍻😊


  6. It appears the rating system is a hit Adam! Oh,btw,the added “salmon” is like say A+ instead of just a A.
    Of course the tasting experience can be affected by many things.
    If your in the most beautiful place with a normally fantastic beer but suffering from a huge hangover from last nights tasting spree……….nothing is going save that puppy!


  7. I happened to be in Ireland when you posted this praise of Guinness. My goal is to enjoy a pint of Guinness along with fish and chips in every pub on the Emerald Isle. This fish is always fresh, the chips always tasty and the Guinness always takes three and a half minutes to pour. Even after four trips I still have a few pubs yet to visit.

    The health benefits of the Guinness neutralizes the cholesterol intake of the fried food. Or so I try to convince myself.

    Thanks for the always interesting blog.

    Bill Love
    Sandpoint, Idaho


    1. Thanks, Bill! Your goal is excellent, and I hope you achieve it! I’ve never been disappointed in any pub or bar I’ve visited there, although I think you’ve chalked up quite a few more than I’ve managed (so far!)
      Enjoy the week ahead!


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