An attention-grabbing heading, even if the reality was somewhat less exciting.

How about Ukeepocalypse? Or the UkeeVeggieFamine? We survived both, you know…

If you’ve read along for the past couple of years, you might remember that just up the road from us a road construction project is ongoing. A small project in many other places perhaps, but actually quite a big deal here, and quite an impactful one at that.

Rainfall? Here?

The twisting highway really narrows at Kennedy Lake, and in poor weather with low visibility, it is a dangerous spot for drivers. Sadly, there have been fatalities in the past. The Kennedy Hill project will eventually result in a wider and safer road. For almost two years, construction has caused many planned and unplanned highway closures. Rock blasting has sometimes taken out the power lines to the coast, rainfall has caused mudslides, and just over a week ago, blasting caused a fall that took too much rock and ended with a part of the road collapsing and falling into the lake below. Oops.

Questions started to fly. Will the road reopen today? Tomorrow? Before the weekend? After the weekend? Ever? What about emergency services if needed? Deliveries of food and gas to the stores? That essential gadget from Amazon? Will we be abandoned? Cut off from civilization? (One can hope…) Wasn’t the snow last week enough? Was that an earthquake? Yes it was. What next? Locusts?

Snowmageddon?! Hardly

Locusts? Some did get a little overexcited, and shopped like it really was the apocalypse. Although, if it really is the apocalypse, isn’t the deal one goes looting, rather than lining up to pay for dwindling goods and services? So not completely out of control then.

Living out here, there is an expectation households can manage for themselves for 72 hours should there be a tsunami evacuation or power outage. This allows emergency services to focus on priorities. The local store really was emptied out of fresh produce rather too quickly. Why panic buy? Do you love broccoli that much? Really? Maybe events will have prompted some to be a bit better prepared for the future…

There were some amusing posts on the community pages

In the end, a temporary bridge was put in place over the yawning chasm, and I’m looking forward to driving over it once some heavier vehicles have made it through safely. The road reopened – as much as it has ever been open in recent times – before the end of the weekend, and what passes for normal service has been resumed. Broccoli is once more in store, and the local deer population looks much relieved. Yawning chasm?! Dramatic, just like the apocalypse should be.

Yawning chasm? Well, I wouldn’t get too close to the edge – and there is not much underneath

I survived the Ukeepocalypse…phew! I hope there’s a t shirt coming.

Calmer days ahead?

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend.

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I am a would be outdoorsman - that is if I had more time, skills and knowledge. When I can, I love being outdoors, just camping, hiking, snowboarding, xc skiing, snowshoeing, paddling a canoe or trying something new. What I lack in ability, I make up for in enthusiasm and having a go. I'd never really survive for long out there in the wild, but I enjoy pretending I could if I had to...

19 thoughts on “Apocalyptic!”

  1. There should DEFINITELY be a teeshirt. Seriously, though, being isolated and expected to survive for 72 hours w/o services makes me realize how spoiled I am. What~no Panera salad? For 72 HOURS???! Oh, nooooo! Forget the broccoli. I’d buy up the coffee and chocolate. 🙂

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    1. Haha, thanks Melissa! I have to confess, we always ensure we have a reasonable supply of dark roast coffee beans to hand – I’m sure the apocalypse will be manageable if properly caffeinated.
      I hope your week has started well!


      1. I agree. And if I were to run out of paint, my husband gave me a HUGE box of crayons for Christmas…


  2. Yes the title pulled us in and the road closure kept us out. I think it’s amazing that the crews got it back open so soon, considering what they had to do. When we have power outages in Calif. we have that same societal surge of panic, long lines in the grocery stores and even longer lines at the gas station. Had to chuckle at your broccoli comment…and agree. Twice we’ve gone a week without power so we all get a little panicked. Really enjoyed your story, pc, and the photos of the seaside had me swooning.


    1. Thanks, Jet! Yes, you’re right to mention what an astonishing job the crews did to get it all working again. Tough work at the best of times, and the conditions were far from that. We always smile and wave at the traffic flaggers, who are unfailingly cheerful, rain, wind or snow.
      I hope your week is off to a great start!

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  3. Haha I hope that you get your T-shirt but a very creative one! Crazy how people get so riled up with fear, I have the tendency to embrace situations like that and treat it as a challenge. Just a part of my nature, so it really is interesting to watch people at these times. I love your humor, especially about the buying up of veggies. Cheers, have a fantastic weekend!


  4. Maybe some overenthusiastic road crew? I agree with waiting for some heavier traffic to go over the road before you do. Light up the fire and make sure you buy some ingredients for s’mores and enjoy the weekend.


  5. PC, who needs Paradise when you’ve got Ukeepocalypse in potentia? Fish from the colorful harbor, broccoli (and beer) from the fridge, a generator & a kiosk selling t-shirts, no news from the USA… let me know if there’s any cabins for rent!


    1. Walt, we did have beer, and the comfort of local friends who’ve shown us a little of how to live on the land (and sea) as tested for a few thousand years out here. Like many, I dream I could make do very well without most of modern life. Beer and good coffee though…
      Thanks, and I hope your week has started well!


  6. So glad you survived the Ukeepocalypse and I’m sure people will be lining up for those t-shirts!! Enjoyed your community update and you would be a valuable addition to the community pages!! I’ve never joined in on the panic buying before storms and would have never thought to add broccoli to the list, but definitely believe one should always have a good supply of chocolate chip cookies on hand for any emergencies. Love the Calmer Days Ahead photo and I can imagine where you live a day or two cut off from civilization (as long as there is power for the rugby tournament and a few Guinness) would be just fine. I skipped the Wales/Italy match when I saw the score, but have to admit I thought the Ireland/Scotland match was fun to watch and loved that late goal line stand by Ireland (is that a rugby term?). After that match, I might have to revise my thoughts about rugby. Hope you enjoy the England/France game today!


    1. Haha, thank you! I think beer or wine (or cider?), coffee, and chocolate would suffice to take the edge off the apocalypse. If the beer runs out, then civilization has collapsed…
      The Irish defence on their try line was pretty epic, and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire game, full of mistakes and immense effort by both teams. The less said about Italy and England, the better!
      Mourinho magic?! I don’t know, still too soon…

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  7. Glad you survived! Yes, maybe it’ll make people think about the next time and be better prepared. 72 hours! I think I could easily manage here. So long as I have my coffee and chocolate! 😊


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