Looking back to look ahead

With the long Easter weekend almost upon us – life has turned into one long weekend if you’re one of the many staying close to home right now – I thought I’d post a few past pictures taken around this time of year. Sort of heartening and disheartening at the same time…

Take the long view

Aiming to be positive, it’s nice to think that next Easter, or maybe the one after, most that choose to do so will be able to celebrate with their friends and families close by, rather than on FaceTime etc.

Maybe next year?

On a lighter, borderline trivial note, and perhaps somewhat worryingly, I have a trove of beer photographs dating back many, many years. Hmm, now why is that? Well, don’t some adults take pictures of trains and write down the engine numbers? Not that I’m being defensive or anything. The real reason is one of my brothers doesn’t like beer (you remember, he only drinks Peroni, proving he doesn’t like beer) so whenever we’re out and find ourselves – and this is rare – trying new beers in a microbrewery or bar, or a friend’s house, or at home, or on a day ending in a “y” – like I said, rare – then I’ll take a photo and send it to my brother. It’s ok, he likes getting the photographs, he really does. Anyway, seeing the photo below of North Coast Brewing’s Red Seal ale reminded me we haven’t tried that in quite a while. This is clearly an issue for me, because there’s still the important research needed to catch up on the past three years of AB new beers before revisiting old favourites. Looking back to look ahead. Clutching at straws, but maybe that’s a lockdown silver lining…

Not Peroni…

I’ll finish this one as I did last time. I do hope you’re keeping well. The current crisis is very serious, and frightening for so many. I admire and thank all the people who are doing all they can to keep what is necessary going. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful long weekend.

Positively strutting! Striding forward, that’s the way.

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I am a would be outdoorsman - that is if I had more time, skills and knowledge. When I can, I love being outdoors, just camping, hiking, snowboarding, xc skiing, snowshoeing, paddling a canoe or trying something new. What I lack in ability, I make up for in enthusiasm and having a go. I'd never really survive for long out there in the wild, but I enjoy pretending I could if I had to...

14 thoughts on “Looking back to look ahead”

  1. I think there are soooo many different beers in this world,that If you had a different beer each day for 50 years you’d never repeat!
    The RCMP and Parks Canada have set up a roadblock near the Junction. I suspect they are challenging people’s reasons to come to Tofino?


    1. I’d love to say “challenge accepted!” but I doubt I have 50 years left in me, and if I did, the challenge would knock a few years off!
      I heard there were big efforts to communicate the “don’t travel to the coast” – or anywhere – message, but it seems like ferries were busy. Maybe restrict ferries to essential traffic only, for supplies etc?
      Stay safe!


  2. That first image is a beauty. I like the red chairs around the fire pit, waiting. I “think” that is a raven. I know nothing about beer. Have a good weekend hope you can connect with family and friends online.


    1. Thanks, Jane! I took the red chair photograph a few years ago in the Bow Valley, thinking at the time how I liked the empty seats. Looking ahead, how wonderful it will be when people will be able to share spaces sociably…
      As for the here and now, yes, we’re able to keep up with friends and family online.
      Take care!


  3. Always enjoy your photos and optimism while looking for a silver lining! Absolutely beautiful shot of Taking The Long View and love the red chairs and the distant memory that we could actually sit that close to others. I’m so glad to read that you have found valuable ways of filling the extra time by teasing your brother and providing important beer research (love your definition of rare). People around here instead of choosing something fun, like beer research, got so carried away with filling their days with home projects and yard work that our new stay-at-home order requires stores to block off all the gardening, paint supplies and non-essential items in the stores and you not only can’t purchase any gardening supplies, but yard waste pickup has also been cancelled because so many people were so busy with spring cleaning that they need extra garbage trucks. There is my silver lining for the week – no yard work, spring cleaning or cooking in the near future!!! Hope you and your family are doing well and your brother doesn’t block your texts during your research!


    1. Haha, thank you! I’m with you, yard work can never be essential (unless someone I know has volunteered to do it, then have at it) so if garden centres close, I wouldn’t be too upset. But I’ll accept there are those strange people who actually enjoy digging in the dirt and blowing leaves about, so I hope they’re finding solace in that. I’d rather have a beer, then tell my brother…
      I hope the coming week gives you the chance to get out on the lake, and, obviously, spend hours and hours of fun in your kitchen cooking up three course meals.
      Take care!

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    1. Thanks, Walt! At the moment, I’m getting most of my outdoor fun vicariously through your posting efforts, so no pressure, but please keep on getting out there, it’s keeping some of us (relatively) sane. But only if you’re safe and well enough, and willing enough, to do so.
      Take care!


  4. Looking back can be a good thing, remembering fun times, but I must admit, as much as I’m living day by day, I am looking forward to the day when we can hit the road again. Sounds like you have a bit more beer research to do PC. Cheers my friend, strut on and stay well. 😊


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