The wheels have fallen off!

Hmm, what could that mean? In so many different ways, and in so many places during the current crisis, it seems wheels have been falling off. If you’ve been here before, you’ll know I (mostly, haha) steer clear of matters controversial. So let me say, when the wheels are falling off, I mean the wheels are falling off…this:

What a find!

A weekend or two ago, the walls were starting to close in a bit more than usual. Like many, we’ve been missing time on trails, and our usual visits to wide open spaces. For me, like many, positive mental health can be boosted by time spent in green and blue outdoor places. Alberta in late winter/early spring isn’t renowned for vibrant greenery, so we did the next best thing, and went to the gold and brown prairies – under vast blue skies.

Gold? Brown? Blue!

Phew. A sneak trip out of the city, a drive along empty back roads, windows down, cold fresh air, and space, space, space. From above, our car bouncing along dusty ridge roads would have looked like a little black socially distanced insect. One badly in need of a wash.

This vehicle is cleaner than our Jeep. Really.

We didn’t see many other people, but we did see a couple of red tailed hawks, numerous waterfowl bobbing on icy cold knob and kettle ponds, hundreds of geese overhead, and maybe best of all, a herd of bison up on a distant ridge.

We did stop to enjoy our cup of coffee and small(ish) bar of chocolate. Wondering where would be a good place for this, with great timing we came around a bend and saw a rusting relic sitting in a field. What a beauty, an old Mercury (I only know that because the rear badge was still visible) stranded in golden grass. The remains of a failed getaway, perhaps? There’s a good story here just waiting to be told.

Busted getaway? Busted headlight, busted taillight, busted windshield, busted…

What was slightly strange was seeing a set of what looked to be reasonably ok tires, one at each wheel arch. The car looked distinctly undriveable, but maybe someone out there on the prairies has plans to ensure the Mercury isn’t in its final rusting place? That would be cool. Next time the walls close in, maybe we’ll take another spin out there, see if the car has been saved. Wheels fallen off? Doesn’t have to be a permanent state of affairs…

Busted, yeah – but sort of beautiful?

Thanks for reading. I hope you’re well, please stay safe and enjoy the weekend ahead!

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I am a would be outdoorsman - that is if I had more time, skills and knowledge. When I can, I love being outdoors, just camping, hiking, snowboarding, xc skiing, snowshoeing, paddling a canoe or trying something new. What I lack in ability, I make up for in enthusiasm and having a go. I'd never really survive for long out there in the wild, but I enjoy pretending I could if I had to...

21 thoughts on “The wheels have fallen off!”

      1. You might be a bit behind on the registration? Yes, it has some stories – although it’ll have to be a good one to top the night you left it there!


  1. Crazy about a Mercury! Ah what May Day recollections, rusting in peace there on the wide Alberta plains… The wheels are off but, hey, the stories we could tell. A great find, Adam, symbolic maybe of our life in nature, and possibly a glimpse of my own retirement now that NY schools have closed for this my final year of formal instruction. Thanks for an enjoyable read!


    1. Walt, I hope you get the chance to head back into school, when it’s safe, and have a proper farewell. In the meantime, enjoy your earlier than expected retirement?!


  2. That is weird, I actually thought that maybe you set up the photo that way, with the wheels beside the car. Or maybe someone else did it previous to your visit. I have had a lot of fun strolling around car graveyards finding images to take. Have a great weekend , it looks like we may be able to go to the parks after all this summer. Be safe.


    1. Thanks, Jane! The wheels placed like that were strange, like they could be reattached and off the car would go! I like finding these rusting wrecks, even though they are litter.
      I hope all is well with you!

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  3. I lost the comment, said I had made a duplicate. I thought you’d set it up that way, or perhaps a previous visitor. Look forward to the possibility of getting out to the parks this summer. Have a good weekend.


  4. Thank god you snuck out of the house to discover and share this fabulous find and that you stayed on the backroads until you remembered how to drive! I think you have the perfect lyrics for a country western song to sing on your next western road trip (wheels fallen off, deserted backroads of life, too many failed getaways, final rusting place). Don’t worry, you were probably only tracked on those quiet roads by a dozen GPS apps, but it was absolutely worth you sharing this wonderful discovery and I do believe you and Wayne need to share more of your interesting tales. I love finding rusty classic cars that don’t run (other than the one I could rant about in our barn) and it was going to become a new photo theme in my curious wandering days. Fabulous photos, especially the Busted Getaway, What A Find, Busted, Yeah…ok, I loved all the shots!! I’m staying away from rants this week, so I won’t rant for too long about someone using my remote and Netflix profile and that I’m now receiving notifications about western movies and car shows. I was notified about the second season of Rust Valley Restorers the other day and when I checked it out (also watched Legend this weekend – two versions of Tom Hardy!!!!), because rust was included in the title, I discovered it was a show out of Canada and I’m always surprised that I love the old rusted look of some of the cars, like your discovery, as much as the finished classics. I know you did mention seeing beautiful birds, scenery and I never miss the mention of chocolate, but this week it was all about the great uplifting version of the wheels have fallen off!! Hope you have a chance for another getaway this week!!


    1. Thank you! Must check out the Rust Valley Restorers you mentioned. Mrs PC will be hiding check books, a bit like when I come back talking about the Tromso…
      Getting out of the city was a life saver, and as things look like they might be easing in the next week or so, perhaps we’ll make another trip and even go for a walk that isn’t a sidewalk. Hooray!
      Legend was double the Tom Hardy fun. I think his turn in Peaky Blinders is still the highlight for me, really something. I watched Extraction the other day and Chris Hemsworth was very good, even had a convincing emotional scene or two in between the (excellently choreographed) running, jumping and shooting scenes. The locations were well chosen, and the whole production was very immersive – makes me want to visit Bangladesh one day.
      What make and model have you got rusting in the barn? Maybe a future classic?

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  5. I love your enthusiasm for finding this old rusty car on the prairie, pc. Your descriptions and photos here of your delightful getaway were a joy. My favorite sentence, one that says it all: “A sneak trip out of the city, a drive along empty back roads, windows down, cold fresh air, and space, space, space.” Keep hanging in there, pc.


    1. Thanks, Jet! We’re missing space, space, space, but coping by enjoying complaining about it. If that’s the worst we have of things, then goodness, we’re fortunate.
      We hope you’re hanging in well where you are!

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  6. Now this really is vintage! What a very cool find. I have a classic photo framed of my then little girl driving a similar vintage no wheel car in a deserted paddock. Thanks for a fun read! 😊


    1. Old cars are so photogenic! Although, do you think, in the far future, someone will find an old Toyota Corolla rusting in a field and want to take a picture? I don’t know…
      Thanks, Miriam, and I hope all is well where you are!

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