We decided we’d have a second breakfast on the beach last Saturday morning. The forecast was for sunshine and blue skies, and, you’ve guessed it, there wasn’t so much sun. Well, there was, certainly later in the day, and almost certainly just inland. But that’s not the same as being on the beach. Second breakfasts taste better on the beach.

Second breakfast

Foggy, yes, cold, no. It was a morning where you could feel the sun itching to break up and break through the low cloud.

Sunshine and blue skies! Oh.

It’s been getting very busy, visitor-wise, out here. With little to no international travel available for folks looking for a vacation, the west coast is becoming a touch crowded, uncomfortably so.

We’ve taken to hitting trails and beaches either early or late in the day. Our foggy morning was just right, probably because it looked far colder than it actually was, and this seemed to deter would-be beach goers. The empty on arrival parking lot was filling up pretty quickly by the time we left.

Warmer than it looks…

The end of July already? No wonder it was foggy – we’re entering the month of Fogust! Yikes, that’s like a dry run for autumn. Although autumn here isn’t likely to be dry. This challenging year is racing by. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing…

I buried my second breakfast somewhere around here.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


PS I will use some of the coming long weekend – BC Day, hooray! – to begin replying to comments (thank you for those) and catching up on your posts I’ve missed in recent weeks.

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I am a would be outdoorsman - that is if I had more time, skills and knowledge. When I can, I love being outdoors, just camping, hiking, snowboarding, xc skiing, snowshoeing, paddling a canoe or trying something new. What I lack in ability, I make up for in enthusiasm and having a go. I'd never really survive for long out there in the wild, but I enjoy pretending I could if I had to...

24 thoughts on “Foggy”

  1. Great to hear about the goings-on on your part of the west coast, pc. Where I live, too, there are many unemployed residents coming in droves to our favorite quiet outdoor spots. And wildfires accidentally started by people just randomly camping in any forest patch they can find. Six mos. is too long to keep our species locked down…and yet…. Loved seeing your second breakfast with the thermos and danish on the log, looks exactly like one of our many picnics. Your day in the fog looks truly lovely, thanks for sharing it. And Happy BC Day!


    1. BC Day today, with full on west coast fog and rain! The rain will reduce the fire risk here after a warm spell, and without wanting to sound mean, hopefully encourage some folks to rethink their free camping backroad ways and head home… All being well, things might be better next year, pandemic wise, and more suitable for taking a vacation. It’s a balance, and I understand the draw, but it doesn’t seem too safe.
      Anyway, we can avoid crowds with early/late excursions, and a pastry and coffee on a log is just the thing.
      Stay safe and well, and I hope your ankle is healed, or close to it!

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  2. I started off by reading and hadn’t yet seen your first picture, so “second breakfast ” was a yummy revelation as I scrolled down. The second photo is intriguing with the layers of fog, logs, then ripples in the sand. Nice to see Scout enjoying the beach. About people crowding into spaces, I am hearing that about the parks, especially David Thompson country where people are random camping, tearing down trees for fire wood and defecating any old place, leaving garbage around and trespassing onto sacred indigenous land. They have no respect for nature. Sad. I was away for a week housesitting and came home to discover the grand old Elm next door had been cut down. I guess it was rotting but miss the shade and birds. We still have a big Elm tree in our yard. I want to go away again and be in nature and close to water where I can actually swim but will have to choose wisely where to go.


    1. Thanks, Jane! Yes, it is something of an issue, all these people crowding into wild spaces. They don’t seem too familiar with the “pack it in, pack it out” or “leave no trace” rules. It’s raining here today after a long dry spell, so I’m hoping a few decide to head home…
      Sad to read about your beloved elm, here’s hoping the remaining tree is in good health.
      Stay safe and well, and maybe September will see crowds reduce around your favourite outdoor spots and spaces!


  3. Happy BC day PC. Hope you enjoy the long weekend and early morning excursions. Our natural spaces are getting over-run as well and somehow it is making these challenging times even a bit more challenging. Wishing you a happy Fogust and many thermoses of coffee on the beach.


    1. Thank you! A day in BC is often pretty good, especially on the coast!
      Natural spaces being overrun by folks not particularly used to outdoor ways is a challenge – the garbage is piling up (and it is of the most unhygienic sort…)
      There’ll be quite the clean up come the fall, but it shouldn’t have to happen if people could apply a little grey matter and show some respect. Enough, I feel a rant coming on!
      We’ll calm down, keep enjoying the coffee and fog!
      Stay safe.


      1. Hi Adam, and I feel your urge to rant these days so don’t hold back it could be cathartic.

        Coffee, hike, beer is a good routine to have these days and one that may just keep you sane.


  4. Second breakfast – sounds like something out of a Python skit. I’m sure Mr. Creosote indulges in second breakfast. “Bring me everything. Mix it up, with the eggs on top.”


  5. Fog & log & rippled sand, with Scout digging for a second meal (society held at bay, if only for an hour or so) looks & sounds real cool to a mental traveler such as me. Thanks Adam, and happy holiday.


    1. Thanks, Walt! Yes, society held at bay – I don’t want anyone falling foul of the virus, but that said, I’m quietly hoping for a second lockdown if only to reduce the strain on small towns…
      I hope you’re well, and able to find some quiet spaces. I’m heading over to RR in a little while, see what’s been going on!


  6. You guys have been in my thoughts and I’m glad to see that Scout has been put in charge of selecting the breakfast menu! Love the photos and I’m glad the fog kept everyone away for a quiet brunch on the beach!


    1. Thank you! Scout has decided chicken kibble, a small piece of salmon, any stick worth chewing, and the odd milk bone should be on every meal menu!
      I hope all is well with you – I’m heading over to CIMPLE shortly, to catch up on your adventures, and see how insanely high the summer temperatures have been for you!

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  7. Happy Fogust, Adam! I love your fog and tree photo along with your B&W of your sweet pup. My SF friends have been talking about the cold and fog up north. It’s almost 100 in Pasadena so I am dealing with that big change in my life. Take care, enjoy the cool weather and stay away from those tourists.


    1. Haha, Scout always gets a little something of what’s on the menu! Yes, and here’s to us having another cookout somewhere, sometime, when we can. Something to look forward to!


  8. Beautiful even amongst the fog Adam. And a second breakfast on the beach sounds like a nice plan to me. Always love your photos and seeing how life is on the other side of the ocean. Here it’s cold still and very quiet. Stay well. 🙂


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