Easy rider! Roustabout! Mobylette!

Easy rider? Roustabout? Moby what exactly? What’s going on here? I’ll start slow, then steadily pick up speed. It’ll be fine, just like riding a bike. Or falling off. It won’t be much clearer, even if you read to the end.

It has been pleasantly “steady as she goes“ the past week or so. Another big windstorm at the start of the week didn’t knock out the power – some disappointed students there – and we’ve enjoyed a cold and sometimes sunny settled stretch of weather.

Almost sometimes sunny

With the drier days, I’ve been zooming about town on my bike, speeding up and down hills with ease. Yes, the sun on my face, wind in my hair- …

Hold on a moment, Speedy – “up hills with ease” PlaidCamper? Yes, of course. My fitness is paramount to me, my body being a temple, and you’ll agree regular strenuous exercise has always been a feature. Oh, alright. It’s an electric bike. So, yes, uphill with ease.

I race up here (photo taken in a different season) – good view of the brewery tower from here

After many, many years of research, and countless conversations with Mrs. PlaidCamper, (yes, countless fascinating conversations – Mrs. PC) I admitted that recent ankle sprains and the approach of very early middle age meant the time had finally come to purchase an e-bike. (Peace at last – Mrs. PC)

Interestingly, as Mrs PC knows, because I mentioned it a million times, having a pedal assist bike is still exercise because the rider is pedalling and putting in a bit of effort. Mostly true, but probably less true if your e-bike has a twist throttle allowing no pedalling whatsoever. Care to guess what I’ve got?! I do pedal if there’s anyone around. It’s a small town and I’ve my fitness reputation to maintain. I haven’t ridden to the beer store yet. Yet…

It has pedals – useful foot rests…

Yes, years of research into battery duration, weight to power ratios (should that be power to weight ratios? I was too busy looking at the pictures), build quality, range and other important technical stuff. It had to be an informed decision. So I ended up getting a bike because it looked a bit like a mobylette, and I liked the seat. Yup, I’m shallow, easily persuaded, and must have been a Gallic teenager in a previous life.

Une mobylette! Tres chic, oui? (Photo from Motoconseils.com)
Yup, comfy seat

Having had it a few months, I’m happy to report it is reliable, fun to ride, very comfortable now I’ve decided it’s an e-moped and I let the battery do all the work, and I think I look cool. If looking like something from Wallace and Gromit is cool. Which it is. In my head. Please stop laughing. I’m going to get a biker jacket and a flick knife and a tattoo and get told off by the principal.

Adult soda

As this appears to be descending into a weird late 50s or early 60s retro type of thing, it’s probably best I leave it here. Anyway, I’ve got to go hang out at the soda fountain, run a comb through my hair, get admiring looks. That’s right, daddy-o.

Thanks (Roustabout link) for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Oh look – the American Johnny Halliday! Merci! Thank you for reading. Thank you very much! (Stock image from Alamy.com)

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I am a would be outdoorsman - that is if I had more time, skills and knowledge. When I can, I love being outdoors, just camping, hiking, snowboarding, xc skiing, snowshoeing, paddling a canoe or trying something new. What I lack in ability, I make up for in enthusiasm and having a go. I'd never really survive for long out there in the wild, but I enjoy pretending I could if I had to...

15 thoughts on “Easy rider! Roustabout! Mobylette!”

  1. Priceless! Love the hook and lead-in. So has Mrs PC hopped on the back for a ride? Is that a coffee holder in front of the seat? Looks like you’re good to go! I imagine your students wouldn’t mind a test drive. hmmm, maybe not a good idea. I am curious for myself, do you need a motorcycle license for that or can you get away without one? Love the helmet, would go with the leather jacket.


    1. Thanks, Jane! I’ve had a number of people asking about the bike, and offered them a chance have a go, but no takers. Like me, I think they’d like to try it out somewhere quiet and out of sight first time!
      Doesn’t need a licence, as it is identical in power to a regular e-assist pedal bike – it looks like a moped, but it really isn’t. It’s fun to cruise around. Mrs. PC hasn’t hopped on yet. Trust issues!
      I hope all is well with you.


    1. Thanks, Walt! It’s a little too E-Z for this would be roustabout – I really must pedal, even if just a little. I’ll tell you more when we meet up for a beer some day.
      I hope you’re doing well!


  2. It’s all down hill for you! You’ll stop pedalling after a few hills and use it to zip around town! Watch out for those cars,they love to hit you guys!
    You’ll be able to do the entire bike path from Ukee to Tofino! Better get a small cart for Scout or a side car!


    1. I think I’ve been going down hill for quite a while now! I know you’re a pretty strong cyclist, so I’ll pretend here that I use the twist throttle hardly at all. Nope, can’t lie, I use it all the time! Side car for Scout! That would get some looks!
      I’d be interested to test the range once that path is done. Millions spent, so somebody had best get on there.
      I hope you’re keeping well, and staying safe. Take care!


  3. You’ll definitely need a leather jacket for your cool e-bike (love the color choice and accessories) and I have to know if you’re singing Johnny Hallyday or Elvis as you’re flying up the hill and what song!?!? I had to do a little research not knowing anything about Gallic teenagers, but wish again that I knew French so I could sing along with Hallyday on YouTube and actually read about the mobylette. I agree with Mrs. PC that countless in-depth equipment research does not always need to be shared, as I’m one of those that when asked what camera or lens I’m using means I have to actually look at my camera to remember. As Elvis is an all-time favorite, I would definitely choose him over Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper except in the biker movie category (but they could never look as cool as Elvis!!). Now that your spirits must be improving after a bottle of The Grinch and I’ve ran out of motorcycle travel documentaries, it’s time to start researching GoPro for an early Christmas present so you can hit the road (or bike path) and share more of Canada to help these winter months go by faster. While it was a great football weekend with Notre Dame and Tottenham wins, I’ve been thinking about hockey and hoping for its return and the possibility of a realignment with my Maple Leafs winning the new Canadian division. Wonderful story and loved the 50s retro vibe!!


    1. Ha ha! I really need to think up the best Elvis cycling song. In my head, as I speed along nodding and smiling at people, I’m saying “Thank you, thank you very much!” Even after living in France a number of years, we never understood the Johnny Halliday mania. I think you have to be French.
      Would have loved to have been a French teenager. Aged 14 and zipping around on mopeds to meet your friends at the local bar. Wonderful! We moved away just before Junior was a teen – would not have enjoyed being a parent of a French teen. Our daughter on a moped, zipping around to meet her friends at the local bar? No way! I don’t think she’s ever forgiven us for denying her that opportunity…
      Well done to Spurs, and for crying out loud Everton – it was Burnley! Definitely need the hockey to return, if only to enjoy the Leafs flattering to deceive once again! Although if they make it to the finals, I’d support them. Or any Canadian team, except the Canucks. Don’t tell anyone.
      I hope your week to come goes well – I think I read there’s a big snowstorm coming, so I hope you get to enjoy some sun and snow once it passes!

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  4. Woo-hoo, love it! I bet you look super cool on that nifty looking ebike. What a great way to get around. Our friends have just bought ebikes as well. Enjoy the ride! 🙂


  5. Okay, you had me laughing pretty heard on this post, pc. I was chuckling away at your comical fun and really funny lines (“Care to guess what I’ve got?!”) and then when I got to “Please stop laughing” I roared. Great photos of the marina, and when I got to Elvis I burst out laughing again. Thanks for entertaining me. You and Elvis have a blast.


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