The year in beer

For many, it hasn’t been a fabulous year, has it? With that said, a tip of the hat to Walt over at Rivertop Rambles for reminding us it hasn’t been all bad. He unintentionally nudged me into this one. Glass raised to Walt! Now, on to what had you reading this far, the promise of a year in beer – there’s always a beer, thank goodness…

January. We live on Beer Island, thank goodness. I liked this one. Yum!

I’ve picked my favourite beers featured on the blog this year, one for each month. I was going to write a short “tasting notes” paragraph for each. Then I realized that would be boring for most readers. So instead I wrote almost the same for every beer. It imitates my beer tasting thought process. I know, me too – there’s a thought process? Here it is. Being a discerning beer drinker, I try a beer, and usually, unless it is a sour that slipped past the guards, I think “I like this one – yum!” and then I drink some more of it. That’s a process. Wait until you read the notes. With such descriptive powers you’ll be convinced, like me, I should not write a beer blog.

February. In flight entertainment. The Kolsch was a standout. I liked this one. Yum!

I hope you like the artwork on the bottles and cans, because it will be better than the descriptions. If you’re lucky, perhaps you’ll be able to track down a few of these? To keep it really exciting, I’ll tell you my absolute clear winner and favourite at the end. Cheers!

March. We have lift off. A complete surprise how much I liked this one. Yum!
April. Brilliant Albeerta brew. Yum!
May. Berry good. Yum!
June! Off a cliff good. Yum!
July. A towering agricultural achievement. Yum!
August. A VIB dependable. Yup, I like this one. Yum!
September. I didn’t post any beer photos in September? Strange. Here’s some extra goodness from August. Yum!
October. Red, right, return. Lovely can, splendid beer. Yum!
November. Did I like this one? I almost cried the following week when there was no more in stock. Yum, sob.
December. Bought it for the label, was delighted at how good it was. Yum!

Well, what a variety. When I started this, I thought each month would be a pale ale – and it could have been – but it looks like we stepped outside our comfort zone to enjoy plenty of good ones. No sours, though.

My absolute favourite, even though I liked them all and there can be only one winner? Maybe for Wayne’s suggested award, the coveted Four Soaring Eagles and a Salmon? That goes to:

The Plains Breaker Wheat Ale! No, I meant The Grinch seasonal. Actually, the 33 Acres of Ocean West Coast Pale Ale. Or was it…

…Oh dear, I think further research/a recount is in order. It’s so 2020 to be unable to agree on a winner. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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16 thoughts on “The year in beer”

  1. So many beers, so little time huh? Ha! Not original but hey, and I’m not really a beer-guy! I’m more of a 12 year old single malt sort. Quite the year… in beer or otherwise hasn’t it been? Here’s hoping the new year will be better if not bright. Seems to be looking like it may be brighter, thank goodness. I anticipate that the changes to happen this coming year will be for the better – time shall tell. Here’s to you Mr. PlaidCamper, family and friends – have a safe and Happy Holidays! UB


  2. I found the names of the companies and the labels interesting. I am a coffee gal, however, which I am enjoying now with a splash of eggnog. Look for ward to a special Christmas of the heart and a happy healthy new year, eventually.


  3. Glad to take some blame for nudging you into this one, Adam. The artfully presented 12 Beers of the Year look wonderful & I’ll bet they taste like winners, too. Good work, and it’s satisfying to know that your beer filter is in top condition, catching all those sours before they hit the palette.


  4. Ha! I enjoyed this thoroughly, Adam. No need for descriptions – everyone’s tastes are very individualized, and you’re right: sometimes all it takes is the labeling to sell you on taking a chance on a new brew. Here’s to another 12 months of experimentation!


    1. Thanks, Bob! I’ll raise a glass or three to hoping the next 12 months are a distinct improvement, and I’ll do my best to find a few new beers to celebrate the better days ahead.


  5. Loved the Year In Beer and laughed at each “Yum!” (especially Yum, sob) and the wonderful tag “very deep thoughts!” After all your visits staring into your local brewery waiting for it to open, I’m surprised an early label wasn’t dedicated to you with a photo of Scout dragging you away from the window. Favorite label of the year for me has to be What The Huck followed by The Grinch and I can still see a beer blog in your future. Hope you have a few extra of whatever today’s favorite is to celebrate Everton moving back up the table and I will need a case of What The Huck for Tottenham’s collapse this week!!!


    1. Haha, thank you! It’s all gone a bit What the Huck for Spurs just now. Still, the good news is Everton surprising everyone with three wins in games that appeared, on paper, to be tough. Approaching the hall way point of the season, and thoughts of relegation are not as heavy as past seasons. 2020 has been strange.
      Once we’ve been vaccinated and the brewery is business as usual – they haven’t had a “normal” month since opening last year – I’m going to start my campaign to become a top regular, where they’ll know our names and pour a pint as we walk in. Just have to figure out which Cheers character to be, with a west coast spin…
      Have a good week, and enjoy planning the off grid living – a cabin by a lake? With a well stocked library.

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  6. I chuckled and tittered so much as I read along and admired the beer labels and brew colors, pc, knowing that each was going to be a yum winner. I liked the special touches in the photos, too, with the caps and bottle openers; all the time wondering which one was going to be the winner. Then I got to the “winner” and had a full-out laugh at your happy multi-winner conclusion. Great post, pc, and great idea. My sincere wishes for a happy year ahead of great tasting and fun times.


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