Face off and flight

We had a house guest last weekend, and thought it went very well, not that we remember how to welcome guests in the home. I mean, who entertains at home right now? It should be said, Scout wasn’t entirely convinced. Yup, there was a face off. Fight or flight? Ooh, this sounds wild!

Face off!

Olive came to visit while her human friend had some wilderness time away. As you can see from the photographs, like all dogs, she has wolf DNA, but it was thought it would be unfair to any unsuspecting wolf out there if Olive ran into one, so she stayed with us. The picture below shows how it is safer for the wolves if they are kept apart. Ferocious!

Wolf DNA

Once we conquered our deep ancestral fear, and looked past the wolf-like nature of Olive, she proved to be a delightful houseguest. She enjoyed leaping from chair to chair, a dog in glorious flight, and then running under the table, trying to entice Scout in her wild games. Before the pandemic, I think our last houseguest was my brother, and that visit was much as I’ve described in the previous sentence. To be honest, Olive is quieter, drinks less beer, and sheds less hair…

The glorious dog flights between chairs was funny, but we put a stop to it, because, well, house rules. If my brother isn’t allowed, then neither is Olive. Or Scout, who was mostly bemused.

“Are you really a dog?” “Yes. A flying wolf dog. Here I go!”

Flight? Did you say flight OldPlaidCamper? Tenuous link to a scene change and evidence I’ve cleaned the lens after the water colour effects from last week. A rainy photo below, but no rain on the lens, and I liked this shot of the plane in front of the boats.

Clean lens

The pictures might be a touch sharper, but my timing is about usual. I’ll finish with a great snap of a harbour seal, captured with head out of the water and looking straight at the camera. Couldn’t fail.


Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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15 thoughts on “Face off and flight”

  1. You have me sitting here at my keyboard chuckling as usual, pc. Your last photo of the headless harbour seal gave me smile, as did your descriptions of the flying dog jumps, and the comparison to your brother. The photos of Scout and Olive interacting are fun, and that close-up of Olive with her dog tag is adorable. An entertaining weekend for everyone, thanks for sharing it, pc. And many happy wishes to you for another entertaining weekend. Oh yeah, I also really like the photo of the marina and sea plane.


    1. Thanks, Jet! The two dogs got along very well, and the difference in size was fun to see – they’re the same age, and similarly energetic, so the jumping had to stop! My brothers and I could learn from them about knowing when to stop…
      I hope your week is going well!

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  2. I had to laugh at your weekend experience because we also had a weekend visitor in Gertie, a wolf about the size of Olive, who enjoyed shenanigans with our two house felines, wildcats to the bone… Lots of entertainment in these face off & flights, as long as they’re not everyday occurrences!


  3. Absolutely enjoyed the flying wolf dog weekend adventure and the wonderful expressions by Scout and Olive!! Hope Olive has plans for a return visit to entertain Scout and teach her a few more house rules to break and that your brother has a chance to visit soon since it sounds like you really miss him enjoying your beer. Love the shot of the plane and the shy seal and it’s ok if Everton moves ahead of Tottenham tomorrow for one week only now that Ronaldo is back!!


    1. Thank you! These smaller dogs are a handful – I should have learned that from you! Great fun, but we were exhausted. She’ll be back, and before my brother, unless he shows some improvement…
      Look at Everton go! Then I remember how optimistic I was about this point last season. It’s the hope that kills you!
      Never mind Ronaldo, look at the old fella Mourinho taking off last weekend – maybe he’s still got it?!
      I hope your week is going well!

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  4. Olive is such a sweetie. Did she get away with being on the furniture while Scout is not allowed? Oh boy. I have the same issue with diving ducks as you do with harbour seals. I am just reading this now as I was away on a glorious photo shoot.


    1. Thanks, Jane – agreed, she’s a very sweet little dog. This allowed her to get away with things a bit longer, but we put a stop to it in the end. Mostly before Scout got too into the whole flying wolf dog act…
      I hope your week is going well! (Really enjoyed seeing the beautiful AB scenes in your two recent posts – wonderful!)


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