Salish sunrise

Last week, I jotted something about unpacking after our recent trip, and then getting around to sharing some of our adventures. I’ve decided to be nonlinear in the narrative, due to a blissed out attitude and an unshackling from convention, post vacation. Or laziness. Anyway, let’s start at the end…

Our departure from Salt Spring Island was an almost civilized affair, with the cabin we stayed in located a short jaunt from two ferry terminals. Arriving at the island at the Vesuvius terminal, we were only a kilometre from the cabin. Yup, that’s right, Vesuvius. Nope, no idea. Determinedly off grid, or at least unconnected (Salt Spring is not actually off grid) I was determinedly intellectually lacking in curiosity about the Vesuvius name. No research has erupted since the trip either…

Salish sea at sunrise

Hold on, OldPlaidCamper – an almost civilized departure? What happened? Good question, and if I wasn’t relaxed after a short break away, why, I could go on a rant, asking who was the genius behind booking a ferry departing at 6:20am – yes, that’s right, 6am – requiring a wake up alarm of 5:00am – yes, you read that right, 5am. 5AM! On a vacation day. On an island with several ferries and multiple mid morning departure times. Anyway, I’m not one to rant or assign blame.


We arrived at Long Harbour in the dark, far too early, like an over-prepared and overly cautious senior traveller with anxiety issues about missing the ferry. Not that I recognize that description. We sat in the dark, enjoying watching the sky change from a deep blue-black to a less inky and dense shade, as the predawn hint of sunrise began to show. By the time the ferry boarded, there were streaks of pink and gold showing through the mist over the water.


I won’t write too much more here, as the photographs do a pretty good job. I will admit, as you likely suspected, it was me who booked the early morning departure. It was necessary (for reasons to be revealed in a later post) and not actually a wilful effort to get as little sleep as possible on a day off. Turned out a pretty good decision (writes Captain Hindsight) as the Salish sunrise was breathtakingly pretty.

I could become a morning person

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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9 thoughts on “Salish sunrise”

  1. “No research has erupted since the trip either…” had me laughing. Outstanding sunset or sunrise…hard to bring the mind back from these blissful vacations. Hope you are inspired to begin the new season with renewed energy.


    1. Thanks, Jane! Vesuvius seems an odd choice, but Salt Spring appears to enjoy a slight oddity, and that’s fine by me. A quiet place, although I imagine it must have felt overrun in the summer.


    1. Thanks, Walt! I’m not a mariner, and I imagine sun up and sundown on most large bodies of water is special, but whenever I’ve been on the Salish Sea at these times, it is glowing – even the grey glows.


  2. Fabulous photos and after seeing this beautiful sunrise, yes, you definitely need to become a morning person and share more of these sunrises!!🌅 Wonderful description of the senior traveler and that you’ve remained mentally off the grid upon your return.😁 Missed watching the Everton/Man United match and while you’ve been gone Harper decided I can no longer mention Tottenham.🐾😁


    1. Tottenham scrambled a win? And Everton messed up a chance to get a win at Old Trafford… overall, not too bad?! Another annoying international break to disrupt the regular season. With the time difference, and given I’m not a morning person, I shouldn’t be complaining about the break – being disappointed by Everton early on a Saturday morning can be a bad start to a weekend!

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