And maybe a little blue – the colour, not my mood…

Early morning lake – a little blue

I was sat in my car the other day, enjoying the rain, having timed the top of the hour construction traffic opening to perfection. After waiting for thirty five minutes, I congratulated myself on being early and adjusted expectations accordingly.

Enjoying the rain

At least the views were good, and I found myself thinking about the survival show “Alone” I’ve been watching the last few weeks. As in most things, I’m about seven seasons behind, and knew nothing about the show, so imagine my pleasant surprise when I discovered that the first two seasons (possibly others, I’ve yet to find out) were filmed just up the island! Very exciting, and it added a little extra something to my viewing, being so familiar with the landscapes, if not the challenges, the participants faced.

“Straight ahead, then turn right, paddle a day or so, and after that you’re on your own!”

Not every participant enjoyed the density of the coastal forest they found themselves alone in. I’ve never been truly alone in the forest, or as deliberately lightly (for want of a better word) equipped as they were. I’ve always found the forest to be beautiful, slightly intimidating, but not downright frightening, although it is a dangerous place, as most places can be with or without proper preparation.


Anyway, I was sitting in the car, staring (in a moody yet cinematic way) at the wall of green to my left and wondering how long I could survive alone in that particular forest? The answer? Not long enough to win. I think maybe a week or two, if I avoided injuries, and convinced myself to eat enough fish, crabs, and seaweed to supplement the squashed mouse diet. Even though I’m a confirmed introvert through and through, I could not be by myself for the fifty something days I think the first winner completed.

Fifty something days? No problem! Without beer, you say? Wait a minute…

As the top of the hour came and went, and the traffic didn’t move forward, I began to wonder, peering through the rain soaked windshield, “Is there anybody in the vehicle in front, and the ones behind?” “Am I alone out here?” “Is this the start of an elaborate reality TV show that Mrs PC signed me up for and she forgot to tell me?” “I’m getting hungry – is that a mouse?”

Green and blue

And then the lights on the car in front came on, and it inched forward, the gate having reopened at the same time the door closed on a budding reality TV career. Fifty something + days? Yeah, I could do that…

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!

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I am a would be outdoorsman - that is if I had more time, skills and knowledge. When I can, I love being outdoors, just camping, hiking, snowboarding, xc skiing, snowshoeing, paddling a canoe or trying something new. What I lack in ability, I make up for in enthusiasm and having a go. I'd never really survive for long out there in the wild, but I enjoy pretending I could if I had to...

13 thoughts on “Green”

  1. I enjoyed this internal scene so much, pc. Your descriptions and musings were beautifully written, sharing what we do as humans to get through an inevitable traffic slog, while pondering a thought-provoking show and forest adventure. Great photos too, and how thrilling that the show was filmed in your vicinity. Cheers, my friend.


      1. If I invented an engine that could run on water, after a few years we’d all begin to notice how the lakes and rivers are drying up!
        Our sheer number is the problem and there isn’t a thing that can be done about that.


  2. Fish & crabs might help you on the way to victory, Adam, the Twin City Porter, for sure. As for squashed mouse, uhmm, maybe Scout could help you find an alternative? Have fun in the land of green & blue.


    1. I think you could do it. After all, we have all come through a 2-year pandemic. but without the beer? Hmmm. The mice have me a little squeamish and I know that I for one, have become far too soft in the past few years. Enjoyed the green and blue images.


  3. Enjoyed the moody waiting in construction traffic pondering, thoughts on a budding reality tv career and the wonderful shot of the early morning lake!!🙂 I’ve read about the show and had to check it out after your comments even though I’ve reached the point lately of looking nervously at the woods every time I take Harper outside at night and then hurrying back to the house. Loved the scenery, but all it took was the quick stats on bears, wolves and cougars and the first contestant being placed by a bear den for me to panic at home.🙂 Definitely don’t know why they were given hardly any supplies and do you think you would substitute one beer for an item?!?!🙂 Enjoy the week at home in the woods!!🙂


    1. If they could deliver one beer each week, I’d give it a go! The winner in season one did eat slugs, and that bothered me far more than the potential predator encounters. I’d be hitting the “come and get me” button long before a slug is on the dinner menu!

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