Surf Ghosts

Sounds spooky, and Hallowe’en is weeks away. What’s going on?

The tiny blob is a bear (sure looked bigger when we first saw it!)

We had plans to hike up a good stretch of Long Beach last week, starting from the Kwisitis Visitor Centre, and continuing until legs or snacks gave out. Unfortunately, a large black bear was wandering back and forth across a narrow section of beach, and Parks Canada were there to ensure the bear was left alone, and our walk was cut short. Instead, we opted to mooch about on Lismer and South Beach, and Scout attempted to dig her way to the southern hemisphere. Time well spent.

The large blob is Scout, checking a bear won’t fall into the hole she is digging

Yes, yes, all quite lovely, but what about the surf ghosts? I can’t hear you cry.

Warm, but not so sunny…

We returned to the same beach a couple of days later, and the weather was warm, but very foggy along the shore. Bear warning signs were in place, and we were a little reluctant to head out, because we wouldn’t be able to see the bear in the mist. When we stopped to think about it, mist, fog, rain or shine, we rarely spot bears because they’ve already seen/heard us and moved along. That said, we prefer a longer view and a bit of distance where possible.

A hanging about place

Great. The ghost surfers?!

Ghost surfers!

We decided to wait out the fog, believing it would lift as the morning wore on, and start our walk with a clearer view. We settled down on a log, broke into our snack supply, and saw a couple of surfers emerge onto the beach and head to the waves. They made an interesting sight through the veil of mist. Before coming to this part of the coast, if you’d said anything to me about surfing, I’d think of Hawaii and board shorts, and a beach bar serving drinks with an umbrella in. That, or my sad and exhausting attempts at surfing off the coast of the Isle of Wight (southern UK, frigid English Channel waters) many, many years ago. If there was a bar serving drinks with an umbrella in, I didn’t see it…fullsizeoutput_66d

Our ghost surfers were kitted out in wetsuits, sensibly enough, and took to the waters without hesitation, appearing to have a fine time in the surf. They played for nearly an hour, and when they finally came back out of the water, I hope they had something warming to drink, no umbrellas.DSCF7403

Eventually, the fog cleared enough for us to head up the beach, and we had a pleasant walk, spotting shore birds and no bear. After an hour, the next fog bank rolled in, and we retraced our steps back to the parking lot. As we approached the visitor centre, we saw  more ghost surfers emerging in the mist. I admire the surfers out here. They are a committed bunch, and clearly appear to enjoy their passion. So much so, they even come back as ghosts…

Were they really there?

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!

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14 thoughts on “Surf Ghosts”

  1. I’m glad to learn that Parks Canada takes measures to protect bears from overly curious humans. Here in the states it’s usually the reverse, with bears being vilified for being…bears. Great photos, too!


    1. Thanks, Bob! From what I’ve seen, Parks Canada do try to keep bears and humans as far apart as possible. I’ve read that in the Long Beach area there are upwards of 64 bears, so keeping things safe for all must be quite the challenge.
      I hope you’ve had a pleasant weekend!


  2. I am always jealous of your bear stories. I have two and they becoming a distant memory. As for surfers…they are a dedicated bunch. I noticed that my last trip to Assateague. It was in November and freezing, but there they were with their boards and wet suits. As always, great post. Have a great weekend!


    1. Those surfers are a tough bunch! If and when you get the chance to visit western Canada with your cameras, I guarantee you will have more bear stories to tell.
      Thanks, and I hope you’ve had a great weekend!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. From the surf to the surfers, I really like the ghostly effects of your photos and narrative! Through it all comes the clarity of “blobs” as seen in bear and Scout. Another fun tour from the spectral Pacific coast!


    1. Thanks, Walt, it is always a pleasure to share these little stories. We’ve had a couple more spectral beach days, and now wouldn’t mind if the sun gets the chance to break through.
      I hope the weather has been just what you needed to enjoy your neck of the woods this weekend!


  4. Enjoyed the spooky ambiance and loved the brooding atmosphere and ghostly figures! I’m not sure if I’m more afraid of the bear on the beach, surf ghosts or the fact that it looks like Scout could dig her way to the southern hemisphere. I probably would choose wandering around the beach with a bear in the vicinity over surfing, but wish I had tried it at some point along the way. What a contrast between the blue skies above Scout and the bear and the other beautiful scenes and I”m always amazed how normal it sounds that you guys wander around with the bears. I have a turkey that has taken up residence in my backyard and I still haven’t been able to adjust to that. Enjoy your weekend!


    1. Well, I hope the turkey moves on before Thanksgiving…and they are big birds when you’re up close, so I can see that’d take some getting used to! Now that Scout is digging bear traps, we feel much safer on the beaches – it would take a bear hours to clamber out of one of her sand pits…
      Thank you, and I hope you’ve had a not too sweltering weekend!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Very moody pics. They certainly look like they’re in a haunted surf. Brave if you ask me! As for that bear bear the info centre, perhaps he was there to give directions. 😬 Great visual post.


  6. So it is fog…here it is smoke from the BC fires. Even though you did not see or photograph a bear I like the inclusion of the species in the story. I like the photos of the ghost surfers, too. Lovely hazy shots.


    1. Thanks, Jane! Yes, fog in these photos, although the past few days, it has been very hazy due to smoke from the BC wild fires. Hoping for some rain to help that situation, it seems very bad once again across the west.
      Annoyingly, when we saw the bear, I only had my phone with me, resulting in the blob picture posted. It was a thrill to see him, and the distance was just fine!
      Hope your week is going well, and the weather clears the air there.


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