Small town daze

Not quite right, should be small town days.

We’ve been enjoying our time in Ucluelet, and were excited to be here for Ukee Days, a celebration of community in this little corner of the west coast. The weekend kicked off properly with a parade, and excitement was in the air. Especially from the young children who had experienced a parade here before. They knew each parade participant would be handing out candy to the young ones lining the route.

It was a noisy and colourful affair, and likely the only time we’ll see a muscle car behind a police vehicle get away with burning rubber on main street…IMG_20180728_105335

Parks Canada, Inland Search and Rescue, local mum and toddler groups, the Wild Pacific Trail Society, Ucluelet Aquarium, various local stores, some fire trucks, police ATVs, an ambulance and other participants made a fine spectacle.IMG_20180728_104431

We’d planned to meet friends from Canmore arriving to camp nearby for the week at the evening show. Unfortunately, they missed a ferry and ended up getting to their campsite just as it was dark. They were rather tired from waiting three hours for the next boat, a two hour crossing with a seasick dog, and then a longish drive across island with a puking dog on the latter winding stages, and two teenage boys getting greener each time Fido threw up. They missed the evening music and beer.

Tuff session

It was a good line up, particularly the headline set by Band of Rascals – guitars, drums, a bass, and a lead singer giving it all, with the volume turned up to 11. As it should be. When the light faded, and the fog rolled in, the proceedings were perfumed – heavily – by a sizeable chunk of the audience figuring they’d get away with breaking the no smoking policy under cover of darkness. Weed was in the air. Certainly added something to the atmosphere, a little extra haze and daze. We were happy enough with the Tofino Session ale from the beer garden. Quite enjoyed being carded too – I think I look as though I might still be in high school…

Turned up to 11

We did catch up with our friends in the following days, and they slowly began to unwind and relax into Ukee time. They surfed a bit, hiked a bit, ate good food and drank good beer a bit, and loved having a beach bonfire each night right in front of their campsite.IMG_20180801_185630

They weren’t quite as excited about the bear that had gotten into a nearby tent early one morning (to scavenge for candy a child had left in a sleeping bag) coming back when they were out and tearing a hole in the side of their tent. Sadly, the bear may have to be put down. Doesn’t seem remotely fair to the bear when it is only trying to be a bear…

It takes time to find the time to wind down and follow island or small town pace of life. Once you do, the trick is to maintain it, try to hang on to it even if you have to move on. Small isn’t dull, and slowing down doesn’t hurt – put yourself in a small town daze!

Ukee evening summer haze

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!

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I am a would be outdoorsman - that is if I had more time, skills and knowledge. When I can, I love being outdoors, just camping, hiking, snowboarding, xc skiing, snowshoeing, paddling a canoe or trying something new. What I lack in ability, I make up for in enthusiasm and having a go. I'd never really survive for long out there in the wild, but I enjoy pretending I could if I had to...

20 thoughts on “Small town daze”

  1. That makes me very upset about the bear. I hope that you are not right, but I know that you probably are. I hate that animals have to be put down for being animals when so often it is us humans that are the problem. Other than that I’m glad you enjoyed your time and that your friends were able to set in and have a good time too.

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    1. I hear you – bears being bears in a wilderness area, and humans are lucky enough to share their space, so you think they’d try a little harder to minimize their impact…
      Hope you are having a good weekend!

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  2. Getting dazed and clarified at the UkeeFest sounds like a great way to tune into the slower but exciting pace of island/small town life. What an awesome locale! I’m sure the late-night beer and smoky haze beneath the awnings made for an interesting ambience for the music and frivolities. Way to have fun, Adam. Also glad your friends arrived safely and everyone’s stomach settled down okay. As for the inquisitive and hungry bear, I hope it’s found a safe harbor.


    1. Thanks, Walt! We’ve had a pleasant week, enjoyed the company of friends, and were sad to see them head back to Canmore. A large family party related to Mrs. PC is about to arrive, and it’ll be fun to see them explore this little town and parts around.
      Have to hope your good wishes for the bear finding safe harbour comes to pass. Not heard anything as yet, and when a bear is destroyed due to habituation, it is usually reported, so perhaps it has moved along…
      I hope you had a great weekend!


  3. Enjoyed the small town daze and loved the photo of the Ukee evening summer haze! One of my favorite parts of small town parades is watching the children scramble for candy and I love at the yearly classic car cruise when they yell “light ’em up” at all the drivers (fantastic shot of the muscle car). It sounds like the good times through the week made up for them missing the fun concert (great tune) and the rough trip over. The tent incident with the bear sounds scary and sad and I hope everyone stays safe. I enjoyed the small town pace of life vibe you captured and hope you’re enjoying more of the small town charm this weekend!


    1. Thank you! We have been enjoying Ucluelet and parts around, it seems a good fit. Enough small town events and activities, combined with great opportunities to explore the natural environment, makes for a pleasant summer. Like you know from your proximity to the lake, being near water never hurts!
      Enjoy the week ahead!

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  4. Tough news for the bear and sorry to hear about the rough journey for your friends. With a few downturns, there’s usually an upturn that follows. Settling down to campfires, a slow pace, good food, and the beautiful Ucluelet should put everyone in a better frame of mind.


    1. Thank you! Yes, once they had a chance to slow down and enjoy some of what the area has to offer, all was well. We haven’t heard anything about the bear, and in this case, no news is very much good news, and we are hoping it stays that way.
      Enjoy the week ahead, and wherever you are right now on your road trip!

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  5. I find small town gatherings quite fun, everyone is enthusiastic, the whole town gets involved in the parade and they have almost as many floats as in a larger city. Speaking of weed, I am curious how much stronger the smell in the air will be this year as the festival season kicks off. It is not supposed to be done but it is inevitable, and with legalization just around the corner… There is another kind of sigh when I think of bears and soap and candy. I too am sad for the bear , happy the family was away and wonder how terrifying it would be to have a bear push it’s way into the tent while you are trying to sleep. Otherwise, the small town or outdoors feel hits me fairly early after arrival, accompanied by a large sigh and a slowing of the heartbeat. Wonderful.


    1. Thanks, Jane! We are enjoying the small town pace, and Ucluelet is hard to beat for location – getting on the water or to a beach or forest is relatively quick, and there’s always wildlife to see. Ukee Days showed the community spirit of the town, and it was a fun weekend. As for the weed, not really a fan, and like you, I’m interested to see how and where it will be used. Each to their own, but not at the expense of health, safety, or enjoyment of non-users…
      I hope you’ve had a good weekend!

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  6. Sounds like you got wild and kicked up your heels. Good!! About the bear, I have spewed enough complaints about that same kind of situation around here. I guess I will side with the bears, I have a soft spot for them. Cheers!


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