Back to school!

A very short post this week, mostly because for the first time in a year I’m doing a proper job, and consequently feeling rather more tired than usual. I can take a nap at almost any given moment, work or not, but this week I’ve been dropping off (after work, not in work!) very easily. I close my eyes at the end of a chapter, and then wake with a start much later. A normal readjustment to employment, not old age…

The fog is lifting…

The last day of my shortlived attempt at early retirement was spent on Long Beach, a Labour Day Monday where the early morning grey of low cloud and fog – might as well get a job, summer is over – lifted, and the sun shone and skies were blue – should have tried harder at being retired.

…let’s go to the beach!

I’ll miss the lazy days, like the ones spent waiting for a plumber to come and fix my renovations, but I’m looking forward to being a bit more purposeful, and Mrs. PC is looking forward to seeing me head out the door, leaving her in peace to get on with her research. Apparently, we can always get someone in to complete any unfinished works. Are there any?

A lazy Labour Day

Why is the back to school week always warm and sunny? No matter where I’ve lived, or what age I am, it is always sunny in early September. The universe can sometimes be tough on those involved in education. Parents always seem happier than usual this time of year…

The early retirement ship has sailed

Anyway, I hope you have had a pleasant week, whether you’re back to school or not, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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18 thoughts on “Back to school!”

    1. Thanks, Jane! The new job has started well, and since Friday, we’ve had heavy rain almost nonstop – good for helping extinguish the wildfires.
      Hope you’re having an enjoyable weekend!


  1. An ankles-crossed, feet up, view of a deserted beach. An all-things-must-pass sentiment expressed perfectly at season’s end. You’ve had a great early retirement from the classroom but those kids were calling your name, weren’t they. Well, it’s back to work but, actually, your blog work from the fair Pacific was a pleasure, and we’ll look forward to more of that, too!


    1. Thanks, Walt! Yup, the summer season has passed here – heavy rain right now – but hopeful for some autumnal days ahead.
      The new post is a different calling, school and community based, helping indigenous youth stay connected to education. Something a little different, but still familiar, it’s an exciting opportunity and keeps us connected to the coast.
      Hope back to school has been smooth for you, and you’re having a great weekend!


  2. Aww I almost feel sorry for you and yet I hear a bit of joy, going back to work. Life is short so don’t extend that retirement too far out. My brother-in-law is still going at the age of 67. He retired from teaching high school English and then decided to go back to work though not in the field of education. He doesn’t like what he Is doing now so he has put in his resume for several jobs in education but no luck. I keep thinking, geez, retire, again… already! Haha, so easy to sit back and think one’s opinion. Such a long winded story! I am hoping that you are happy, that is all that matters, right? Love the photos by the way. Have a glorious weekend! 😊


    1. Thanks, Margaret! Your comment raised a smile, as they often do! Hope your brother-in-law finds the position he’s after…
      I guess it wasn’t really a retirement (!) but it was a healthy break, and I’m very happy to be working as an educator once again. That real retirement will be here soon enough, the way time flies!
      Hope your weekend is going well!


  3. Beautiful end of summer photos! I’m trying to transition from these peaceful images to the sound of a classroom of kids, but I’m sure the sound level is quieter than Gabby running around the house barking. I apologize for all my wishing summer was over complaints on my blog, but trust me the weather gods were not listening and did nothing to speed it along. They finally heard my prayers today with a wonderful 50 degree morning. I hope everyone is adjusting ok to the changes and I’m sure Scout is waiting at the door with her leash at your return. Any chance schools nowadays allow for a class mascot, because she would be a perfect choice. Good luck with the new position (I’m sure many days it will be much more enjoyable than some home repairs) and I hope the early retirement ship sails your way again. I hope you enjoyed your weekend and got plenty of rest!


    1. Thank you! Yes, work is definitely a more sensible option than home repairs for me…
      The new job is a school and community role, supporting indigenous youth in their education. A bit different to anything I’ve done before, and an exciting change.
      Scout has certainly seemed very pleased to greet me at the door, although not quite so enthusiastic on our recent wet days as we then head out for a late afternoon walk! It certainly has shifted from summer to a lot more like autumn the past few days!
      I hope the weather is cooperating, and the back yard gang are all getting along!

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  4. Lovely photos. Purpose is always good. I think it’s great that you have work, some days I really miss the distinction between home and working from home (ie freelance writing). Walking out the door gives you that. Enjoy PC and have a good week. 🙂


  5. Great to hear you’re back in school, PC, I think the world and its Canadian youth benefit from your teaching. Wishing you the best in this new school year, and you’re right, give it some time to get back in gear, it’s not easy. Cheers to you, my friend, and Mrs. PC too.


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