Farewell 2018…

…and welcome, 2019!

It’s the time of year when some people enjoy looking back, taking stock, and then they peer forward into the unknown. Or as far as next year, anyway.


I enjoy reading the “best of” and “worst of” lists that come out this time of year, but don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a compilation of PlaidCamper almost hits and many misses. All I’ll say is, for us personally this year, the worst thing was when Scout disappeared, and yes, the best was when she came back. I know, you’ve got something in your eye as well.

“Me? Cause a problem? As if…”

I don’t make resolutions, mostly because I’m bound to break them if it’s beer or chocolate related (why would I want to change those habits?) So long as I can still haul the OldPlaidCamper bones up slopes, along beaches, and over rocky outcrops, then the almost remarkable and resolute physique is just fine. Almost fit for purpose. Chocolate is an adventure fuel… and beer an excellent end of day reward. Oh alright, I resolve to maintain my consumption of both. Not every day though, not now I have school nights.


I’ll keep the post brief this week. I do want to say thank you for reading and commenting on here over the past year, either enjoying or enduring our photos and words. I’ve enjoyed writing each and every post, even (especially) the ones where I’m having a mild rant about this or that. It’s always a delight when you choose to read and comment, and it’s reassuring we’re not alone when concerns are shared.

Looking ahead

The world has taken a few strange, unpleasant, and wayward turns (I suspect every year some of us say the same) but the people sharing this little corner of the internet remind me that it’s never quite as bad as it seems. Your blogs are humorous, full of wise words, displaying amazing photographs and/or challenging ideas – they can cheer a sometimes miserabilist up – thank you for that!

Looking ahead, I like to think the world will see a happier and kinder year than the one we’re saying farewell to. Young (and not so young) people care about the planet, and care about each other. I believe most of us can see our differences (by race, gender, sexuality or other) as contributing to a wonderful and exciting diversity worth celebrating, and not marginalizing or discriminating against.30A55BF7-3104-4343-9941-72421587796C

So, in the spirit of hope and optimism, I’ll say “Happy New Year” to all, and I wish the coming twelve months are full of outdoor excitement and good health for all of you.

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!

Farewell 2018

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I am a would be outdoorsman - that is if I had more time, skills and knowledge. When I can, I love being outdoors, just camping, hiking, snowboarding, xc skiing, snowshoeing, paddling a canoe or trying something new. What I lack in ability, I make up for in enthusiasm and having a go. I'd never really survive for long out there in the wild, but I enjoy pretending I could if I had to...

13 thoughts on “Farewell 2018…”

  1. Thanks for another wonderful year of OldPlaidCamper. Your words and photos have been inspirational, in this post and in posts gone by. Keep at it, friend. May the chocolate, beer, good health, good students, and Scoutish antics keep you fueled and happy in ’19.


    1. Thanks, Walt! Happy New Year to you – I hope the rivers run in all the right ways for you, and I believe we can look forward to your new book in the coming year? Life is good…


  2. Enjoyed the farewell and optimistic welcome to 2019!! It’s so wonderful to see Scout back where she belongs and to read that there is no need to ever think about giving up chocolate. The “Cause A Problem?” photo definitely made me smile and whenever I look at her photos now I wonder what she did on her adventure. I love the end of year “best of” and “worst of” lists and would have liked to see your lists. I have been busy adding books to my wanting to read list and tv series and movies to my watchlist. I was going to do a post on my favorites of the year, but then when I began reading all the lists I discovered I was out of sync with society again this year. I had no idea who half the musicians or songs were on the music lists and The Ballad of Buster Scruggs was mentioned by you and many as a favorite of the year and I would have loved the movie if the Buster Scruggs character had sang and fought his way through all the tales. Then I discover after enjoying Venom starring a favorite, Tom Hardy, that it was on many “worst of” lists. I’m now afraid to see what list The Meg starring another favorite, Jason Statham, ended up on after I enjoyed that movie recently. Love the photos, your optimistic vision for the future and the younger generation and every week I look forward to your beautiful photos, occasional rants and entertaining adventures. So glad you are beginning the new year with Scout back at your side and hope it is a wonderful year!!

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    1. Thank you! We do wonder what Scout got up to in her week away – she had a couple of small scratches, but these were probably from undergrowth rather than her mixing it with wild things. She certainly didn’t eat much, although she’s been enthusiastically making up for any missed meals since then.
      I’ve been thinking about “best of” and “worst of” since you left this message. I’ve been reading the C.J. Box Joe Pickett Wyoming series, my second attempt after starting and putting one down a few years back. I’ve enjoyed them enough to keep putting the next and then the next on hold from the library each time I finish one. I read a stand alone novel, Blue Heaven, same author, and enjoyed that one.
      Movies? Buster Scruggs has been my favourite, but maybe because I haven’t seen The Meg yet. Jason Statham movies almost always entertain – his remake of The Mechanic was underrated (I think, and I liked the original Charles Bronson from years back!) and any of his “one man against any number of faceless criminal types” are always great fun. Does he punch the shark?!
      Haven’t seen Venom, but it’s got Tom Hardy so must be ok. Have you watched Peaky Blinders? Hardy has a recurring cameo in a couple of the later seasons, and he’s excellent (in an excellent series if you can understand the Brummie accents – put that in a TV “best of” for this year, I think the latest season was 2018…)
      I’m looking forward to more canine fashion tips from Gabby, not that Scout is likely to follow suit, and more of your lakeside and backyard photographic humour, weather permitting.
      Happy New Year!

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      1. My watchlist is as out of control as my photo library, but Peaky Blinders is on it and now that I know Tom Hardy makes an appearance I will have to move the series up the list. After recently watching the great espionage thriller, Killing Eve, with fantastic performances by Jodie Comer and Kim Bodnia, that was on many “best of” lists, I’ve now started watching their other series beginning with him in the Scandinavian series The Bridge and her in Doctor Foster. So many fantastic Jason Statham movies (The Mechanic, Spy, The Expendables, Transporter, Fast & Furious) which I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve watched and The Meg will be joining them. I checked out the book series and between your recommendation and one by Lee Child on the cover of his upcoming release, I’ll have time to add another series now that my college football season is over after Notre Dame’s awful loss.


  3. Here’s to a bright 2019, PC, looking forward to many more posts from the beautiful Pacific coast. Here’s to much more beer and chocolate, and hopefully Scout doesn’t give you a scare like her recent (mis) adventure!


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