Salmon and sunshine

We’ve been lucky enough to have had a lengthy spell of autumn sunshine, and not only in the week but through last weekend too!


Sunny ways and sunny days to enjoy, from dawn to dusk, so we had to go to the beach. Shirtsleeve order in late October, and let’s not tell Mrs. PC – she’s currently working and loving the early winter in Alberta, snow and all. Scout and I send her photographs from the coast, and I think that helps…


Last Monday evening I went with a small group of youth to a local salmon hatchery. What a trip! We witnessed nature red in tooth and claw (the claws were on the hind paws of a hopeful bear we saw disappearing into the undergrowth) as the young people assisted in removing eggs and fertilizing them. These were sights I’ve never seen before, and in part it is a bloody spectacle, but one conducted with great care and respect by the hatchery staff. As ever, students were rapt, and getting a hands on education about salmon as a keystone species. It must be said, we all washed hands thoroughly after, and after that as well.

I’ll leave it there for this week, a brief post celebrating some local positives. Salmon and sunshine!

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!

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8 thoughts on “Salmon and sunshine”

  1. Wonderful to see your comment section working again, I would hate to miss a week of the beautiful scenery, telling Scout how wonderful she looks on the beach and, of course, complaining a little bit about sports (disappointed to read about England’s Rugby World Cup loss)! I was grumbling during the Spurs/Everton halftime about the lackluster effort by both teams (and Kane missing again) and then everything changed in the second half between the VAR reviews and the horrible Andre Gomes injury. The match ended up being more about two teams drifting and the injury than the tie. Loved the Dusk and Scout Helping photos and thanks for sharing the hatchery trip and sunshine, we briefly had a little sunshine between the rain and sleet!


    1. Thank you! Yes, the Spurs/Everton game was pretty poor, and the injury awful. Neither team looked like winning, and the VAR decisions were mostly wrong. At least Spurs aren’t flirting with relegation!
      Sunshine and fog this weekend, and the forecast is predicting very wet by next weekend.
      I hope you get snow (or sun) rather than rain/sleet!

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