Moon over water

A brief piece featuring a wolf (sort of – it’s less exciting than you might think), the moon, a beer, and me being a morning person (sort of).

If you believe that last part, then you’re one of the lucky many and haven’t had the pleasure of my company in the morning. I really am a little ray of early morning sunshine. You could ask Mrs. PC, only she’s not here right now because she’s teaching in the province next door (somewhere snowy) so I’ve a week or two to work on my cheerful morning demeanour and become even more sunny. I doubt that’s even possible.

Fortunately, Scout is a morning person, fairly forgiving and not too chatty. All is well in her morning world provided we are out, or about to go out.

Not the grumpy heron

We’ve been enjoying many quiet, clear and cold morning walks, the only company being the grumpy heron on a few occasions, and once, a possible wolf. Possible?

Scout got quite growly on Tuesday morning as we passed the Eagle’s Nest. The previous day she’d been agitated through the gloom at what turned out to be a traffic cone in the middle of the road, so I assumed the same, but this time there was no cone. On we walked.

Almost clear, quite cold

On our return and just beyond the invisible traffic cone, Scout growled again as a car drove by. She wasn’t growling at the car, but at the wolf-like creature slinking along the front of a wooden fence to our right, a dark shadow disappearing into darker shadows down by the shore. It happened so quickly, and I was so startled, that I can’t be completely sure it was a wolf. But I think it was.

We changed up our route the following morning. I can’t handle being startled by a grumpy heron and a slinking wolf at that time of day. Too, too much. It turns out I’m also not an early morning wolf person – even though I love the idea I might have seen one!

Moon over water

Moon over water? An early morning photograph I took a week back that happened, quite unintentionally – I’m not that attentive – to feature a small waning crescent moon. I wasn’t aiming for it, and it wasn’t the usual blur. Moon over water! Not the wolf moon, though. Perhaps I saw a large and shy dog? It’s tricky out there, when you’re stumbling through last dark and heading into first light.

Four eagles?

Beer stuff now. Moon over water and moon underwater? Go on then. I enjoyed the above beer last weekend, and it reminded me about the photo with the moon. I liked the beer well enough, but maybe not over the moon enjoyed. A California IPA (brewed in Victoria?!) is probably best in warmer seasons. Still, tranquility is a lovely name, the can art made me smile, and a West Coast IPA is rarely a bad idea – let’s say almost four eagles!

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!

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I am a would be outdoorsman - that is if I had more time, skills and knowledge. When I can, I love being outdoors, just camping, hiking, snowboarding, xc skiing, snowshoeing, paddling a canoe or trying something new. What I lack in ability, I make up for in enthusiasm and having a go. I'd never really survive for long out there in the wild, but I enjoy pretending I could if I had to...

14 thoughts on “Moon over water”

  1. Pretty early morning light and crescent moon. I went to a gym workout early one morning. Once. I was impressed by how perky they were but found all that energy a bit “much” to handle that early. Although I do enjoy the quiet of a sunrise I don’t see it that often-one of the reasons that makes it so special.


    1. Thanks, Jane! It’s always nice to catch a sunrise – I don’t think I could handle a gym workout in the early morning! Or any time, really…
      I hope your week has started well.


  2. Nice photos, sounds like a tasty beer. I would be thrilled to get a photo of a wolf but not thrilled to come across one out walking. I am having a good weekend thanks and same to you.


  3. Fabulous photos and loved the first photo and the shots of the Moon Over Water and Moon Underwater! I would definitely order that one just for the fantastic can art/name and try a sip or two before ordering my cider! May need to have some on hand for Mourinho’s first game against Man Utd on Wednesday and you may need a case for Everton/Liverpool! It’s wonderful that Scout is turning you into a morning person, but not an early morning wolf person. We had a coyote go after one of the dogs in the neighborhood this week and thankfully the owner was able to scare it away before it attacked, but now every time I take Harper out I’m constantly on the lookout and paranoid about every rustling in the woods. I’ve realized I’m not a very good lookout when I failed to notice three deer standing twenty feet away when we first went out the other day. Hope Scout enjoys her morning walks this week with only a few grumpy characters and no wolves!


    1. Thank you! A case might not be enough to console me on Wednesday. I can’t believe Silva is still there, but I think it is because no other manager wants the job!
      Coyotes are tough customers. Don’t have them out here, but back in Calgary they are a fairly common sight and sound, and not remotely afraid. Definitely need to be wary when out with Harper – she’s getting feisty, but maybe a coyote is a step or ten up from a squirrel!
      Enjoy the Wednesday games – I’ll be avoiding checking the results until I get back from work, that way I won’t be miserable at school…

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  4. You really set the dawn mood well in this post, pc, and I enjoyed it a lot. I am a true morning person, but married to a non-morning person, so I enjoyed the true spirit of a non-morning person in the early morning, seeing but not quite noticing all that is going on. Photos were fantastic. Wonderful post.


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