Flights of fancy

I was going to call this one “Taking Flight” but Walt over at Rivertop Rambles got there first earlier this week. Do go over and read his blog, and if your reading tastes run to fine writing on matters outdoors, I can highly recommend any of his books – he’s just published a new one…

Back to not taking flight, and flights of fancy. The new brewery in Ucluelet opened a couple of weeks ago, and we were delighted to pop in and sample the beer, see if the extended (and extended) wait was worth it.

Wings over water…

Of course it was! The converted and repurposed church premises are lovely looking, inside and out. Pale walls and big beams up to a vaulted ceiling, all just right in a small temple dedicated to hops. It’s an intimate space, and it was great they resisted the temptation to squeeze in too many tables and chairs. You’ve got elbow room, space to hoist a glass without jolting your neighbours and new beery best friends.

We were all beaming

Yeah, yeah, thanks for the architecture and interior design reports – what about the beer?

Ucluelet Brewing Company – hop stuff!

I’m very happy to say the beer is good! We had a flight of four, ranging from light to dark, and each was perfectly drinkable. A Kolsch style, a Belgian wit style, an IPA, and a porter. Of the four, the Kolsch and IPA were particularly good, the Tragically Wit (yup, they did) was fine but not my favourite style unless brewed in Belgium (yes, I’m a beer princess, guilty as charged) and the porter seemed closer to a nut brown than a true dark beer along the lines of Fuller’s London Porter. Given that London Porter might be my all time favourite and the one I’d pick if I could only drink one for the rest of eternity, the porter at Ukee Brewing had no chance. The St. Aiden’s Porter was Mrs PC’s favourite, just ahead of the South Swell IPA for her. I fancy that a pint of the Seventh Day Kolsch will be very enjoyable after a warm and sunny day of hiking/paddling, particularly if you’ve snagged an outdoor seat overlooking the bay.

Obviously, to make sure our recollections are clear and correct, we’ll have to go back at least once (!) more, to be absolutely certain this report is accurate. There’s so much fake news out there these days, it’s important I get the facts right. Discipline and dedication. Thanks for your concern I might be putting too much time into the research, but surely someone has to win a Pulitzer for beer reporting?

A flight of fancy…beer

Cheers all, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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15 thoughts on “Flights of fancy”

  1. Sorry for beating you to the title punch for this one, Adam, but it’s great to see that you’ve taken flight with samplers at the new brewery & enjoyed the place & its varied flavors. So good to see the craft beer breweries popping up all over, especially when they’re close to home. So, keep flying with the brew reviews– there could be a Pulitzer at the landing!


  2. Loved the harbor plane and happy to hear the brewery is finally open and, from what I read, that they have a regular customer already (wonderful building, interior and location)! Also, enjoyed that your lively review was so entertaining that I had to google a few of the beer terms and laugh at your dedicated research at the “temple dedicated to hops!!” I think you need a second beer blog for your future Pulitzer and “beery” fans! In fact, you may need to buy that boat for your writing room so you can be closer to your research source!!


    1. Thank you! I fear I might do more research than writing if I took to beer blogging…
      Hmm, the Tromso as writing room? That’s a new angle, so I’ll have to run it past Mrs. PC. I think I know the answer!

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  3. This post was great fun, PC…or shall I call you Beer Princess? I’m so glad your discipline and dedication paid off in this visit to the new brewery. A great visit, thank you.


  4. The Tragically Wit – that’s great! The first thing to pop into my mind is some repurposed Bobcaygeon lyrics: “Could have been the Willie Nelson, could have been the hoppy vine.” Apologies to the late, great Gord Downey.


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