I’ve a cheerful face, with movie star good looks best suited to radio. When I stand on my head, I appear to be smiling. Appearances can be deceptive, as I’m actually quite a happy soul, a glass half full person, especially when my glass is half full. Keep me away from the daily political and environmental news, and you’ll see a happy chappy.

Glass half full – this was an excellent IPA!

Having said all that, like many of us, I’ve had days when the current crisis has dented a positive outlook. How couldn’t it? What a time we’re all going through. Initially, there were aspects of stay at home social distancing that were quite welcome for this introvert. I didn’t mind the extra quiet that befell the city, especially at the start of the shutdown. Reduced traffic and hushed streets were rather enjoyable. Vehicle use is picking up again now, noticeably so, and I’m looking forward to when we’ll be able to return to the less noisy coast. It’ll happen.


The city is brightening up, greenery more abundant, and the first blossom starting to show. Scout and I stood under a tree the other morning, sheltering from the rain and breathing in the fresh fragrance. Heady stuff, and we’d have stood there longer, but people were starting to stare…

Staying dry

We’ve missed being able to hang out with mates, so when we were invited by mountain friends to go have a physically distant beer on their deck, we jumped at the chance. Calculating we’d all been in isolation (aside from a weekly supermarket run) for over two months, and hadn’t had any significant interaction with anyone outside of our respective households, we rolled the dice and said let’s meet.


The weather didn’t cooperate, with intermittent rain and low cloud cover obscuring the mountains. Never mind, and it was coffee rather than beer, sheltering under the deck instead of up on top.

It was so good to catch up, to sit (together but apart) and chew the fat, make plans for a camping trip to be taken… well, who knows? But it’ll happen.

It’ll happen

The best part of the day wasn’t for the humans, it was for the dogs. Our friends have taken in a rescue pup, a delightful little dog called Ponyo. Part husky, part beagle, all fun, Ponyo and Scout had a wild time. They wrestled and rolled in the backyard, ran and ran in the dog park, then wrestled and rolled some more. We’ve never seen Scout so tired!

Wrestle and roll

All in all, we aim to remain positive, maintain an upbeat outlook, make plans for the summer and beyond, and keep our glasses half full. And beyond.


Thanks for reading, stay safe and well, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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I am a would be outdoorsman - that is if I had more time, skills and knowledge. When I can, I love being outdoors, just camping, hiking, snowboarding, xc skiing, snowshoeing, paddling a canoe or trying something new. What I lack in ability, I make up for in enthusiasm and having a go. I'd never really survive for long out there in the wild, but I enjoy pretending I could if I had to...

16 thoughts on “Upbeat”

  1. An excellent way to keep that half-glass full of nectars like the House Call! That should map your route back to the coast with sanity & colorful blossoms. Attitude adjustment brings a “dogs’ life” all around. Thanks for another good one, Adam!


    1. Thanks, Walt! We’re mostly keeping a positive attitude, helped along by what we hope is a return to the coast in short(ish) order. While we wait, there are the beers and blossoms! And Scout’s happy ways, of course!


  2. I am happy that you posted a photo of Ponyo because my face was screwed up as I pondered what that breed mix would look like. Happy for you that you got your visit in with friends and the blossoms are beautiful. Yah, I am so weary of all this isolation. I am craving parks and wilderness. which I may get to do this weekend with a friend, keeping our distance, of course! If I could only find my raincoat!


    1. Thanks, Jane! I hope you got out to some wilderness with your friend – a change of scene can be a real boost given the ongoing situation.
      Ponyo is a lovely pup, energetic and friendly, as well as distinctive!


  3. I thought my pessimist attitude might struggle through a post titled “Upbeat” and a humorous pessimist rant could ensue at reading “Happy Chappy,” (think you found the name of your new beer blog), but reading about the beautiful flowers, Scout’s playdate, coffee with friends and having a day of sports today has tipped the pessimist scales slightly toward your glass half full world. Although, with Harper’s current issues my glass may stay quite full since nobody seems to believe that adding an emotional support dog (or any dog) to the home would help Harper! Began the day watching old Premier League matches and, while I would prefer hockey playoffs and baseball, I’m looking forward to an afternoon of watching golf and a NASCAR race (which means no 1930s westerns on the TV)!!! Our stay-at-home order has been extended until June 12th, but each week they are easing restrictions throughout the state. Many states have already opened campgrounds and I hope you guys are able to plan your first summer social distancing camping trip with your mates and I’m sure Ponyo and Scout would love to play by the beach. Wonderful shot of the rainbow and enjoy the week Happy Chappy!!


    1. Haha, an emotional support dog for the emotional dog. Could get tricky!
      I think my pessimism is worse in the mornings, as I fail to resist the siren call of reading the news. When will I learn? Then Scout does her cheer everyone up routine on the morning walk, and all is mostly well.
      Hmm, 1930s Westerns or NASCAR? Choosing the lesser of two evils there isn’t easy… I read some bizarre sounding plans for a hockey restart and finish for the season, with the Stanley Cup included. It didn’t have the Flames winning as part of the plan, so must have been fake news.
      If I started the Happy Chappy beer blog, I wouldn’t have time to return to work. Beer or work? Hmm…
      I hope Harper is stable, the ceiling fans aren’t haunted, and the glass is half full or better!

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  4. You do sound up beat. I too have enjoyed the less rush of noise and traffic. Now that NB is opened up, I find traffic a bit overwhelming.I can hear in your voice that Scout seemed to have grand time with the pup. Take care friend


    1. Thanks, Kelly! Apologies for the very late response. In my defence I’ve got…nothing. Can’t even pretend I’ve been busy at work. That’s changing, at last, as we’ve got back to the coast and a return to (physically distant?) work is imminent. Looking forward to it, and enjoying the relative quiet of the coast after the shutdown city.
      I hope all is well with you!


      1. Yes I have settled in to working from home but we will be going back to traing on base soon, and I believe I’ve gotten a bit lazy…or relaxed it kind of nice. Sleeping in till 8 am..take care as always stay healthy

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  5. Nice post PC. Keep that glass half full, the dogs certainly help with that don’t they! And I hope you get to go camping soon too. Take care. 🙂


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