Backwater? Used here positively – as in isolated and peaceful locations, not places that could be perceived as backward, societally. With my usually vibrant social life much reduced (although I have enjoyed Zoom beers with friends where we compare hair loss and beard growth – anyone else doing this?) I do what many others have been, listening to music, the oldies but goodies from my youth. Yeah, ok, PC, but Backwater?

Scout and I have enjoyed sunnier and warmer early morning walks this week, inhaling the soon to be past it blossom scent up and down quiet side streets in our neighbourhood. When we cross some of the busier roads, we’re struck by how noisy it is. Starting to pine for the coastal backwaters…

Sunnier and warmer paths!

Backwaters again? Are you going somewhere with this? Yes! It leads us to the two tracks I’ve (over) played the most this week. “Backwater” and “Just Take Me” always put a smile on my face. The percussive stomping and forward motion of these two tracks are irresistible, and make for a fine opening to the 1974 Status Quo album, “Quo” – if only the previous album was called “Status”…

Here is a video of the boys (um, boys?) in the band playing these two tracks several decades later. If you have the time to watch it, I guarantee you’ll be smiling, and maybe even tapping a toe. So much to enjoy here. My parents telling me to turn that bloody racket down. Francis Rossi’s hairline. Alan Lancaster’s moustache and hair. John Coughlan’s drumming. Rick Parfitt fully embracing being a rock star, and the sadness he is no longer with us. All best appreciated with the volume up and Mrs PC out of the room.

We took a drive south of the city last Sunday afternoon, in its own way a trip down memory lane. Not because we lived in southern Alberta back in the 1970s, but because in those days, at least as far as I remember, “taking the car out” on a Sunday afternoon was what families did. I have hoppy memories of sitting in a sunny London pub beer garden, flapping away wasps from sticky tables, drinking warm lemonade and watching my uncle sink a pint or two of Worthington E. Sneaking a sip, I liked the smell, but not the taste, of Worthington E back then. How times have changed.

Sunday, somewhere in southern Alberta

Last Sunday, we didn’t find a pub with a wasp infested beer garden – oh, if only – but we saw cattle, clouds and those lovely metal bridges with wooden decks. Yes, we’re missing the coastal backwaters, but I like the Albertan backwaters too, a chance to be out of the city and under big skies.

Would you believe, I don’t have a photograph of a pint of Worthington E? We have enjoyed a glass or two of the following, and it was just right after taking the car out on a sunny day:

It’s no Worthington E, but I bet my uncle would like it

And on that golden note, I’ll leave it for this week. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!

PS The third track on “Quo” is “Break the Rules” – I’m looking at you, Dominic Cummings. I know, I shouldn’t have…

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I am a would be outdoorsman - that is if I had more time, skills and knowledge. When I can, I love being outdoors, just camping, hiking, snowboarding, xc skiing, snowshoeing, paddling a canoe or trying something new. What I lack in ability, I make up for in enthusiasm and having a go. I'd never really survive for long out there in the wild, but I enjoy pretending I could if I had to...

9 thoughts on “Backwater”

  1. For those of us who’ve enjoyed a pleasant youth, the backwaters of time employ us like the Quo’s “Matchstick Men” (alright, I don’t know much about their usual work), imbibing the poetry of Worthington E, etc., and then there’s the backwaters of place. Gotta love ’em! From the redolent blossoms of backstreet Alberta to the up & coming quieter shores of the Pacific… Really nice, Adam. Thanks for the report!


    1. Thanks, Walt! I enjoy going with the Quo musical flow – pretty undemanding and very reliable, even in their psychedelic phase. If there isn’t a poet named Worthington E, perhaps there should be?!
      American carnage? Very worried for our southern neighbours. My goodness, the fool is spectacularly ill equipped for high office…
      I hope you’re safe and well!


    1. They were a big deal in UK and parts of Europe, but never really broke through in Canada or US. I like their straightforward no nonsense early stuff, 1975 and before, then they became a regular chart fixture after that, and kept playing to full houses for decades. Saw them live in 1982, loud and great fun.
      Yes, over the weekend here it was like there isn’t a shutdown. Time to move back to the coast. Started packing today!
      Stay safe and well!


  2. The blossoms are beautiful. I thought of Creedance first of all, then Doobie Brothers. Oops. that song is “Black water.” Oh never mind. I don’t remember Status Quo. Good to see they are still doing what they love.


    1. Thanks, Jane! The blossoms are fading now, but were a welcome sight. Status Quo never found much success outside UK and parts of Europe. They were fun to see playing live.
      Stormy again in Calgary today – I like it just after it stops raining and there’s some cool air.
      Hope all is well with you!


  3. Loved the beautiful path Scout gets to enjoy every morning, the clouds somewhere over Alberta and the great guitar player Rossi!!! Now, your beer choice of the week, What The Huck, definitely applies to these unbelievable days were living in, but my Triple Jam (Blackberry, Strawberry, & Raspberry) Hard Cider I enjoyed today would be an excellent choice for a few Status Quo tunes. Still love early Sunday morning drives and there were a few great classics out on the road this morning. Thanks for sharing the great video and I just don’t understand why everyone can’t appreciate tunes played at the right volume. Enjoy the week and when can you begin the return to the coast countdown?!


    1. I can’t read the news without saying “what the huck?!” each time. Just as you think things can’t get any worse… and the response from the WH? Unbelievable. Or is it, really? I might start drinking Triple Jam Hard Cider – with breakfast.
      A few shiny classic cars have started to appear here, love seeing them. Getting excited about our upcoming return to the coast road trip, especially as we pass through Tappen where Rust Valley Restorers is filmed. Mrs PC isn’t convinced that we need a scheduled rest stop at Rust Bros. And I can’t find the cheque book…
      There’ll be a couple of Quo tracks on the road trip playlist, and we hit play and start the trip this coming Saturday, all being well.
      Stay safe, and I hope there’s some lake space for you out on the water!

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