Sand and stone

Smoke and fog. Tree and bone. A happy dog. This is why I don’t write poetry. I couldn’t think of a title this week, or at least, I struggled to pick from these. I know, they’re all winners…

Smoke and fog, tree and log, sand and stone, that’s not a bone. And this still isn’t a poem…

What a week that was. The smoky skies gave way to wind and rain, and the fresher air was most welcome. I really, really hope there’s some weather help and rainy relief for those in need further south. I’ve been up and down, mood wise, all week. How not to be despondent if you pay even scant attention to global concerns? Answers on a postcard, or leave a comment below, if you’re so inclined. I guess it’s not all bad.

Maybe just sail away? I liked this one.

On the upside? Out here on the coast, there has been a noticeable drop in visitor numbers, enough that we ventured out to a couple of small beaches within walking distance, hoping they’d be quiet. The smoke/fog/rain appeared to have kept folks indoors. We weren’t out for too long ourselves, given the harsh taste in the air, but it was pleasant to sit at a couple of favourite places and enjoy the quiet.

A favourite small beach, our first visit here in over 6 months. Scout’s eye view.

More upside – slightly qualified? School is in, the new Premier League football season is underway, and a hockey season full of promise (unlike the current one, where the Flames sputtered. Again. Sigh…) is just around a distant corner. Welcome brief distractions from the noise and nonsense. If we’re all going to that hot place in a hand basket, then I’m going to jolly well enjoy what I can in between the bouts of worry and concern. Yes, we might be running out of time to save what’s left worth saving, and I’ll play my tiny part in slowing down the likely planetary demise, but I will also appreciate the sand and stone, mist, rain, fog, and enjoy the company of a happy dog. Otherwise, the ignorant, money grabbing hoarders and wreckers have already won. I mean, they haven’t won outright yet, have they? Hmm…

A happy dog! She supports Everton, and she’s still happy. Strange, that.

Well, there you have it for this week. Ups and downs, and some stuff in between. Like most people, I should think. I hope you’re well, staying safe, and not feeling too despondent.

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!

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I am a would be outdoorsman - that is if I had more time, skills and knowledge. When I can, I love being outdoors, just camping, hiking, snowboarding, xc skiing, snowshoeing, paddling a canoe or trying something new. What I lack in ability, I make up for in enthusiasm and having a go. I'd never really survive for long out there in the wild, but I enjoy pretending I could if I had to...

12 thoughts on “Sand and stone”

  1. Wonderful to be surrounded by cool air and fog here, PC, and your poetry gave me a smile. All your photos are delightful, and I espec. liked the docked boat in the very still water. Just keep embracing the people and things that give you peace, my friend.


  2. I’m in Michigan and the past few days have been hazy from the smoke of the western fires. Tragic does not do justice to describe that situation of other worldly threats and concerns. Your dog though seems quite content and happy. I don’t own a dog – but I got to think that is a ‘pick-me-up’ (at least a little)? In the first picture, is that a tree trunk? Couple of interesting shots indeed. UB (interesting is my way of saying – nice shots!)


    1. Thank you! Yes, it is a washed up log – I can get a little fanciful, imagining whale bones and the like. We got close up and personal with a whale carcass a few months ago. Quite the sight, and as for the smell, well, I prefer logs!
      Having a dog around pretty much guarantees you don’t stay blue for long. Scout’s take on the world is one of excitement every time we go out, no matter if it is the first or fifty-first time we visit a place.
      I hope your skies have cleared, and some of the worldly concerns clear somewhat for you come November. Can only hope…


  3. You may not be writing poetry, per se, but you’ve got most of its elements in place– smoke & fog & tree & bone & happy Scout’s-eye views– not to mention the autumnal gloom brought on by all the madmen of the world. Write on, my friend, and may your favorite teams bring victory & joy this season!


    1. Thanks, Walt. I think I’ll leave the written elements of poetry to poets like yourself – you’ve got good form for the form – and I’ll stick with enjoying the natural elements! The autumnal gloom got me down, but if I reduce my news consumption and up the hiking and whatnot, I’ll enjoy a decent fall, and hope a few of the madmen get shown the door early November…
      I hope all is well with you!


  4. What a weekend, Everton at the top of the League Table and Kane setting a Premier League assist record with a win!! Love the sailboat and after a Sunday drive seeing endless Trump signs everywhere, life on the water without access to the news sounds great about now. It’s very difficult to accept what is happening and not have it affect my daily mood (or cause daily rants), but like you I’m trying to find things to enjoy and appreciate. The latest obsession is watching Ewan McGregor and listening to his wonderful Scottish accent as he travels around the world on a motorcycle with his mate. The latest adventure (Long Way Up) has them traveling on Harley-Davidson electric motorcycles and I’m already waiting for the next episode. Love the scenery and it’s been interesting to see how they are handling the new experience of electric motorcycles and trucks. I’m glad you were able to visit some favorite places again and hope the air quality has improved and the crowds stay away. Scout looks wonderful on the beach and an Everton scarf would make her even happier. Take care and keep working on that poetry!!


    1. What a weekend, indeed – at least the sport was good! If I had to drive past endless lawn signs, I’d end up being arrested for swinging a baseball bat out of a moving vehicle. I’m sure there’s a scene in “Stand By Me” with Kiefer Sutherland and mail boxes. Always wanted to do that, but in a less delinquent way – Trump sign destruction by baseball bat would be an act of community…
      I haven’t seen the new Ewan McGregor motorcycle series, it sounds like another good one. His buddy, Charley Boorman, is John Boorman’s son. He was in The Emerald Forest, an ahead of its time eco-adventure directed by his dad. Beautiful cinematography.
      If Scout had an Everton scarf, she’d chew it instead of wear it. She’s not as fashionable as Harper! Not that an Everton scarf is ever going to be fashionable, even after they win the Premier League this season. I can dream for another day or two…
      Have a good week!

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  5. Strange days indeed, Adam. I try to remind myself that stranger, more turbulent times have occured frequently in human history, but it’s hard to placate yourself when the only context you have is your own lifetime. As for poetry, everyday can be a poem, even if it isn’t scrawled across a page. Love the beach pic from Scout’s vantage.


    1. Thanks for your take on these strange days, Bob, it’s a much appreciated perspective. I think I’ll leave the poetry well alone, and continue to enjoy the Scout’s eye view of things – four feet properly grounded, and every trip out is an adventure.
      I hope your week is going well.


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