Some calm

I’m writing this on Thursday, debating whether I’ve got the patience to watch the next and, mercifully, last debate. Debate? Did you see/hear the last one? Then you’ll know what I mean!

Thursday morning, outdoor calm – this was our transport last time out

Anyway, debate viewing or not, at least we’ll continue to enjoy some outdoor calm. We’ve had a few blustery days of late, but we’re in a slightly more settled period right now. Morning and afternoon walks with Scout have been pleasant. Calm water, a few clouds, a touch of fog, and colourful leaves holding on for now.

Hints of acceptable orange

Holding on for now. I hope our southern friends and neighbours can hold on for just over another week, and then find it within themselves to vote for some calm, even if not so inspired by Uncle Joe. I mean, look at the current fellow and ask yourself if that’s really what the world would enjoy the next four years?

So, if all goes well, perhaps the future will be a lesser shade of angry orange? It’s the hope that kills you, isn’t it? Please, please, please, please…

Cool, calm and a boat collection

A brief post this week, as we’re busy preparing for a weekend away with a collection of trainers and mentors. Our wilderness destination awaits, with a promise of overnight temperatures dropping to just below zero, but sunny daytime skies. We’ll be camping in the (allegedly) second wettest spot in Canada, if not the universe, so a dry weekend will be a bonus! More to follow.

I hope your weekend is a sunny and calm one – thanks for reading!

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I am a would be outdoorsman - that is if I had more time, skills and knowledge. When I can, I love being outdoors, just camping, hiking, snowboarding, xc skiing, snowshoeing, paddling a canoe or trying something new. What I lack in ability, I make up for in enthusiasm and having a go. I'd never really survive for long out there in the wild, but I enjoy pretending I could if I had to...

12 thoughts on “Some calm”

  1. Jaysus! Let’s hope your Southern neighbors don’t disappoint this time around. I’ll be there November 3rd casting my ballot. It’s embarrassing to admit that an infantile narcissist is the so-called “leader of the Free World.” I feel as though I can’t apologize enough.

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    1. Everything is crossed for next week! My brother is a US citizen, and he’s embarrassed about the past 4 years. We were born in the UK, haven’t lived there for years, and we apologize for Johnson! Populist narcissists. What a political world…


  2. Oh boy oh boy, another adventure this weekend for you! I love seeing and hearing what you and your groups all do, pc, and again, I am so grateful this world has you and the others out there teaching young folks how to enjoy and manage our natural world. That transport boat in the first few photos is pretty big. I always like your dock photos. On the other topic, your southern neighbors and their so-called leader–we’re all on edge right now as the TV commercials and campaigns accelerate, emotions are running high. The last debate is finally over. Good news, I have voted and most people I know have already voted. I hope your weekend is a great success, with lots of fun and learning and maybe even some dry camping. Cheers, my friend.

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    1. Thanks, Jet! We had fun, it was dry, and goodness was it cold overnight – rain would have meant warm, relatively speaking. We appreciate we are lucky to be doing what we do for a living.
      We have everything crossed for you, and hope November 3rd produces a sane result, is accepted by all, and there is a successful transition process underway…
      I’m anxious up here, and can hardly imagine how intense and stress-inducing there.
      Take care!

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      1. Definitely stressful down here, my friend. There are over 40 million people who have already voted, and it’s still a week away. I’m delighted you had a successful adventure. Cheers.


  3. Hope you’re enjoying a dry, felicitous camp-out in the wilds this weekend. I, for one, am so darn ready for the Trump Show to be over with, and will do my part to send him to the courts after November 3rd. Thanks for sending such good vibes from western Canada.


    1. Thanks, Walt! It was dry and cold – so very cold (for here!)
      Oh, how we hope your Trump show is coming to a close, and a measure of civility returns. Fingers are crossed!


  4. Hope it was another great dry weekend in the wilderness and that you stayed off the grid long enough this weekend to miss the Everton match this morning, but luckily they are still at the top with Liverpool! In a weekend that I thought I would be watching that match and the return of Big Ten football, I’ve now turned into a news junkie constantly watching and reading everything and waiting with all my heart for the moment that someone tells me that the “battle for the soul of this nation” has been achieved and we will have a new president. With the time change next weekend, we’ll even have an extra hour of this chaos and tension and I’ve never lost this much sleep over an election (I’m trying to remember you mentioned something about calm). After the last election disaster at least I could think about moving to Canada and now with our pandemic cases at an all time high and unable to even escape the house, you may be able to hear me screaming on the coast if chaos over calm is chosen.


    1. Thank you! Football-wise, we picked a good one to go off grid! Now the relegation points total is the next calculation – how many more points before Everton are safe, and will they scrape into a European spot?! Top of the table in October is great, but let’s be honest, hugely unlikely for much longer…
      We had a fun weekend, cold and dry, and what a joy to be unable to go online and check the latest election nonsense! We felt we were so far away, and very happy for that.
      You’d love living in Canada, but I hope you’re visiting here out of choice, sooner rather than later (vaccine allowing) and not because the election is a nightmare repeat of 2016 and you need to escape! Here’s hoping there’s no more sleep lost over politics after next week! I’m stressed, so I can’t begin to imagine how awful it must be for our southern neighbours who would like a different president. Fingers crossed!

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