Well, wasn’t that quite the week?! As I write this, late in the day Thursday, it would appear that by January, there’ll be a change in White House occupancy – phew! Even if a blue wave didn’t quite appear, I’ll settle for being able to listen to a presidential press conference without wincing. That’s a positive.

A blue ripple

Bigger picture? More to be done, but please let’s enjoy the hope that steps are being taken towards repair, and an opportunity to build, not tear down. The restoration of a more civil political discourse? Maybe? That’s a positive. Instead of denial, working as a collective to arrest the worst of a looming climate disaster? You have to hope…

Things are looking up

I’m keeping it very brief this time. I’m exhausted, but enjoying the notion we can breathe a little easier, politically speaking, if only due to the reduction in noise that ought to happen as a result of the tight result. We can welcome a greater reliance on accepted facts and shared understandings, instead of alternate facts and divisive lies. Now wouldn’t that be nice?


The photographs this time are all from our wilderness trip a couple of weeks back, and they were chosen for their sense of space, scale, and a pleasant bigger picture. Of course, given the way this year has offered up too many unwelcome surprises, maybe next week I’ll be writing about how the results all went the wrong way after Thursday evening, and the White House occupant remains the same after January 2021. No, surely not? Let’s stay positive!


Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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16 thoughts on “Positives?”

  1. Beautiful blue ripple, Adam, and the looking up pics really hit the spot! Even if the dangerous clown remains, in effect, behind such a wonderful “space” as you’ve so depicted, we now have reason to carry on with some hope for the future of us all. Thanks for everything you’ve said & done!


    1. Thanks, Walt! I think the clown will be moving on, certainly by January, and he’ll have to think up some different circus tricks. So long as I can’t see or hear them…


  2. Some very nice perspectives presented here. ‘Officially’ I feel I have to present myself unaffiliated to any particular side as I’m trying to run a website that is not politically aligned. So, again, I’ll say, nice perspective and allow the reader to read into that whatever makes them comfortable. I can live with that. Ha!


    1. Thanks for your perspective on the perspectives I shared! Mostly, regardless of affiliation, I’d hope people are seeking some civility and attempts at communicating, instead of shouting and “policies” shared by tweet.
      All the best!


  3. What an exhausting roller coaster of a week (I hate roller coasters) and no matter how good the numbers looked at times there was no way I could relax even for a moment until that wonderful photo of Biden as the projected winner was shown on the screen. I’m so glad after the week of exhausting election coverage that I was home for the announcement and watching the day of celebration. After that disappointing loss by Everton (I don’t know why I’m reacting so bad after those late missed goal opportunities) and early speculation on the results not being released until early in the week, I wasn’t sure if even Baby Yoda and Jack Reacher could help me get through the weekend. Wonderful to watch the speeches on Saturday night and it was shocking how different my emotions and reactions were after the last four years. While I love the shot of your blue ripple and was thrilled at the voter turnout, I was disappointed it was a day of no blue waves and that somehow he received more votes than he did in 2016. Thankfully Biden is absolutely prepared and qualified for a transition that appears will receive little help from the current administration and he’s already prepared to announce his COVID-19 task force tomorrow. While we have to wait for January 2021 for any actual changes, I’m hoping his voice and leadership will quickly fill the news channels offering hope and guidance.


    1. The photo of Biden was really good. I enjoyed listening to him and Harris on Saturday evening. The hope is adults are returning to the White House. Political differences aside, I’d like to think most sensible people can agree that civility has a place in politics. As for the outgoing president, I think he’s going to need a little more time to understand what is already known – he has to move out!
      I hope your week is less stressed now things have taken a slightly better turn.
      Sadly, with my election watch over, or at least reduced, I’ll be able to resume watching Everton. Oh well.

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  4. That tree is huge…because I’m Canadian, I try to to step into American politics but because Mr T, iwas always on our news. I use to turn it off could listen to him.
    Now I at least I’ll feel I can cat ch up on US and world news without shaking my head walking away talking to myself


  5. I enjoyed this post with the space and perspective, PC, and I’m happy to say we didn’t back-step since this day you wrote the post. I love the giant trees and vast water landscapes, and chuckled at the blue ripple, which I, too, was happy to settle for. That whole week was pretty tense with the vote counts, and there may be some more tense moments ahead with his bullying, but we are on the way to civilized behavior and growth. We breathe in that fresh forest air. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip.


    1. The blue ripple is turning out to be quite significant, at least in the popular vote, and it seems to be bothering the toddler-in-chief…
      Yes, we’re enjoying trees and seascapes and fresh forest air.
      Hopefully, all is well with you, and there are upturns on several fronts. Take care!

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