Interesting – stormy – times

I was sort of hoping 2021 would be a teensy bit boring. Having a pandemic to see out, and a change for the better, politically speaking, for our friends and neighbours to the south seemed like quite enough. Oh well…


Yesterday, I was visiting a classroom of 6 and 7 year olds. Well, aren’t they funny?! They are younger than most students I’ve ever taught, not exactly my school comfort zone, yet it turns out couldn’t they teach some adults a thing or two?

Their teacher asked if they would consider breaking a window to gain entry uninvited? Nope. Would they do something they knew to be wrong, even if the person inciting them was the principal? Nope. Is it ok to break things? Nope. Or fight? Nope.


One or two had seen the dreadful images from DC on television the previous day, and they were genuinely confused that “grown ups” could act in such a way. They aren’t sheltered kids, and they’ve no doubt seen movies and TV shows they shouldn’t, but they were quite capable of understanding what they saw was not fiction and very, very wrong. Thank you, Grade 1 students, you provide hope…

Slightly damp out

The storms for us this week weren’t just political. We seem to be in the middle – near the end?! – of a lengthy stormy spell. Tuesday afternoon, the rain was blowing sideways on 100+km/h wind gusts, and very exciting it was too. According to one weather forecast, we were due to have rainfall at 15-20mm per hour, and I was tempted, briefly, to don rain gear and head out, just for the experience. Then the power went out, and I looked at Scout, and Scout looked at me, then out the window, and she shook her head. Yup, it’s the young ones with common sense I tell you!

Happy New Beer!

Brighter and better days are ahead, they really are.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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13 thoughts on “Interesting – stormy – times”

  1. Happy New Beer, Adam. Kids are born bright-eyed & bushy-tailed, filled with wonder, and have yet to learn the ways of corruption– if those means be given. That’s why a good education is so important, and you are there doing the good. In America, unfortunately, we have failed in some regard (in light of what’s happened politically in the last four years, and especially in light of what’s happened this week). The man should be in prison. Meanwhile, keep up the great stuff with those kids & the inquisitive pup. You give us all some hope.

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    1. Happy New Beer, Walt! Yes, there’s a failure in education to be sure, if would be demagogues/populists can sell their garbage as easily as they do. The long term answer is to teach young ones decent values and critical thinking skills. An ongoing challenge!


  2. I enjoyed this look at life and stormy times, pc. I was just wondering this week how teachers can possibly relay and make sense of this week’s ferocious activity for their students, so I found your scene most interesting and inspiring. And yes, it will get better. Beautiful photos and descriptions, my friend, and best wishes for better days ahead.


  3. I loved hearing about the kids’ perspectives. For the most part, kids have not yet learned to rationalize like so-called intelligent big people and have a clearer sense of right and wrong. I am starting off the year with some creativity so have hope . I also have hope that the passing on of duties from the present president to the new one will be somewhat calm, but know that scenario could change in a heartbeat. After all, we have 11/2 weeks to go yet. Cheers!


    1. Thanks, Jane! Yes, I really value the time I still get to spend in classrooms, where it’s far from unicorns and rainbows, but a good deal better than time spent with some so-called intelligent big people!
      Happy to read your days are active and creative. Stay safe and well!


  4. Loved the stormy shot of the Nemesis and reading about the wise children of the world (I’m definitely keeping my niece’s coffee mug)!! As it has been almost impossible for me to say happy new year, I really like the new Happy New Beer slogan for the year. Hope your storms have let up and Scout has approved the return of walks, amazing the common sense capable in children and dogs. Glad to read the kids are back in the classroom, just this week our governor hoped all the kids would be back in school by March 1. Hope you have another beer to celebrate NHL opening night and the Maple Leafs first win of the season on Wednesday against Montreal.


    1. Happy New Beer (or wine) it is then! Thank goodness for young people, dogs, and the natural world…
      We’ve been very fortunate, locally, to have schools remain open. Being so remote and recent tighter travel restrictions seem to help with staying safe, touch wood.
      Roll on the vaccines, the Flames taking the NHL by storm, and Everton remembering it’s ok to win two or more games on the trot.
      Stay safe!

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