Setting out, there’s a little more light in the morning, and when I’m heading home, it is slightly less dark each evening. I’m drinking less beer and eating less chocolate. Throw in the transition events of Wednesday this past week, and it’s safe to say I’m feeling lighter. It’s also safe to say one of the previous sentences isn’t entirely true. You decide…


Anyway, I think the world is a tiny bit safer, and things are a touch brighter. I know, and it’s an adjustment for many of us, but I’m being almost optimistic.

We spent part of last weekend on Long Beach, enjoying some sun, and wondering as we were wandering how the Biden/Harris inauguration might go. We settled for signs of things improving, and hoping there’d be no repeat or echo of January 6th.

Coffee stop. No chocolate?!

Later in the week, I was in the school garden with a future horticulturalist, and he noticed a bulb about to burst into colour. He was so excited! Due to the pandemic and a construction zone right outside the garden location (seismic upgrades and a new building to improve the two schools) the garden hasn’t been well tended the past year, so it was promising to see new growth emerging from the tangle.

Bright enough ahead

Did you hear Amanda Gorman perform her poem this week? Click on the link if you missed it or would like to enjoy it once more. Hopeful? I think we can be.

One last thing from Wednesday, and it certainly made me smile – did you see Bernie Sanders’ mittens? And some of the humour they inspired? It’s worth following the link, it really is. My favourite was:

I laughed!

A corner turned, and much work to be done, but doesn’t it feel good to be heading in a better direction? With a map? And people who can read it?

Almost optimistic. Maybe I’ll have a beer and, who knows, a cube of chocolate? Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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15 thoughts on “Lighter”

  1. Yeah, I’d say that your “less beer/ less chocolate” sentence is an almost (dare I say it?) Trumpian lie. We know better. Yes indeed, more light, more light! As for Bernie, got it to “hand it” to him, sitting so appropriately on that beam with those mittens on. Gotta love the guy. Thanks Adam!


    1. Thanks, Walt! You’ve caught me, and I’ll admit, unlike a certain someone I’m learning to forget…
      Yes, go Bernie! Looks like he’s taking it all in good humour and raising finance to support food security for elders. Good man!


  2. I think maybe you were using ‘alternative facts’ when referring to the less beer/chocolate…. perhaps. I once worked for Hershey Chocolate in Hershey, PA. I thought I had good rapport with the CAD people. When my summer job was over I found my desk all piled up with the contents of the desk and a CAD generated banner: “good riddance: a welcomed relief from something undesirable.” I believe it was all on good humour ;). However, I have used this phrase and definition many times over the years. Dare I say I used it recently! … UB


    1. Thanks, UB! I must try and put the “alternative facts” aside, hoping those days will be behind us!
      I enjoyed your story, and I imagine as summer jobs go, working for a chocolate factory/producer isn’t so bad? Probably more fun on paper than in reality!
      Yes, good riddance to something undesirable.


  3. Loved your beautiful photos this week and I would vote that the best coffee shop!! Never would have guessed you would be taking over fake news or that Bernie would be everywhere and the mittens and sweatshirts would be instantly sold out. Wonderful to see that he’s enjoyed the reactions and is raising money for charity and to be able to watch informational news and feel hopeful about the Biden/Harris teamwork and honesty. Enjoy the beer and chocolate!!


    1. Haha, yes, things are changing, and the fake news is less threatening!
      So happy to see political figures with some heart, and using good humour to help. What a relief, honestly. It’s not going to be unicorns and rainbows, and there’ll be mistakes and controversies, no doubt, but it feels a corner might have been turned…
      Good advice on the beer and chocolate – I might just do that!

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