Green Creek Restoration

A brief post this week, harking back to early fall and warmer weather experienced only a few short weeks ago. Goodness, this west coast autumn has been chillier than the norm for us here. Wet too, but that is most welcome after such a dry summer.

Mixed greens

Right, let’s visit Green Creek (I made that up, it isn’t called Green Creek, other than in my head!) We mostly explored close to the cabin on Salt Spring a few weeks back, and were very happy to have a trailhead a few short steps from the cabin door.

Very early fall

The trail crisscrossed open meadows, and also looped through a forested area, at points hugging the bank of a small creek. A couple of information boards explained how local schoolchildren had teamed up with a stream conservation/restoration group, and worked to restore the creek to be a place where salmon could run successfully.

Green Creek

We didn’t see any salmon, but did see leafy trees, tiny tumbling water falls, and ancient Douglas firs. We enjoyed meandering along the stream side listening to croaking frogs and failing to identify all the little brown birds flitting from tree to tree. We stopped at an open spot as the sun broke through, lighting up the clearing, and it was a very pleasant place to be, with no real hurry, and nothing more to do than simply soak up the green. Very restorative!

Bright and leafy

Short and sweet, like the trail and creek we were on – thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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15 thoughts on “Green Creek Restoration”

  1. Looks like a wonderful place for meandering and love the Bright & Leafy photo and the new name! Autumn and hoodie weather finally arrived over the weekend and after watching the video of Kane’s goal I’m going to need a purple Tottenham hoodie!! Good to see Alex Ovechkin off to another good start and to be able to say after too many years that it’s been fun to watch the Detroit Red Wings again. Hope a warmer and sunny spell of fall weather is on it’s way to the coast and that Everton and Calgary quickly remember how to win again!🙂


    1. Kane’s goal was really something! Everton being Everton, and Calgary will struggle to remember doing something they don’t do! As it is early in the season, will hope for the best…
      Enjoy your week!

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      1. I am well, Fall is a busy time at work so I haven’t been reading as much I am behind on your post. I always enjoy them so I look them up when I have missed one. Cheers


  2. Oh how marvelous that you had a chance to get away and restore yourselves in this lush forest setting, pc. Great to see the moss and the tangle of the forest, lichen, ferns. Lovely Big Leaf Maple photo, and all the other photos that took us to your lovely Green Creek. Am wondering if the sign indicating trail restoration refers to your group and their work?


    1. Thanks, Jet! This was a fun little tangled trail – not a project we’ve worked on, but it’s nice to know there are many similar undertakings in places where salmon habitat needs restoration. Acts of hope and investment in a better natural future!

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