Before the storm

We have weather warnings as I write this, with heavy rain and wind speeds of 80 gusting to 100kmh predicted. That means trees will fall, and the power will likely go out. Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst, I thought I’d better write and schedule a post before losing power, and place candles, flashlights and my favourite power outage toque in accessible locations. Oh, forgetful me, and chocolate.

A little beach

For this quick before the storm post, I decided to use a few photos taken over the last long weekend, when we went down to our not-really-a-secret-but-let’s-hope-no-one-else-is-there little beach just off the Wild Pacific trail. As in a previous post, this isn’t the real name, but I’m quite getting into making up names for places.

Slow down, Scout!

When we arrived, after a little clamber down from the trail made more exciting by Scout’s absolute determination to haul me over rocks and under logs, we found the beach was empty as hoped for. Not the warmest of days overall, but we sat out of the gusting wind and enjoyed the wave action. Not storm waves, but still pretty powerful at beach level.

Wave action

If conditions allow, and it’s safe, I’ll head back to this little beach, or at least the trail above it, after the worst of the wind gusts, and see if I can catch a shot or two of big waves. I’ll wear my favourite after the storm toque, and take coffee – and chocolate.

Not stormy, still powerful

Right, enough for now, time to put on that toque, have matches at the ready, and enjoy the show. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

“Slow down? Ok!”
Blue skies

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19 thoughts on “Before the storm”

  1. Anticipating a big storm has a unique feeling, and you covered it well here, pc. And I’m really glad you took us down to the beach to see some of those big waves. Big winds, big waves. If these waves are not storm waves, geez, your storm waves must be immense. Glad you have the chocolate in order. We have big storm warnings out too, south of you, so I thank you for reminding me to get the chocolate out. Hopefully there’s a good ale you can crack open too. Be safe, my friend.

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    1. Hope all is well down the coast there! Certainly an active fall storm season so far. The beaches and trails are closed for safety as I write this, but we still have power! Might sneak along to trail head before work tomorrow, check out the waves…
      Thanks, Jet, and stay warm and dry!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Safely indoors and enjoying – I think?! – the howling wind. Beach access is restricted, but I’ll wander down there in the next day or two, take a distant peek at the ocean. Before then, ale it is!
      Thanks, Walt, and I hope all is well with you.


    1. Good question! I like the darker beers as we head into fall – Tofino Brewing does the coffee porter, and Guinness is never a bad idea if you like it!
      Hope you’re enjoying the wind and rain, Wayne!


  2. Stay safe, storms are increasing in their ferocity., though looks like Scout will sleep this one out. I like the log leading you into the distant waves in the second image. Waves are fascinating how they churn and tumble.


    1. Thanks, Jane! The wind is howling, we’re safely indoors, and I’m looking forward to checking the tumble and churn down by the ocean when it’s a bit calmer – trails and beach access closed right now…
      I hope your weekend is going well!


  3. Love these shots, Adam, especially the breaking waves. I guess they’ll be much bigger soon! Stay safe and enjoy those cozy moments indoors. And send some to SoCal. 😃💦


    1. Thanks, Jane! The waves will be big the next day or two – beach and trails closed for the moment, but I’ll wander down and check things out from a distance, when the wind dies down. We’re not short of rain either, right now…

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  4. Wonderful photos of the wave action and Scout!! Glad your prepared and hope there was also a little cooler for a favorite beverage next to the candles and chocolate! Hope the worst of the wind gusts have gone through with the power staying on and there’s a chance to see some big waves. We lost power again for a few hours this week and it should have happened this morning during the Tottenham match. Stay safe, especially if you’re chasing waves, and hope the storm missed your community!


    1. Thank you! Power hasn’t gone out yet, although I wish it had before I saw the Everton match report! Oh dear… But Calgary winning? Goodness!
      Very stormy right now, and not safe to be on the coast trails or beaches – when it is bit quieter, I’ll head down, check out the waves!
      I hope your weekend has been a good one!

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