After the storm

Well, I know I said I’d get down to the water, see if I could get a photograph or two of big waves at the tail end of the storm, but it just didn’t work out. There’ll be other opportunities through the fall and winter, so let’s look forward to that!

Tail end rain

Chatting with friends and colleagues, the general consensus seems to be that for all the pre-storm hullabaloo, it actually wasn’t that mighty. Did the wind howl? Yes it did! Was the rain heavy? Sure was! Did we lose power? Yup, for about ten seconds! All in all though, it felt like our little corner of the PNW didn’t get as bad a pounding as all that. Hopefully, other communities up and down the coast fared ok as well…

Run of the mill, and so was the storm

After the storm? It was quite the contrast, with a calm inner harbour, barely a breeze, and on one afternoon around midweek, Scout and I sat in almost sunshine. We could feel the hint of warmth radiating through the low clouds after the last of the heavy rain. We sat on our favourite wooden platform, a quiet little space overlooking the inner harbour, watching and listening to a belted kingfisher scold everything. Those kingfishers! So not completely calm then.


The next few days are predicted to be dry and sunny, Friday through Sunday, with the possibility of afternoon temperatures hitting 14C. Balmy! We’ll enjoy that, and likely find ourselves on the beaches and trails, making the most of it before the next storm hits!

Inner harbour, also calm

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

More rain? No…

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18 thoughts on “After the storm”

  1. I agree Adam,It was more a Tempest in a Tea Pot to be honest. I’ve seen much worse over the years.(DEC 19/18). Our power just flickered for a second.
    Scouts left eye looks odd?
    Skies should be fine for Sunday’s Halloween.


  2. Glad you weathered it with ease, Adam, snapping some brilliant photos, too. I’d give anything for a bit of your dry & sunny right now– seems like we’ve had three months of rain, and under flood watch again. Looking forward to some snow!


  3. Hmmm…that beer looks interesting. We just had a storm pass through here as well so I have decided to head off to coastal craft beer brewery for the weekend. Thanks for the idea !!!


  4. Great news that you weathered the storm, pc. And how utterly delightful to have the harbor scenes so nearby, and that you and Scout and Mrs. pc hang out at the seaside observing and appreciating it all. I enjoyed every beautiful photo. I love watching kingfishers at the waterfront, they’re so busy and and vocal. Great visit to the water’s edge, pc, thanks so much.


  5. Love the Inner Harbor calm vibe and fabulous photo!! Everything, especially sweet Scout, was so calm that it stopped a possible rant over our rainy weather and sports losses. Probably rude to rant on another blog, but if I was going to rant a few topics might be about the fact we have not had a correct weather report in months and I no longer recognize our weather pattern, Tottenham, college football, way too many stories about who may run for president again in 2024, Harper refusing to wear her Halloween costume…it’s not officially a rant if I only mention the topics, right?!?! Hope you guys had a great weekend with a few Halloween treats for Scout!😁


    1. Thank you! Ranting? It’s underrated… Have at it, and you’ve plenty of ammunition there! Another disappointing and dreary Everton performance, so poor I don’t have the energy to rant, it doesn’t deserve my time! Early November, and already another mediocre season. Can Conte turn Spurs around? Will he get more time to try than poor old Nuno?!

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  6. I have friends and Family in BC. The news reported they have been pummeled by very heavy rain strong winds, flooding, and today a couple of devastating landslides. After this years fire season and heat dome of the summer.
    I’d say you were fortunate. Just a run of the mill storm is good…stay safe


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