Short, sharp, shocked

After almost a week of high winds and heavy rain, for contrast I thought I’d post bright photos of a recent weekend of sunshine, try to get away from the current floods and gloom.

I have to say we’re thinking of our PNW friends and neighbours struggling with washed out roads, broken supply chains, no utilities and flooded homes. A summer of drought followed by an autumn of floods, what a recipe for disaster.


Our own little corner of the PNW hasn’t been hit as hard as other places, and as somewhere relatively remote, where the weather can knock out the power or wash out roads from time to time, the supply chain issues and travel difficulties are more or less part and parcel of normal fall/winter life. The scale of what’s unfolding on the mainland though? Goodness, it’s a loud warning that climate change is happening now – might be humans are leaving it very late to listen?


The photos this week were taken at the end of October. We had a weekend of chilly starts and bright sunshine. Scout had forgotten what relative cold felt like – we all had – and it was funny to watch her tail wagging overtime as she high stepped along frosty paths and frozen docks. The sky was blue, the air was sharp, and the water was still – quite a contrast with what has followed since. When we went to Wick Beach, it was great to be able to sit in a sheltered spot, shirtsleeve comfortable and imagine it was almost summer!

Almost summer!

We wish all the best and a safe and speedy recovery to everyone impacted by the recent weather. All this, and it isn’t even December yet? Might be time to hold on to your hats and find those wellington boots…

So very calm

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

PS I borrowed the post title from a favourite album – anyone else a fan?

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17 thoughts on “Short, sharp, shocked”

    1. Whatever works to keep your feet dry! Short, sharp, shocked is the title of an album by Michelle Shocked, I think it was first out some thirty odd years ago – yikes, getting old…


  1. Shockingly pleasant scenes, in contrast to what we’ve been following in the recent news… Glad to hear you guys are faring well, as we wish for a quick recovery for those who’ve been inundated. Climate change is nature’s way of getting even with the upstarts on the planet, sad to say. Thanks for what you do to help us keep the keel!


  2. We (the world) could use a collective break in so many avenues. Here’s to hoping any reprieve, no matter how small is coming. As to the title, if memory serves – Michelle Shocked?


    1. Yup, a break would be very welcome…
      I figured your memory would have this old Michelle Shocked album lodged away – some good songs on there, Anchorage being the standout to my mind.
      Thanks, Bob, and enjoy your week!


  3. Yes, the news from Abbotsford and Merrit are shocking, and seeing footage of the Cochilhalla is a shock too. (Don’t know about the spelling.) Good point you made about it being so early in the season, who knows what weather is to come. Lovely photos of the calm!


    1. Mrs. PC said she’d heard on the news today that the winter is expected to be a tough one. Here’s hoping that’s wrong, at least as far as rainfall out this way goes – the ground in parts of BC is saturated, and waterways way past coping…


  4. Wonderful to see the still waters and clear photos of the marina, pc. And oh so tough to see others in the PNW struggling with floods. It does seem more of our world leaders are finally waking up to the climate change. We hope, desperately, that it’s not too late. I loved hearing you bring up the wellingtons, my friend. Sending a smile your way….


    1. Thanks, Jet! In my less morose moments (increasingly rare, but mostly because I do enjoy wallowing in the gloom – think Eeyore) I have to hope that it isn’t too late to avoid the worst if we can act collectively…
      In the meantime, I think it’s wellies on, and find some puddles to splash through (isn’t that Christopher Robin? There’s a distinct AA Milne vibe running through this comment!)

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  5. Love the photos and the beautiful blue skies as we’ve begun the transition to our winter gray palette! I saw coverage of the storms earlier this week and glad to hear your area missed the record-breaking rain and flooding. The intensity of these weather patterns is scary and it feels like weekly some community is dealing with conditions and loss that they’ve never seen before. Need more information about the favorite album, but I really enjoyed listening to Short Sharp Shock by (We Are) Performance for the first time. Thankfully Tottenham finally scored and we won’t talk about Everton’s performance. Did you see The Rock would like to be the next James Bond (he has my vote!!). Hope you have a calm week and that things are improving on the coast!🙂


    1. The Rock as James Bond?! Yes, if only for one movie, just because, well, it needs to be seen!
      Everton played this weekend? I didn’t notice…
      I did watch the rugby – Ireland vs Argentina, England vs South Africa, and France vs New Zealand, every game was gargantuan (I think that’s a rugby term) and Mrs PC was very patient.
      Short, sharp, shocked is an old album by Michelle Shocked, and it was from her I borrowed, but it sounds like I should check out your recommendation?
      As for the weather, it rained – it’s raining now – over the weekend, but nothing torrential, so perhaps some slight relief for rescue and repair crews. The long range forecast doesn’t look too clever.
      Enjoy your week!

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  6. Love the post and the photos! Very sorry to hear about the weather conditions and hoping with you that it will not cause further damage. We are having a bit of calm weather in the southeast finally ….. but we certainly understand the perils of nasty weather. Sending sunshiny thoughts !


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