Dawn patrol

I do love this time of year, if only because dawn is so much later in the day. I can pretend a false virtuousness at being up and out, working hard before sun up. Dawn patrol? Yeah, right. Anyway, when you’re heading out in the dark, you don’t quite know what is out there. We’ve had another week of mostly rain, to the point that on Thursday we had a minor dawn patrol adventure on the Hitacu-Ucluelet road…

Way past dawn, and a lovely sunny morning

There is a section signposted “road subject to flooding” and each time it rains I always look at the ditch, oftentimes close to overflowing, and think, yup, but not today. Yesterday? Yup, it was that day. There were a few stretches of standing water, deep, but you could still see the centreline under the water and tell yourself an old Jeep can handle it. So it proved, and I ignored the inner teenage voice saying “cool” as the water sprayed over the car. I bet it looked like a Jeep TV commercial. Is what a teenager would say. I’m far too mature to be thinking that, and anyway, why would they film it in the dark?


There was a nerve jangling stretch where the water was not standing but flowing across the road. Not a torrent, but not a puddle either. It’s a Jeep, we can do it, is what I heard. Ever ready to take advice from my inner teenaged self, we crossed that section, and no floating away. Cool.


That was before full dawn, when it was quite dark and I couldn’t really see how bad the water was. A few hours later, under orders to return home before the road closed, and after a great deal more rain, it wasn’t quite as cool. The teenager decided to keep quiet, and we enjoyed a somewhat nerve shredding drive, arriving with dry feet – phew – and a notion to pay closer attention to overnight rainfall amounts before setting out on pre-dawn patrol.

The photographs this week were taken last week, some on a rare sunny morning not too long after sun up, and some later the same day. Ah, sunshine, we remember you. Sunshine, you say? Hoping to see a little of that today before the next wave of wet weather arrives tomorrow. At least it’s the weekend, we’re not working, and perhaps taking a later and different dawn patrol:

You can’t see the full label, but this is the latest batch of Dawn Patrol coffee porter – yum, but probably best enjoyed nearer to sundown than sun up? “It’s dawn somewhere, OldPlaidCamper!” Good point.

Thank for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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I am a would be outdoorsman - that is if I had more time, skills and knowledge. When I can, I love being outdoors, just camping, hiking, snowboarding, xc skiing, snowshoeing, paddling a canoe or trying something new. What I lack in ability, I make up for in enthusiasm and having a go. I'd never really survive for long out there in the wild, but I enjoy pretending I could if I had to...

11 thoughts on “Dawn patrol”

  1. I saw a Jeep on the news trying to cross a very wet road! It became buoyant and went bye bye!
    I heard Tofino has pooling occurring and has declared a local emergency. They are handing out sand bags to residents (20). Considering we do not have any streams I’m wondering whats going on?


    1. That water level is a little scary, especially when it can rise so rapidly and to such deep levels. I am not good at waking before sunrise, although it is much more tolerable at this time of year, or if I am hyped to go on vacation. I like the misty blue photos.

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      1. Thanks, Jane! Yes, the speed of the rising water levels was disturbing, and happily offset by the equally fast speed of recede. The worry is with repeated heavy rain and saturated ground/swollen rivers, can the infrastructure handle it? Locally, yes, so far, more widespread into the lower mainland, and it doesn’t look too hopeful…
        I hope you’re well and enjoying sunshine on snow?!


    2. It’s those big tyres – perfect floats if the water is deep enough!
      More rain tomorrow… in the immediate vicinity, most of the water has receded compared to last Thursday. Still only November!


  2. Keep your feet & wheels dry in those dawn patrols, Adam. Is there a brew named Dawn Patrol? Anyway, “Late (ish)” is a beautiful image, looks like an early day clearing after rain. Cheers to sunshine, if we can find it!


    1. Thanks, Walt! Staying above water and dry enough so far…
      Yes, that beer is called Dawn Patrol, one of my absolute favourites in the porter/stout category, it hits the winter beer spot for me!
      Not much sunshine to be found here of late – hoping you’re fading better, particularly if it is sunshine on snow?


  3. The danger of falling in a crevasse or hole from road collapsing under the vehicle. It’s not just the risk of stalling out going through a flooded road but, what you can’t see under the water. Stay safe friend.


    1. A sinkhole appeared close to Nanaimo, and a friend said there’s a history of mining there? That would worry me…
      Beyond a certain depth, I wouldn’t even try to cross water – can’t see the road? No thanks! Fast rushing water? Same!
      Thanks, Kelly, and I hope your week is going well!


  4. Ok, it’s official, your teenage voice is grounded and we need Jimmy Buffett to write a new song It’s Dawn Somewhere!!😁 Glad you made it home safe and love the Late(ish) photo! Loved watching Manchester City play in the snow today and had no idea England had snow storms this early in the season. I’ll take it as a win that Tottenham was postponed due to snow. Hope you enjoyed some sunshine and any chance Mrs. PC would agree to one of those cool custom off road packages for the Jeep?!😁


    1. My kind of tune!
      That UK snow was pretty unusual, although it does happen, maybe not so much in fall so far south. Spurs for the win? I think so, and in the meantime, add three points to the tally so far in the hopes that it’ll happen… I wish the Everton game had been called off. It’s turning into a very long season and we’re not even halfway!
      If it keeps raining, we’ll be switching from a Jeep to a boat to get to work! That’s actually possible, but I don’t like the idea of crossing the bay in the wind, rain and dark any more than driving.
      I hope your week is off to a good start! (I should mention, we caught up with the latest James Bond – after giving up trying to make sense of it through the first hour, we succumbed to the spectacle and really enjoyed it. Will miss Daniel Craig – some big shoes to fill. The Rock? Surely not!)

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