Storm’s a brewin’

I’ll stop writing about our forever storm season when we run out of forever, or storms, or both. (Huh? That last sentence doesn’t really hold up to rigorous scrutiny. Still, why pick on that sentence? There are many others, equally guilty…)

Failure to capture the full droplet photo

I’m exaggerating about forever storms – if you stick around to the end of this piece, you’ll see it’s not all storms and floods. Just mostly, or so it seems.

Raining, but less so

We went to clamber over some rocks and splash along the coastal trails last weekend. It hadn’t exactly stopped raining, but it felt like a lull, so off we went, in rain gear and high spirits. Well, most of us had rain gear and high spirits – one four legged friend has never liked to wear anything extra, rain or snow, and is understandably reluctant walking in very heavy rain, but after the first minute or so, switched from disbelief at going beyond the house boundaries to active enthusiasm.

“I think I see the next storm out there!”

It was good to stretch our legs, and inhale huge lungfuls of fresh sea air. Birds were buffeted by winds, but seemed to be enjoying it, and we had the trails to ourselves. Who would go out knowing a storm’s a brewin’? We would, knowing there’s a storm’s a brewin’ at home, a well earned reward and winter warmer. A new one from Ucluelet Brewing Company, and a real winner!

Very good, even if the thought of a latte stout is off putting.

After another week of rain and flooded roads – admittedly not as bad as last week on the roads – it was a relief to wake up yesterday to a chilly dawn, calm water, clear skies, and all followed by a day of wall to wall sunshine. The sun might be dropping early these days, but at least we got to see it on Thursday!

Storms? Where?

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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I am a would be outdoorsman - that is if I had more time, skills and knowledge. When I can, I love being outdoors, just camping, hiking, snowboarding, xc skiing, snowshoeing, paddling a canoe or trying something new. What I lack in ability, I make up for in enthusiasm and having a go. I'd never really survive for long out there in the wild, but I enjoy pretending I could if I had to...

16 thoughts on “Storm’s a brewin’”

  1. Definitely blustery. Was the froth on the beer actually supposed to be the latte part? Nice to see the sun after all the darkness, both in your photos as well as outside here in Edmonton. Scout, as always, is looking alert. She’s a lovely dog.


    1. Thanks, Jane! The camera likes Scout, and she takes a good portrait if we don’t ask her to pose!
      A shot of sun in winter goes a long, long way…
      The froth was me pouring it too quickly!
      I hope your week is going well.


  2. Your “failure to capture the full droplet” photo is intriguing. It seems to suggest the storm’s a brewin’, a bit of imperfection, simultaneous with the green needles of hope & beauty. And a Latte Stout would be a fine reward for venturing out there on the rim of waters. Very nice!


    1. Thanks, Walt! The stout was so much better than expected – if they dropped Latte from the description, I think it could taste even better!
      “Green needles of hope and beauty” – well said!


  3. Enjoyed the rainy scenes, beautiful sunshine and that absolutely gorgeous photo of Scout!!🐾🙂 Harper would feel better is she saw other dogs dressed up, are you sure Scout doesn’t want to wear a plaid scarf? Love the name of this week’s beverage and just as I was recovering from the “latte” choice, I had to laugh at your caption. Another exciting weekend of college football has allowed me to not notice too much that Kane is still not scoring and a Maple Leafs loss. Hope there’s a snow day and sunshine this week!🙂


    1. Thank you! Latte anything is a struggle for me, shudder, so I’m glad I risked this beer – it was so good! Almost as big a pleasant surprise as Everton having two goals ruled offside, being behind with ten minutes left to play and still finding a way to win against Arsenal! I never had a doubt…
      Scout would wear a scarf if she could chew it – she’s never going to be a well dressed dog!
      What snow?! An island wide snowfall warning, but we didn’t see a single flake. Schoolchildren (and one or two adults) were very disappointed at the no snow day today. Back to rain this coming week…
      I hope you get a little more snow, if only for the snow globe photos you’ve been sharing!

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  4. Wonderful to see your moody storm photos, pc, and hear about your adventures in it. I, too, like the quiet isolation of being out on a stormy day when everyone else stays inside. Glad you had some “wall to wall sunshine” too, a phrase that has me smiling.


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