Tiny home

We needed to be across the island earlier this week and opted to stay overnight in a tiny house. I’ve been fascinated by tiny homes for years, and have spent many a happy hour poring over design details and reading stories of folks living in small dwellings.

Small, but not too small

Our temporary residence was very well put together, and included a kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom squeezed into a tiny footprint. My question has always been “but could a person (or two adults and a dog) really live in such a small space?”

This dog says “No problem!”

With housing costs rocketing, some demand could be met by smaller and more affordable housing. I think this is to be encouraged, although it seems tough on younger generations that these are the only options when earlier generations had a wider choice. Most start small, but there’s small and then there’s small. Although I might have jumped at the chance! An invisible first world problem perhaps, but it’s there…

Huge (small) loft bedroom

Enough of the furrowed brow stuff. This isn’t meant to be a piece about solving the housing crisis, but I will say if more jurisdictions gave permission for tiny houses to be built, they could be one piece of a housing puzzle solution…

Great kitchen space!

I said enough of that! Setting all the debate stuff aside, we really enjoyed staying in a small home, and I also enjoyed fantasizing that yes, I could live like this all the time. (Especially if we had maybe one more room, and perhaps just a touch more storage?!) Oops, tiny house fail for that man…

“It works for me! Can I stay?”

The entrance into the home site had a large white lilac growing beside and over the gate – what a perfume – so our morning coffee on the small deck was caffeine and lilac flavoured, making for a bright and strong start!


Must leave it here, as I’m pretty sure I’ve got some tiny house plans and costings stashed away… Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Never could get the hang of selfies…

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13 thoughts on “Tiny home”

  1. I think tiny homes would help society with some its problems. My favorite would be a log cabin by a deep secluded pond or river. Big enough for a couple of small egos, a few chickens & a favorite pooch. Glad that you enjoyed your stay, replete with beautiful lilacs!


    1. Yes, lovely in favourable seasons, and this one was pretty well built, but for an AB winter? Not too sure…
      I hope you’re well, and the smoke and fires die down soon.
      Take care, Jane, and have a good week!


  2. Tiny houses..love them. I’ve been travelling, paddling and mountain biking for 6 weeks out of a caravan so tiny house would be luxury for us. 😎 admittedly I do have a larger home to return to.
    Might even help with global housing problems if we can cut through the red tape in Australia


    1. They’re easy to love and probably a few steps up from a caravan! Yup, too much red tape in many jurisdictions with rules slanted against small builds…counterintuitive to say the least.
      Sounds like you’re having a splendid time out there – have fun!


  3. I lived in a 500 square ft house and, I still wish I had it.
    I love the idea of tiny living, but I know big real estate developers hold all the municipalities hostage, claiming it ruins property value. Ita a Shame but those with the money make the decisions.


    1. 500 square ft sounds pretty good – our first home was 650, and just fine.
      Totally agree, developers aren’t interested in small builds, figuring they’d lose profit margins etc. I call bull on that – build smaller, it’s what many people want and need. Those McMansions – really?!
      Hope your week is off to a good start, and your recovery is going well!

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  4. I’ve always loved the thought of tiny homes and this one looks fabulous (don’t know if I would need that much kitchen space though)!! After much thought about these over the years and too many books in my library, I’ll have to keep the house, but would love a tiny treehouse built by the Treehouse Masters show to start practicing. The cost of homes and cars are two more topics I’m ready to strike over. Make sure you consult Scout when drawing up your tiny home plans, she might want a little addition. Well, I found myself cheering on West Ham today against Leeds because of Everton only to discover that Leeds ends their season against Tottenham and you better hope Everton wins next week because I have zero confidence in the Spurs!! Enjoy the week and the tiny home blueprints!!🙂


    1. Love tiny homes, on wheels or up a tree! Less kitchen means a larger reading nook?!
      West Ham, thank you, had me worried there. Everton simply – simply?! – have to do better than Leeds and Leicester on the last day. What could possibly go right? Oh goodness. Spurs can get one more win, and I’m sure I’ve always been very positive about that team! Tense times…
      Enjoy your week, and I hope the weather allows for some paddling time.

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  5. I’ve wondered about the tiny houses, too, pc, so I’m glad you gave us this tour. And complete with a lilac and deck and everything. Climbing up a ladder to go to bed is not for me, but the rest of it looks decent. Laughed MAO at the subtitle on the last photo…. Cheers, my friend, and many thanks.


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