Foothills flow…

…through a brief post, and an overdue introduction! Ooh, the excitement and mystery.

Took a little walk out in the foothills the other day, visiting Big Hill Springs Provincial Park. It was an intermittently bright/overcast day, with temperatures hovering around the freezing mark in the hollows, but feeling a touch warmer when the sun broke through and we emerged into a clearing.DSCF6589

With the ongoing rounds of Chinook thaw, deep freeze, a few flurries, another freeze and the next Chinook, the path was well polished and icy, very slippery underfoot. By the time I’d skated and slid for fifteen minutes, I was considering turning around to fetch ice cleats from the car, but was too lazy – or too committed – to head back. I meant to forget them.

Not many other folks were about – I saw one dog walker and a couple of hikers (very sensibly wearing YakTrax) but otherwise, the trail was all my own. It meant there was no-one to admire my slipping, pirouetting, yet not quite falling routine that really was deserving of a wider audience. Perhaps a category in the forthcoming Winter Olympics? Senior Free Form Unequipped Non-Musical Semi-Skating? No form-fitting lycra or tights, just sensible outdoor trousers and sturdy shoes without cleats.DSCF6549

The spring fed stream was an absolute delight, tumbling downhill in a series of small waterfalls, twisting and turning through mixed woodland. Ice clung to deadfall logs and branches in the water, and grew from the stream banks, blue-white and beautiful to look at.DSCF6558

Yes, yes, PlaidCamper, a lovely walk and all, but you mentioned an overdue introduction? The suspense…

How did my companion fare on this short and slippery hike in the foothills? She was very steady on the ice, planting her feet with assurance, and scrambling easily up slopes that I was struggling to summit. I know what you’re thinking – Mrs. PlaidCamper always manages the slopes and slides, so why the big deal? Well, Mrs. PC was teaching that day, so who was with me?DSCF6534 Time to meet Scout, the delightful dog pictured above, a five month old puppy who has been living with us since mid-November. On sand or snow, Scout is always happy to accompany an old PlaidCamper on a hike, short or long. No doubt there’ll be more about Scout over posts to come, but we don’t want to be like those new parents – you know, here, look at our new baby, I mean puppy, isn’t she beautiful? (She is, and sadly we do that, but I’ll try and exercise restraint…)

Not a dog photo here – such restraint!
Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!

Oops, no restraint. Have you met Scout? Beautiful, isn’t she?

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I am a would be outdoorsman - that is if I had more time, skills and knowledge. When I can, I love being outdoors, just camping, hiking, snowboarding, xc skiing, snowshoeing, paddling a canoe or trying something new. What I lack in ability, I make up for in enthusiasm and having a go. I'd never really survive for long out there in the wild, but I enjoy pretending I could if I had to...

26 thoughts on “Foothills flow…”

  1. I’m smiling as I type, pc, another wonderful post. Enjoyed the suspenseful introduction to Scout as you took us through the peaceful woods and past the spectacular river stream. The ice photos are so chilly, and so resplendent. Loved all the slipping and sliding you did, and your new Olympic occupation. And what a joy to have your beautiful Scout, love that final photo with the big puppy paws and bent ears. Cheers to all three of you–


    1. Thanks, Jet! We are loving Scout’s company. She’s always up for exploring, doesn’t matter where we are or what the weather. This weekend is proving she’s a real snow dog (phew!), and she enjoyed clawing up the icy pathways at Big Hill Springs. Taking photos is a bit of a challenge with Scout on leash, so I’m glad you enjoyed the stream pictures – almost had wet feet a couple of times there!
      Hope your weekend is going well!

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    1. Thanks, Mike! Scout is keeping us on our toes, and when she’s out and about, we’re covering some miles – I’m losing weight, if not years!
      Hope your weekend is going well!


  2. Scout’s a beautiful addition to the PlaidCamper trails and daily feeding schedules! The pup reminds me very much of Trout, my faithful canine companion of long ago, and I know you guys are gonna enjoy some wonderful times together, like on this excursion through the park with its enchanting woodlands and tumbling streams. Thanks Adam, another fine one!


    1. Thanks, Walt! I smiled to hear your long ago canine companion was named Trout (of course!) Scout is happy to tag along, woodlands, beaches, urban parks, heavy snow or sunshine, and adds a bouncing dimension to any excursion. Just a case of trying to keep up…
      Hope you’re having a great weekend out on the rivertops!


  3. You’re right, the introduction was too long overdue! How many wonderful puppy photos and stories have I missed about the beautiful Scout??🙂 I love the photos of the stream, but nothing this week compares to that last photo of Scout. I hope Scout at least comes to your rescue whenever you are slipping and falling on the trails without your YakTrax, because Gabby just stands and looks at me whenever I fall with a look of disapproval. Enjoy your weekend and all your adventures with Scout!🙂


    1. Thank you – I thought you might like this one! Scout is an energetic bundle of fun, and wants to meet everything and everyone. I don’t think she has Gabby’s fashion sense. She only wishes we could keep up with her, haha.
      The photo on the beach was taken about three weeks ago, her impression of a smiling wolf…
      Hope you are having a great weekend!

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  4. How nice that both of you have this new companion, Scout. She has personality written all over her. I like the first shot of the creek meandering through the woods and all lit up by the sun. I could almost feel the conditions as you described them.


    1. Thanks, Jane! Scout has a big personality and lots (and lots!) of energy. She’s great to have along on our trips out and about..
      Hope you’re keeping warm and enjoying the weekend!


  5. She is absolutely beautiful and look like a greater hiking partner. Congrats on the new addition. I look forward to more Scout post, though she does look like she could get you into some trouble. 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend.


    1. Thank you! Yup, Scout is great to have along on hikes, and as for trouble, I think she’ll lead us astray – in a good way! She sure is a snow dog, if this weekend is anything to go by…
      Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

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    1. Yup, this is Scout! She’s an energetic bundle of fun, and we’re working hard to keep up with her, haha. She’s got some husky in her mix, so she loves snow, and is more than happy to drag me into deep drifts…

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      1. Like a pup – wants to make friends with everything, regardless of how the other might be about her affections. Well, friends or see if a squirrel/bird/shrub/cat can make a good chew toy…


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