All at sea?

Me? Maybe, maybe not. This will have to be a very brief post this week. My excuse? I’ve been back to school (Back? Don’t you work in schools most days, PlaidCamper? Well, yes, but this time I’m one of the students, and the classroom isn’t in a school, but in the community and well, perhaps I’d best just get on with the post?) Evenings have been very busy, reading up/doing homework for a course that continues into the coming weekend. It’s been quite intensive, and I’ve felt very tired at the end of each day, so much so, the fact it is May already almost passed me by. There are “learning celebrations” as our lovely instructor likes to say when talking about tests and exams. Will I pass? Maybe, maybe not…

Small vessels

The courses lead to theory qualifications for Small Vessel Operator Proficiency. I say theory because we are in a classroom, not a boat, and the learning, whilst important, is no substitute for practical experience – hours at sea!

I’m learning alongside a group of youth, and any one of this group has many more hours of practical experience in small vessels than I’ve had over a somewhat longer lifetime. They are often applying some theory to quite a body of practical knowledge. The aim this week is to give a basic safety foundation to these students, add the theory to their experience. I have to say the learning has been illuminated by many family stories being shared – sad, funny, frightening and thrilling. The West Coast roots and love of the ocean shows.

“This sort of log?”

It’s been great fun learning together, and I’m delighted to report everybody passed the first couple of exams. I’m not looking for a new career, but in a day and age where certificates and qualifications are needed along with developing experience, the young ones are positioning themselves very well for post secondary opportunities, in and out of school.

I know I wrote above about how tired I’ve felt, but in truth it hasn’t hurt to experience and be reminded that this is often how many learners in our schools feel day after day. Yes I’m tired, but I’m enjoying this learning – sometimes (often?) what we are asking our children to learn may not be all that relevant or engaging in terms of curriculum – how tiring must that be?

Small vessel

I’ll leave it there, as I’m off to refresh my memory about the finer points of coastal navigation, or I will if I stay awake long enough. Perhaps I should give myself some latitude, or even a little leeway, and have a beer, take the night off? Oh, that was bad.

Navigational aide memoire?

The photographs this week were taken last weekend, when April mistook itself for May, and we weren’t complaining. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Almost May

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10 thoughts on “All at sea?”

  1. A good walk will refresh the mind after the studies, and Scout will love you for it. I just looked out my window and great big fat flakes are falling from the sky, so your tree full of blossoms is a pleasant sight.


  2. I guess that in a sense we are all “students of life” but, unlike yourself, many of us seem to be asleep at our desks or just sleepwalking through the halls. Way to show us, PC, that the teachings are there to inspire us or to show us how to use the door to greater fun and appreciation of our world. Be the captain of your boat and have fun doing it!


    1. Thanks, Walt! In matters maritime, I think I’m destined to be more of a deckhand than a captain, but it sure has been fun learning some of this stuff alongside future captains.
      I hope your week has been steady sailing so far!


    1. Thanks, Miriam! It has been quite the challenge for this old (sea?) dog to learn new tricks, but the young ones nudge me awake and keep me on board!
      I hope your week is going well.

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  3. I don’t know how this is possible, since I love the Almost May and Scout photos, but my favorite this week is the great shot of the Ghost Ship Hazy IPA! Perfect selection for your week of classes and I hope you were able to stay awake long enough to enjoy the weekend. I’m now at the age that when I think about all the energy I needed to work and get my degree in the evenings in my twenties that I know it would only be possible now with a daily supply of my niece’s Red Bull. A few of the boats in these photos look like wonderful options for a new captain (even if you never leave the dock)! Glad everyone passed their exams and hope you have an easier week!


    1. Thank you! Fortunately, a glass or two of Ghost Ship IPA was all that I sank last week! Learning is definitely more of a challenge as I get older, and it’s a good thing we’re at the age we get to choose most of want we’d like to learn – I can’t imagine being in school because we must, and receiving instruction for a curriculum that isn’t always relevant…
      I hope your week is off to a great start!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Wayne! I’ll settle for fair winds and following seas…
      The courses were great to take, and the young ones took to the learning really well.
      I hope you’ve had calm waters this week, and a chance to head out?


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