Saddle up!

No, we haven’t headed back to Alberta – no plans to visit before the summer – but I am feeling a touch saddle sore. A short but very fast post this week. You’ll have to be quick to catch this one as I race by in a blur…

I raced very slowly down this lane

The local community has been geared up with encouraging as many people as possible to ride their bikes this week. Well, I have found out that it’s a good idea to ride a bike a bit more frequently than I have been. Ouch. Still, complaining muscles (and complaining about muscles – or lack of) and a wobble or two have all been part of the fun.


What a sight it was on Monday at school to see over 110 bicycles out front, and only one vehicle in the parking lot. On Tuesday, the bike count was almost 140. That day, I felt terrible for riding home at lunchtime and coming back in the Jeep. I had work to do later in the afternoon over the bay, and I would have been very late if I’d cycled. I’m all about the journey, not the destination. I like to say that, it sounds better than “I can’t pedal very quickly!” Maybe an e-bike is the answer? Pedal assist on the hills, and self-propelled on the flat. I’m fairly sure I’d end up deciding it was all hills and require a lot of assistance…

Time to stop and smell the roses – and I was tired

I’ve included a few photographs from my pedalling travels this week. You’ll understand I was only stopping to take a picture, and not because I’d ridden up a small hill or slight incline and needed a quick rest.

Bike to work, not bring your bike to work

I have enjoyed getting back on the bike, and I’m committed to cycling whenever my work is in Ucluelet, and only driving for the trips over the bay or to meetings in distant places. Have you seen the price of gas? Yikes! Perhaps the wobbling will diminish, the hills will seem flatter, and I’ll be a speedy two wheeled PlaidCamper. So please take care as you overtake that grizzled geezer on his bike – he’s doing his best and going as fast as he can!

Stopped to look at the boat, not stopped for a rest

Speedy as promised – thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!

Proof of bike

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22 thoughts on “Saddle up!”

  1. I often stop to “take a look at the view” while walking up the steps in Edmonton’s river valley. Once my eyes are healed, I plan to try bicycling again. Carrying it down 3 flights of stairs doesn’t thrill me, in time I will move to a place with an elevator or go lower. I don’t want to be tired out before I get on the bike.


  2. Sorry, I didn’t write about the photos. The roses are so pretty and the lilacs on the lane as well, looks like a pleasing lane to ride down. It is nice to see the boats and all those bikes! Hope you have clean air to ride with and wish all of you an enjoyable weekend.


    1. Thanks, Jane! Yes, unlike parts of Alberta, we currently have clean air – it can get smoky in the summer if the winds blow across from the BC interior, but not so far.
      I hope your air clears, and you get some good days ahead, maybe even some cycling weather for when you’re ready!


  3. Do I ever know those steep roads and alleys in Ukee. Years ago there was an older guy riding his bike every day up to the junction every morning. He had a basket attached to the handlebar, his best friend, the cutest wiener dog getting a ride every day. We talked to him whenever he was not in motion and are still talking about the duo when we are in town😉 Ukee is the best place to get in shape – happy biking!!


    1. Thanks, Amy! Yes, there are not many flat places to cycle around Ukee – I’ll be getting a bit fitter as the summer goes on! Scout is too big for a bike basket, haha, but eventually I’ll get her trotting alongside and on leash…
      I hope your week is off to a good start!


  4. You could park the Jeep around the corner, walk into your destination with bike helmet in hand and no one would be the wiser. Until the saddle soreness wears off, of course. And the wobbles. And the labored, uphill breathing. And…


  5. I’m trying to picture the racing by in a blur, but I think I have a better picture of the rests at the top of the hill taking the beautiful photos! What a wonderful idea for the community and I love that shot of all the bikes. Now that Harper’s new bike seat has arrived, the vertigo has disappeared and I don’t have to worry about falling off the bike, I’m ready for the first bike ride of the year. Loved the Time To Stop And Smell The Roses photo and hope you enjoy your weekend and biking around town (I’m sure Scout would love you to add a bicycle trailer to that bike for her – it might help you slow down a little as you race through town)!!


    1. Thank you! A bike trailer with Scout in it would have me going backwards – I can just about drag my sorry self up the hills! It’s getting a bit easier…
      I hope the first bike trip with Harper goes well, and now that you’re feeling better, the first kayak trip is a good one.
      I’m glad I didn’t watch the Liverpool/Spurs game, reports say it was a bit dull, but look how the Stanley Cup is going! Boston in seven…?

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  6. You’re like the leader of the pack, PC, taking time to smell the roses, grabbing a photo now & then, with bikers, like community, wheeling in the wake… Fine work, as always, Adam.


    1. Walt, I think the only time I’ve been the leader of a pack is in your kind comment! I’m just happy enough to be part of the tour, and one with as many rose tinted rest stops as necessary…
      I hope your week is off to a great start!


  7. What a great effort in the community to reduce carbon footprints. Thanks for sharing this, Adam with your great photos and positive message. One of my favorite things about Copenhagen was the incredible biking culture.


    1. Thanks, Jane! Yes, it is good to see the community get behind this initiative, and I was really happy to see many bikes at school again this week, beyond the week of bike promotion.
      It seems many Scandinavian and European cities have well thought out bike infrastructure, even when the weather turns wintry. (Actually, when we were in Calgary, the bike paths were kept snow free and you’d see many cyclists out there even in deep freeze weather – cyclists are tough!)
      I hope your week is off to a good start!

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      1. That amazed me in Scandinavia. Bicycling happens year round…snow, rain, sleet, hail. 🙂 I was fascinated that in Copenhagen the traffic lights are timed for the cyclists, not the cars. So smart.


  8. I, too, have gotten back into cycling….so to speak. I just got a bike after having not ridden one in years. I put it together, but my friend’s husband had to do some fine tuning to get it working the way that it should so I’ve only had it in an usable condition a couple days. I rode yesterday and today, but my body isn’t as young as it once was. I’m committed to taking in some bike rides a couple of days a week, though. We shall see how it goes.


    1. Good luck with the cycling! All I can say, after a couple of weeks now, is the aches and pains do diminish, the hills get easier, but sadly, I don’t look any younger!
      Have fun on your bike!

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  9. Yep, e-bikes seem to be the way to go now don’t they. Though there’s something kinda invigorating about pushing ourselves and riding out there in the fresh air. Great post. Enjoy the rest of your week PC. 😊


    1. E-bikes are on the rise for sure, and I guess if some of them get a few more cars off the road, I’m in favour. A regular bike is definitely the way to get about if you’re fit and want to stay that way! I sprained my ankle a couple of weeks back, and a bit of e-assist would be nice on the hills at the moment, but I’ll hold out for an e-bike until I’m a bit more frail – also, although less than a car, a decent e-bike costs a pretty penny…
      I hope your week has been a good one, and the weekend goes well for you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ouch, hope your ankle’s recovering PC. Yes, I agree, whilst an ebike might be good they’re pretty expensive. Take it easy and have a great weekend.


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