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With a tip of the hat to this coming Sunday, let’s say the photographs and some content this week is slightly Dad biased. That said, you don’t have to be a Dad to enjoy old trucks and good beer. My Dad does enjoy old Land Rovers and Range Rovers, and he will drink a beer if there’s nothing else, but he’s more partial to a full bodied Rioja.

Full bodied

Before we moved away from the UK, each summer my Dad, brother and I would meet up for a few days and play three rounds of golf. That’s not quite true. My Dad would play golf – he’s a very good golfer, toyed with the idea of turning pro – and my brother and I would go for a long walk trying to find our errant golf balls. My Dad was referee/coach/guidance counsellor/man mercilessly taking the piss out of our monumental sporting struggle. My brother and I were playing to win a penny. It’s true! We even called it the penny trophy! (I’m not the current holder…) My Dad had tremendous patience in the face of our (mostly my) inability to remotely master the game, and if you could have seen how bad we were (I was), his restraint has to be admired. We’d enjoy a glass or two of something good after each round, recounting the highlights and lowlights, and I do miss those fun summer meetings, even if I was often a miserable so and so on the course. I know, that’s hard to believe!

Summer 2019 release – cheers!

Anyway, cheers to my Dad, and to Dads, and cheers to everybody, because it’s fun to raise a glass if you’re so inclined, and I will for almost any reason, but maybe not on a school night.

School nights? Not too many of those between now and the end of the academic year! Lots to keep us busy between now and then. I was at a celebration of Nuu-Chah-Nulth learning earlier this week, one where some beautiful murals were unveiled and blessed at a high school. A collaboration between local indigenous artists and high school students, the three paintings were stunning depictions of local history, nature and culture. To see so many people of all stripes come out and celebrate, enjoying the artwork, singing, drumming and dancing was wonderful to see. The accompanying feast was also a highlight, with multi-generations present.

On the way home, I saw this green truck parked up, and I had to stop and take a picture. They do look good in green, don’t they? It probably isn’t what’s meant by going green. Old man dreams?

Going green?

At a cafe the other day, Mrs. PC spotted a weighty tome she thought I’d like to look at. It was a picture book – she knows me so well – with great photographs of pick up trucks past and present. Perhaps her thinking is if I look at the pictures, that’ll be more than enough to be going on with, no need to actually buy an old wrecker. Good strategy, bound to work, and anyway, the real thing is too expensive to maintain. Far better to buy a cup of coffee at that cafe every now and then, and look at the book.

Low maintenance? I think so!

The following day, we were leaving the grocery store when I spotted this old pink-wheeled delight. Imagine being the proud owner of a truck like this. I bet it doesn’t need that much maintenance. After all, it’s been going this long, it’s bound to have many years left in it. Way more fun than looking at a book. Probably even has cup holders?

I’ll leave it here for now, as I’ve got to head over the bay, put some hours in on the forthcoming education celebration we’ll be enjoying next week. You’ll be interested to know I always slow down when I’m passing this beige beauty:

A beige beauty? Perhaps not

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!

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17 thoughts on “Some Dad stuff”

  1. Great fun, as usual, pc, reading of your adventures and old truck loves. I especially loved hearing about the golfing with your father and brother, the penny trophy. This sentence gave me a warm smile: “My Dad would play golf – he’s a very good golfer, toyed with the idea of turning pro – and my brother and I would go for a long walk trying to find our errant golf balls.” Sums up the beauty of life and love. Your education celebrations and admiration for trucks were also a joy to read about. Hope your weekend is a beauty, and Happy Father’s Day to you!


    1. Thanks, Jet! Having a very pleasant weekend – all manner of old trucks parked about Ucluelet this morning, needlessly feeding my pick up fantasy! Good coffee and a chocolate croissant down by the docks was a very satisfying second breakfast.
      I’ll be catching up with my Dad and brother next month, a flying visit to check in with them as they each recover from recent ailments. No golf, not too much beer (for them) but we’ll have fun. Also a speedy side trip to Scotland, if I can track down Junior…
      I hope you’re having a great weekend!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have a “thing” for old trucks and a good beer. That Dodge looks like the same year as my brother’s first vehicle. My Dad was a professional painter and he spray painted it in our backyard. Good times! By the way, great post!


    1. Thanks, Margaret! I hope this reply reaches you – your comment was in the spam folder, and when I unchecked it, it disappeared…
      Your brother had an excellent first vehicle! Wouldn’t mind one like it as my last, haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Keep the old truck/old boat fantasy alive & real & filled with pints of Ale & fervor & have a great Father’s Day along with a sweet landing of the school year. And simply enjoy.


    1. Thank you! The beer is very good – a seasonal release, and this year I found it less resinous and more spruce aromatic than last year. An enjoyable golden ale, stronger than the average, and just right to watch the sun go down on an early summer evening!


  4. So difficult to pick a favorite out of this wonderful post, but the story of you golfing with your father and brother was definitely the favorite along with the celebration of the murals and picturing Low Maintenance as the perfect truck for you guys to drive to the marina and park next to your boat, the Tromso. Wonderful selection of old trucks and I would have chosen the yellow truck as a favorite if you had not included the Mustang. I’m surprised you’re not the current holder of the penny trophy and I remember those types of days on the golf course and possibly slightly tossing a club out of a sand trap. Happy Father’s Day and enjoy the countdown to summer!


    1. Thank you! Low Maintenance and the Tromso – sounds like an old buddy/road trip movie from the 1970s…
      Yes, that Mustang is a fine old car, seen a couple of that vintage out this way. I actually quite like the new models, but if I got one, maybe in red, it’d scream “Late mid-life crisis!”
      Tossing a club out of a sand trap? I think we’ve all done it – not a pretty sight, but always funny after!
      I hope your weekend is going well.

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  5. Ha! Sounds as though you and your brother lean toward the old Mark Twain axiom “Golf is a good walk spoiled.”


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