Spring greens…

…and blues! The colour, not the downer. It’s been a good week for feeling positive, as we’ve enjoyed above seasonal temperatures, warm sunshine, and the opportunity to get a first shot vaccination for all eligible Ucluelet residents.

A shot of green and blue

Often, we’ll be wandering through the fringes of coastal rainforest, admiring the fresh greens and wallowing in the damp environment, but any photographs taken haven’t really shown what I’m seeing. Perhaps it’s my tired old eyes?

Fresh greens

Last weekend, the sun was just right, as was our timing, and I managed to snap a few pictures that more or less show the greens as we see them. Or think we see them. And the blue of the ocean just beyond.

Greenery and, erm, bluery?

We walked and walked last weekend, mostly on paths straight from our door rather than heading to beaches requiring a car trip. With a bit of planning, we were able to avoid the (what are you doing here with non essential travel restrictions?) visitors and find quiet spots to pause and think along the way.

Another good colour here

All being well, the bright weather is set to remain with us for the next few days, through the coming weekend and maybe longer. More bright blues and greens to enjoy! Ah, spring! Boing! (That’s for any Zebedee fans…Zebedee? Huh? Feel free to ask or comment below!)

A brief, bright and bouncy piece this week, as we leave it there and head outside. Boing! Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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I am a would be outdoorsman - that is if I had more time, skills and knowledge. When I can, I love being outdoors, just camping, hiking, snowboarding, xc skiing, snowshoeing, paddling a canoe or trying something new. What I lack in ability, I make up for in enthusiasm and having a go. I'd never really survive for long out there in the wild, but I enjoy pretending I could if I had to...

16 thoughts on “Spring greens…”

  1. I am smiling, pc, with all the spring merriment and boings. I loved the greenery and bluery (seems an appropriate word). Your photo of the many greens was great, always a pleasant outdoor conundrum: pondering the many shades of green. I, too, like to sometimes just walk out the door on my walks, I love it. Sending spring joy and thanks your way, my friend.


  2. We all have that Spring Zing Thing going on right now! I’ve found the Spring colour leans more towards the limey end of green.
    We have tons of people in Tofino! So much for staying around home!


      1. And their answers won’t always be truthful!? Stay safe – after yesterday’s announcement, looks like they’re slamming the barn door after the horses bolted…


  3. Love the greenery and bluery and, yes, curious minds need to know about Zebedee! Glad you were able to find some quiet paths as I’ve been reading about the increase in cases across Canada. Harper and I had the paths to ourselves this morning and unfortunately it appears winter is returning this week. Enjoyed the spring spirit and Nelson Brewing Company has some great labels (loved the Happy Camper and Hooligan Pilsner labels and can’t remember if they have made previous blog appearances).


    1. Thank you! We’ve enjoyed our spell of spring – it might be ending later this week…
      Nelson is a fun little town, tucked away in the BC interior. It’s the kind of place Zebedee and his friends would enjoy – Dylan would totally, like, love it, man. Here’s a link to a strange aspect of British childhood back in the day (I think the original Magic Roundabout was French?)

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  4. Zebedee …. a Father fisherman? At least this is where a quick google led me. Well, I am a father, and I am a fisherman, but I do not think I am a ‘Father fisherman’. I was back in a place where I consider the greening of the season significant. And I am heading back there tomorrow. Hopefully the snow squaws that I observed today doesn’t develop into some more significant weather system. No doubt what I saw today was a very localized and fast moving, temporary sort of phenomenon. It’s just too Mid/Late April to be otherwise. The gold colours you display, well they could be around any time of year eh?
    Take care – UB


  5. Hi PC, how wonderful to read you again. Somehow you’d dropped off my Reader (like many others for some reason). Anyway, I love your delightful pictures, all those greens and blues and thoughts of spring. Here we’re in Autumn but it feels more like winter, it’s so damn cold!! Take care and keep smiling.


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